Diablo® III

Best CA SoJ

I think I have it:

+ 20% Fire dmg
485 dex
+ 5% CC
+ 29% eDmg
+ 9 disc

Prove me wrong. Rest of my gear is meh.
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Legacy SoJ is better for hatred management.

Adds 6% as Element
30% Bonus to Elite
Cluster Arrow cost -5 (applies after all % reduction)
Max Discipline +10

I find myself still using the legacy SoJ in general. My profile is showing the new one only because I wanted to test the damage.

Edit: as an example, with Pride's Fall (30%), perfect Cindercoat (30%), perfect shoulders (8%), Captain Crimson's Set (10%), paragon points (10%), the hatred cost for fire skills is reduced by 63.48%.

Now that means that Cluster Arrow costs 14.61 hatred per shot. The legacy SoJ now reduces the cost by 5 to a cost of 9.61 hatred. If you compute the relative difference, the SoJ added another 34.23% cost reduction! That is over 4 times the maximum cost reduction you could get on a ring which is HUGE!
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I am familiar, in envious fashion, with your legacy SoJ. I have a 6% Fire dmg, +9 disc, 28 eDmg legacy SoJ myself, but it only has a -1 CA cost. Still rocking my old -5 hatred CA DML, though - I presume that -5 would also apply after the general % resource cost reduction? My gear + paragon points should give me all resource 16%, but my details indicate a 15.4 % hatred reduction and a 23.86 disc reduction (perfectionist having 10% effect, math problems aside).

The hunt for Prides Fall and Capt. Crimsons continues.
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20% Fire
500 Dex
5.5% Crit
28% Elite Dmg

158 Arcane Resist
10 Max Disc

Almost perfect after rerolling for 20% fire
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Wow, didn't know that - CA hatred cost is appalied after % reduction :D

I also have legacy SOJ, quite good -5 one, bought it on AH back in the old days along with other SoJs just in case for close to nothing, lucky me.
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er... mine not the best but work pretty well.. if u think so. btw, i.ve seen someone holding the best ca soj. somewhere in the forum ^ ^
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I have a better one.

Rest of my gear is pretty decent.
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