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Manny Pacquiao Won!

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Good for him. Wish I was that fast.
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Who cares? He wouldn't take a roid test to face Floyd legitimately. He'll forever be a fight dodger that cheats.
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The other day I tried to catch some fog, but I mist.
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C'mon Kixx.

Floyd (or administration) was smart enough to call him out first. Brilliant marketing.
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Lutong Macau hahahaha!
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04/12/2014 10:19 PMPosted by Kixx
Who cares? He wouldn't take a roid test to face Floyd legitimately. He'll forever be a fight dodger that cheats.

lol... now manny is the fight dodger? you got to be kidding me.

seriously.. this is a joke right?

maybe after 3 more years when Manny is old enough and 1 hand tied behind his back, Floyd will/MIGHT have the balls to fight him.

or maybe he lets manny gets beaten up more by other fighter before he decided its time to suck it up and go mano y mano with Pac man
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Nobody cares about that fight anymore. Manny is a joke that had to be given a win by the judges.

And yes, you are clearly dodging a fight and trying to dodge a hit to your reputation when you refuse testing.

He's a juicer.
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The real joke is boxing itself, and the punchline is competitive integrity.
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That's a separate issue though. And the death of the sport is the reward all of us get to watch.

It's been what, 15 years since anyone gave two craps about a heavyweight match?
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20th Century called.

It wants it's rigged bore fest back.
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04/12/2014 10:47 PMPosted by Cowcowmoomoo
Great for him.
Boxing is still the most boring style in the world and among the most boring "sports" in the world.

I'd still watch boxing over soccer any day.

Soccer, where a tie can be a win.
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Mayweather is the one dogging Pacquiao, with his unreasonable demands such as asking for a bigger share of the money, just to make Pacquiao decline and avoid the fight.

Even Mayweather's friend 50 cents says Mayweather is dogging him. Pretty sure I'd take his word over some raging Mayweather fan on the Diablo 3 forums.

This thread isn't even about Mayweather, but a certain someone felt the need to trash Pacquiao.
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People still watch boxing?
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Oh by the way, Im a Filipino. xD
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At this point I think Floyd decisions Manny, but a few years ago I may have bet on Manny.
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