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Leap of Faith

I'm sorry but this isn't a barbarian build, it's sort of a need for intervention on my part of how to progress my barbarian further into the depths of torment 5 and torment 6. I am full of fear of farming towards a certain build only for others to mock it and blizzard stupid enough to nerf it down back to the stone ages and I'm tired and sick of it.

If you look at my current gear build it's something that's decent which can get me through torment 4 solo with no problem and I ease through torment 3 solo or with a group however torment 5 and that of 6 is giving me hell for that matter. I think I am ready to move forward and put my past demons behind me.

There only 3 builds that I have heard of which is popular by demand and they are fire, leap and lightning builds. I don't really follow the latest meta or whatnot but are there other viable builds? where can I see the guide to them? and which build is better for torment 6 solo and party?

P.S. just observe my gear, my skill build is of no importance since i constantly change them everytime i log on to experiment new stuff to no avail of success.
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Bump and I'm thinking of going for the leap earthquake build anyone know the skills and gear for it? or is there a better build?
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Bump, requesting for a link to a barbarian leap earthquake guide c:
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Take a look at my female softcore barb for an example of a leapquake barb. It's not the only build, and not the only items, but it's a start!

For your character, your gear is all good but not optimized for a build yet. For maximum damage, you'll want to start stacking fire/elite damage where you can. The cindercoat is a great start, but try to get fire skills damage on your bracers and amulet (mine doesn't because I accidentally sold my amulet to a vendor...)

The earthquake set will replace certain slots when you find them, and lut socks are basically the 5th piece of that set. Using leap 3x with the earthen might passive will fill up your fury bar, then you just use the fire skill of your choice to spend it all. rinse and repeat. If you're looking for details on the mechanics, check out this guide: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/237en0/leap_and_earthquake_mechanics_guide/
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where can I find leap of faith. has took me like nearly 2 hours to find .
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