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Need help improving my barb!

Hi, I'm not sure how to improve my barb and what stats should certain items have?

My profile:http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Brizza-6505/hero/29654727
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What type of build are you going for? Your bracers have bonus cold damage on them, but it doesn't look like you're using any cold skills. I can give you some advice if you like but I need to know what type of elemental build you're trying to make first.
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Lous1210, how do u like the fire barb? I was thinking of building cold on my barb, for more cc since I dont really contribute alot of dmg.. however I'm kinda tempted to go fire bc almost every ability hits the hardest with fire rune... so how do you like it?
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Personally, Fire is my favorite way to build the Barbarian. HotA with Smash just feels so satisfying, and as you said, a lot of skills' most beneficial\damaging runes are Fire runes (Frenzy - Maniac, Bash - Pulverize, Bash - Instigation, HotA - Smash, etc.) I find it to be a lot of fun, and even though my build isn't nearly complete yet, I'm still liking it much more than the other builds I had tried out.
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I want to to do the fire barb and use HOTA but I need a cindercoat to make it worth while correct? So the build I'm doing atm is just the normal WW build
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I haven't found a Cindercoat yet (or the correct weapons for that matter) but I still do the build and it's fairly effective, even though my build is far from complete. With my Magefist, along with the bracers and amulet I'm using, I'm up to 50% increased fire damage. Cindercoat is definitely an item goal, but I wouldn't say that it's not worth doing the build before you get it, by any means.
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I just switched to Fire build, and I must say I like it a lot so far. Just farmed T2 rifts pretty fast, and that's with a lot of yellows, 38%CC, 380%CD and only 20% Fire Dmg; got 5 legendaries in the 1st rift, and 4 in the second. Being so tanky and sustainable while being able to dole out a fairly large amount of damage is so fun.
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