Diablo® III

PVP still a joke

i remember when this game first came out. there was no pvp at all and after ppl crying about it
for months on end they brought out what was going to be epic pvp.
however that failed just fighting and good luck finding any one who wants too just one shot each other.
atleast in D2 we had ears as some kind of token just bring pvp in this game make it good
you did it in wow you did it in startcraft even hearthstone is pretty much full pvp and blizzard heros as well. are you telling me we are the only ones that are going to miss out ?
make it worth wild pvp gear pvp Q for gear no one cares if its bad as long as its better than what we have now.. do we really need to keep crying.
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Agreed... PvP could be SO much more in this game. Huge, let down.
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I, too, have been very let down by the terrible state of pvp in this game. Removing the AH has created more incentive to farm items... but I can only do that for so long. PvP has always been my incentive for replayability.
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PvP made Diablo 2 very replayable for me. I played that game for over a decade on and off. I restarted from characters from scratch many times with ladder resets and always built my characters for dueling in the long haul.

I wish there would be more time spent improving PvP in Diablo 3. Brawling is not very fun in it's current state.

Here are my quick thoughts on what would make brawling more enjoyable. It would be great if there were a few different PvP zones to switch up the scenery, maybe some smaller and some larger maps. Brawls don't last very long because of one hit kills, but I want to keep all my gear on so my character seemingly needs a major life bonus or damage reduction or both when stepping into the PvP zones. Brawls lasting longer would mean you have to put a little strategy into your fight and that could go a long ways for entertainment.

Phase Two provide game modes like 1v1, 2v2, and Free for all and you slowly earn PvP points that can be used to buy legendary brawling gear from the PvP vendor. I wish.
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In PVP, we should have chance to loot a copy of one rarity equipped by the opponent we have slain. This alone will push players to do PVP.
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i have to agree.
damage is just way OP in pvp, i 1hit with vault... as far as i remember, even in d2 pvp damage was reduced.
some sets are still way too strong in pvp, so i'd rather a 1v1 and 2v2 ladder, where everyone has to choose from like 3 different (and free!) item sets that can only be used in pvp. that brawler guy could switch our gear whenever we enter the arena, and other gear would be forbidden.
that way, pvp could get balanced and would be fun + worth playing even without ears.
just for reference, i have 30k (screen-)dps (+78%) without weapons, and was able to get a fun battle vs my friend who has 3m profile toughness. the time it took to kill each other seemed fine that way.
when i wear my weapons, he'd need 100M+ profile toughness to get the duration of fights to the same level, 30M would still be fun i guess.
and we're both glass cannons, with more tanky gear on both sides it should still be possible to kill each other.
so, dear blizzard, cut down dmg by roughly 90% if u care about pvp at all and are too proud to introduce free pvp only gear.
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Diablo 2 fixed the PvP by reducing everyones damage to 1/6, I think Diablo 3 needs a similar quick fix. I miss just being able to hostile anyone, even if someone came in and tried to mess your game up your group could pummel and embarass them properly. Also miss 4 on 4 pvp. I say, take some of the things that worked for diablo 2 pvp and implement them here because lets face it most kids did play diablo 2 for 10 years for pve. Myself I lived for diablo 2 pvp, I would love to see diablo 3 come even close to that. Honestly diablo 3 takes out 2 of the worst things about diablo 2 dualing and that was #1: Getting naked killed over and over and #2: Using crazy mods to lock your name from 4 screens.
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I dont think pvp only gear is necessary, plus that sounds like WoW. Seen too many things implemented from WoW, like cooldowns, and the resource system.
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