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Barb Earthquake Set too powerful and outofline?

Sounds fun as hell.
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don't let's blizz heard it guys they gonna nerf it as well
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lol alk getting everything nerfed before anyone else can try it.
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LMAO here we go... This is neverending.
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Inc nerf
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yes nerf is coming dont worry
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04/16/2014 11:58 PMPosted by Messiah
do you guys think the barb earthquake set with that leap boots(lut socks) is too powerful and out of line when compared to other class sets?

Each earthquake does like 2600% weapon damage as fire over 8 seconds. Combine this with lutsocks, players can cast 3 earthquake in succession to deal 2600x3=7800% weapon damage every 7(which most players can achieve with some cdr) which is EXTREMELY HUGE. This ticks for like 7800/7=1114.3% weapon damage PER second in a large AOE. Very good for single and aoe situations.

Now tell me which class comes even close to this level of cheese build? I play a monk and I dun see anything coming even this close.


2220% damage instantly, every 10 seconds per enemy within range.

Not including cooldown reduction or Akarat's Champion use.

Just sayin.
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Nerfing another class because you are jealous or to stupid to build your own properly only leads to more stupidity. Please, stop being american.
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Blade of Prophecy - Condemn/Vacuum Rune

Shield Glare: +20% damage
Laws of Valor: +100% Critical Damage
Judgment: Guarantee that crit
Strongarm Bracers: +20-30% damage

Have 400-500% critical damage.
Have 8000-9000 strength
Have 60-80% holy damage bonus
Have 10-20% Condemn bonus damage
Have 80-100% area damage
Have 40-50% Cooldown Reduction

This is comparable. Elites die instantly.
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These wizards barbs WD and Dh have some sick set bonuses, I'm looking at you Vyr, quake set, zuni and marauder!! Super cool effects man how awesome allowing players to do t6 just build around their set items!!!

But wait hrmm something is missing... oh yeah MONKS well i guess they get more dmg with staffs with that monkey set and holy smokes 100% wep dmg EVERYTIME you teleport 6pc lightning set.. WOW yeah awesome set items in this here game all the way around.
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04/16/2014 11:58 PMPosted by Messiah
Now tell me which class comes even close to this level of cheese build? I play a monk and I dun see anything coming even this close.

Yea clearly you don't watch streams or even theory craft.

Wizard: The Vyr's set teamed up with max CDR (cool down reduction) IS INSANE. Wizard with this setup have a ~7 second archon cool down and absolutely melt T4 no problem. Seen Wizards do t6 with this build.

Stop trying to find problems with other class sets and figure what you can do with your class sets. But you can't because you probably can't do math and are to lazy to take a second to look at items out there and critically think about how to make a great build.
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"I play a monk and I dun see anything coming even this close."

Check the WD Jade Harvester set with the passive for 5 minute DoT duration.

Earthquake set + lut socks is a good combo. I think it's a good baseline for what a good 6 set should be.

The monk's rainment set really does seem useless. What's that, maybe 200% damage per target if you can spam click around quickly enough with epiphany? I'll just wear some pox faulds and get more damage.

75% cooldown reduction monk. "Oh wow, I'm invulnerable 80% of the time!" - that's nice, but defense is pointless. This game's flat reward curve means if you're playing on a level where you need that kind of defense, you're doing it wrong.
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^ This for days lol
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Requires a 4-piece set and specific legendary boots.

To be honest, there should be more stuff like this. This is the kind of the thing that makes games like these worth playing. What isn't fun is 'balanced' mediocre crap that feels the same.
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Requires a 3 piece set and a common ring.
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Yeah, let's nerf it.


It's obviously bugged.
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It's strong I'll say that much, but it's nowhere near as strong as SoH was pre-nerf. This requires you to have a minimum of 3 set pieces, a ring, and a specific pair of boots to make this work... SoH build just required SoH. So yea, the fact that you need 5 specific pieces of gear to make this viable is not something you can really compare.
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lol ya right, i already have 2 pieces of the set one more and ill be nerfed along with alkaizer in a bout a week
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I think I read somewhere that the quake damage don't stack on top of each other. I may be wrong though. Seems fun gonna have to try to find those sets to play with.

People are getting ridiculous these days. It's a single player game and there's really no real competition involved. All I'm seeing are green eye monsters like the OP trying to bring others down because they feel their class is gimped instead of looking to see what their class is capable of with the right setup.
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