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Tasker and Theo, T6 Ghom Kill Under 20sec

Hello fellow barbs!

Recently I've looted http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/tasker-and-theo and decided to give it a try and I was amazed how much it can boost my trueDPS.

By the way, gloves dropped on my normal ACT 1 cache runs (still no ring...) from one of the breakables in cursed hold, so I am pretty confident it is not a torment only item.

Here is the video for the build, key items, plevel distribution etc. It is only 1min30sec (I do hate 25minute videos for five lines of information as well)


P.S: This build and gear is solely for Ghom I highly doubt it if you can utilize it anywhere else, If i can get a ring of the royal grandeur and IK boots I'll try to create a build utilizing tasker and theo in rift runs.
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doesn't seem that much faster from my ghom runs

but i'm still waiting for a TaT drop
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Nice, I also dropped a pair of Tasker and Theo this weekend in a Rift run, but they should be able to drop anywhere similar to the other very rare legendaries (SoH, Luts, Cassius, Ice Climbers etc). I wasn't sure if they could even drop for Barb because I had not yet seen one drop in Clan chat.

I tried them a bit with Fire dmg Ancients but felt they were too much of a drop in DPS when having to use IK over Fire/EQ gears. They also die frequently in T5/T6 so you will have to snapshot often. I may try messing with them a bit more.
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Yes I completely agree with you chizow, as I have stated I'll stick to my lightning(tf+odynson) build for rifts until I can get the ring then I'll probably go with EQ build
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Onieyeza, could you share your build please?

I'm very well aware of the fact that there is still room for improvements with mine. I.e i can drop war cry and get EQ or OP, change bloodthirst with weapon master etc.

Also I'm not sure if Ghom gets knockbacked or not, so my strongarm bracers might not be giving me %25 dmg bonus thus 2(3) piece aughilds is a better replacement
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my build is pretty simple

1.68 atkspeed
43.6% crit chance (54.6% buff)
544% crit damage
110% fire
56% elite
28% hota

558 physical resist
886 poison resist

I can only take 3 hits from Ghom and I'm dead, but luckily he attacks slow and my Templar freezes him and stuns him twice
always kill him under 20 secs

I don't know what will make it be a 10 second kill, probably when they fix elemental damage on weapons
or if RnGeesus gives me just one more piece of earthquake set
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04/21/2014 08:43 PMPosted by MannerCookie

what is zzz?

looks fun dude, i think it would be cool to use with ik too.
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