Diablo® III

My new legs videos

Made some videos of several interesting legs I found recently. Enjoy!

Nemesis Bracers (The infamous "Let me click shrines" bracers!)

Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band
The life draining ring.

The Spider Queen's Grasp
Make WD's spiders also form web that slow mobs.

Release poison nova when attack.
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The axe somtimes summons a ghostly Fallen Champion on attack. The Fallen Champion is transparent, so might be difficult to spot in some environment.

Cord of the Sherma
The belt sometimes cast an AOE blind and slow on attack. This can be quite helpful for melee classes.
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Bottomless Potion of the Tower
First, it works like normal healing potions and heals you for 60% heal when used, except that it can be re-used for infinite times! No more trouble buying healing potions!
Besides, it has a secondary effect that increases your armor when used, which is always welcome.
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Pox Faulds
When surrounded by three of more mobs releases poisonous cloud like those of Ghom.....

Legacy of Nightmares
The set bonus has a chance to summon a skeleton to fight for you when you attack. The skeletons can be ranged or melee fighters.

Andariel's Visage
Casts poison nova as you attack.

Fire Walkers
The boots leave a trail of fire as you walk.
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Large radius AOE damage to undead. Though the damage is not high.

Death Watch Mantle
Chance to cast a fan of knives (same as DH's skill Fan of Knives) when hit. Nice extra damage when used by melee characters.

The Butcher's Sickle
A legendary axe with funny effect that occasionally pull a mob to you, just like act 1 boss The Butcher's special pull attack. Though honestly I am not sure if there is any real use for this effect. Maybe help a little bit when chasing treasure goblin?
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Pauldrons of the Skeleton King
When you get fatal damage, you are healed to 25% health immediately. Mobs nearby are feared as well. However, this has an internal cooldown (of course, otherwise it will be very OP) so you can die during its cooldown.
Unlike similar passives of WD, wizards and monks that prevent dying, there is no icon when the effect triggers. Therefore, most people miss it when the effect triggers, unless you specifically look for it likes in the video.

Maloth's Focus
The staff casts an AoE fear every few seconds.
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Puzzle Ring
If you cannot get any legendaries with this ring, at least you get the lovely pet goblin! =)

Halcyon's Ascent
Basically, it casts an AoE CC to mobs around you when you use Akarat's Champion. There are totally six versions of this ammy, one for each class.
p.s. This amulet is a reference to the Canadian musician Deadmau5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deadmau5

Asheara's Vestments
The 4 pieces bonus of this set summons your followers to fight for you for ~25-30 seconds, even in multiplayer game. They use skills and gear you assigned to them, so remember to set their skills and gear them up if you are using this set!

Mad Monarch's Scepter
Cast a high damage large area AoE after every 10 kills. Can be useful for low level farming where you can kill very quickly.
There is a counter icon as you can see on the video. Unfortunately the number is difficult to see.
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Chance on hit to summon a demon minion. The demon is linked to you with a fire chain that deals high damage. Though you may frequently need to reposition youself to have the fire chain hitting most mobs.
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The Grin Reaper
On attack summons two mimics to help you. You turn into skeleton when the effect triggers and the mimics are also skeletons. The mimics can use several damage skills depending on the skills on your action bar.
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Tiklandian Visage
The mask changes your Horrify skill. Now during 6-8 seconds after Horrify is cast, mobs around you are feared and stand still for 4 seconds. This is a lot better than the normal Horrify, which only fear mobs around on cast and the fear only lasts for 4 seconds.
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The Ess of Johan
Mobs are occasionally pulled toward your target. Similar to effect of wizard's Blackhole. Though the proc rate is quite low.

Pus Spitter
Chance to create a pool of acid at your target that deals damage to mobs on it for a short time.
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The Gidbinn
Chance to summon a tiny fetish on attack. A maximum of three fetishes can be summoned. Fetishes summoned by the Gidbinn is smaller in size and lower in health and damage than those by the Fetish Syncophants and Fetish Army skills.

Manajuma's Way
The set bonus creates a poison cloud around the WD. The damage is not high and the radius of the poison cloud is quite short.
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Monkey King's Garb
The 4 pieces bonus was buffed in patch 2.0.6: Spending 75 Spirit causes a decoy to spawn that taunts nearby enemies and then explodes for 1600% weapon damage as Holy. (Previously it was only 100% damage.)
The damage is quite respectable now. However, its explosion radius is quite small.
Also, for the 2 pieces bonus, in case someone not sure what a "Combat Staff" is, it means Daibo.
p.s. This set is a reference to the famous fictional character Monkey King Sun Wukong from the 16th century Chinese novel "Journey to the West". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journey_to_the_West

You need to have skill that deals lightning hitting the mobs, then there is a chance that the mobs hit will gain a debuff that deals damage to other mobs nearby.

Bovine Bardiche
Chance on hit to summon some cows to fight for you!
For those who wonder why there is such a funny effect, it is a reference to the Secret Cow Level bonus area in Diablo 2.
In Diablo 3, you can see the ghost of the Cow King before entering Whimsyshire bonus area. Also, there is a rare chance for Nephalem Rift to spawn a cow rift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mtn59aW43ls

Wall of Man
Chance to be protected by a shield of bones when you are hit. According to testing by others, the proc effect is a 20% damage reduction. According to this video, it lasts for ~10 seconds with an internal cooldown of ~10 seconds.

Storm Crow
Chance to cast a fire ball on attack that does AoE damage. The proc rate is plenty high. The helm also comes with a guaranteed +lightning damage stat which makes it one of the best helms for lightning wizards.
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