Diablo® III

Lightning Chakram build.

I played around with Lightning elements for while...


Its good. for T1~3, This build is nice. Sure it can go higher but my items are not complete, so i'm sticking to low level torments.

From here, its Theory Crafting.
Since i haven't touched high torments yet with this build due to the items...

Archery is required for additional Hatred regeneration to spam more more chakram. Steady Aim is good because this build is works best if you keep the distance between you and mobs,
CoW, best combo with Entangle Shot.

Ambush can be optional for higher torment, can be replaced to perfectionist.

RoV-Shade is just beats all other RoV runes, i guess, as in damage, and you just have full control of the area where u want it to be. Along with Nat full set, you will have amazing non stop AoE dps on your screen.

FoK-FoD is good defensive and offensive skill, that goes along with RoV-Shade. If mob gets way too close to you, use it + RoV-Shade and vault away.

Chakram-Boomerang is quite good skill, if you get used to that annoying aim. Spammable skill compare to Impale and CA. Since i don't have slot for Punishment, i can use Marauder set and this skill to control my Hatred.

One thing that this build lacking of is, i guess, against the boss and some elite because it doesn't have high dps focused skill like CA or Impale, so it seems this build is quite gear dependent because you need Ring of Royal Grandeur for natalya's set and marauder's set.

You don't need Reaper's Wraps, Aughild's set would be perfect. You don't need Pride's Fall.

My ideal gears for this build is,

Helm- Natalya's
Shoulder - Aughild's
Body - Natalya's
Glove - Marauder's
Belt - Sash of Knives
Pants - Marauder's
Wrists - Aughild's
Boots - Marauder's
Ring - SoJ and Ring of Royal Grandeur
Nat weapon + quiver or Calamity

wishful thinking... LOL.

Crimson seems good, but no, since you have nat set for RoV and FoK already has low CD, which can be reduced from other parts.

Any thoughts?
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I am enjoying chakram with legacy soj as this eliminates the need for generator. Make the lightning chakram build very sustainable.
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That's nice! Chappy! Shouldn't throw away my legacy SoJ T.T
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Double elite bonus double discipline...especially when you dont want to run with the animals....as rorg is not an option...
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Impale ricochet for elites and you're set.

You can try Lightning Bola with Buritto Bow as well, very nice.
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For lightning builds, try to include these in your gear, they can both be gambled:
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/wyrdward (if can roll CC/CD so you can reroll LoH to what you're missing)
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/haunt-of-vaxo (guaranteed CC, can roll +lightning and CD)

Also, with these...
...you can Vault in and FoK every mob in range, then just walk out as if it's nothing. If you hit five mobs you'll be taking half damage for 2 seconds, which is the equivalent of playing 2 torment levels lower than what you're playing at the moment. The clones will also provide a good distraction in the process. They also tend to cast Entangling Shot and Caltrops, so even more crowd control at your side.

Since you're theorycrafting anyway... :)

I actually have all these, but I find Lightning to be a bit lackluster on the DH so I'm leveling a monk to make use of it (sans the Dan's, of course.) This dude might actually be able to outtank my brother's 800 hour barb, teehee
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Dazzling Arrow is pretty nice too. Almost the same damage as LFB, costs more because you can't run Cindercoat, but it's a stun lock which is really nice for keeping mobs in the grenade area.

Wyrdward is pretty nice for the build too.

I like Thunderball for Bola, stun lock is nice if you have higher AS, Bitter Pill isn't bad either for extra disc. Just noticed a few days back that was lightning.

I kind of want a Kridershot still to run Ball Lightning with it, I was doing that to test with Wyrdward and the stun potential with BL and Wyrdward is insane. Hard to give up Calamity for it though.
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ran lightning chakram alot (currently have multishot there though)
it's harder to use since the boomerang arcs a bit though, but with proper distance it can hit a mob twice

would love to find a wyrdward, shock collars dot should be pretty fine with it also

as far as lightning items go, dont forget thundergods vigor
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04/22/2014 01:30 PMPosted by Dynarion
ran lightning chakram alot (currently have multishot there though)
it's harder to use since the boomerang arcs a bit though, but with proper distance it can hit a mob twice

would love to find a wyrdward, shock collars dot should be pretty fine with it also

as far as lightning items go, dont forget thundergods vigor

Yes, shock collar proc works very well with Wyrdward since each tick can stun. I had three crappy Wyrdwards drop before a decent one finally came my way.

I occasionally throw a few bloodshards at belt for Thundergods, but mostly gloves because I want Tasker and Theo's now that I finally got Garwulf.
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I used to do this exact build but instead I use vengeance/seeth in place of Fan of Knives, and then i used Blood vengeance and Perfectionist in place of Steady Aim and Ambush. It was a lot of fun till i realized Boomerang only hits a target once even if it visually hits it twice and then that made me sad.

It was fun for a while though.
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