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Found Vyr's Astonishing Aura

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Woohoo I found my first Wiz set item Chest set from the Vyr's Amazing Aura set.

Now I have to say this...This is my "very first" Wizard chest set item since I've been wearing Zunimassa's Chest for well...2 years or say since I hit level 60 a long time ago on my Wiz.
I have "not" found any wiz related set item chest sets since day 1.
That means I haven't even found a Tal Rasha chest at all, even to this day.

But what I wanted to say is comparing Wizard sets now that RoS is released:
Vyr's Astonishing Aura chest versus Tal Rasha Relentless Pursuit versus Firebird's Breast

Tal Rash will always guarantee 4 primary affixes and 3 sockets...but one of 4 primary affixes will always be IAS between 5.0-6.0%
Now Vyr's chest will always guarantee one of the 4 primary affixes will be CHC 1.0-2.0%.
The only problem with Vyr's chest is that you don't get the guaranteed 4 primary affixes and 3 socket advantage like Tal Rasha chest does.

The only thing the Vyr's set has an advantage over Tal Rasha set is that it rolls some seriously high Intel and also the first set bonus is 500 Intel.

Now Vry's chest can't enchant AR on the one I've found, but it begins to make me question if it can do a random roll of AR at all.
But I don't know about Tal Rasha chest if you can get random roll of AR on it.
But thinking back the AH days I think there were some Tal Rasha chests with AR on them that I saw on the AH.

Also for other Wiz chests the Firebirds Chest is for Wiz only but it will guarantee roll Intel and AR.
Now comparing between Vry's chest and Firebirds chest they're both good chest but if you want AR then Firebirds is the way to go if you want a Wiz set item chest.
But Firebirds is sort of a fire build set.

But looking at all the Wiz sets it seems other items in the Vyr's set is good for CHC since both the chest and gauntlets roll CHC but the gauntlets roll better chance of CHC.

Vyr's set is only a 4 piece set which a lot smaller than the Firebirds set and Tal Rasha set.
Which makes you think you can combine both sets together if possible.

Combining Wiz sets
Vyr's set with Tal Rash set can go well together since Tal Rasha set has belt, amulet, offhand and Helm to which Vyr's set doesn't have.
Though combining Vyr's set with Firebirds set will be a bit more difficult since you won't be able to get the full sets of both.
You would have to choose which of the sets you want to complete or just have two Wiz toons with different builds would be better off.
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Hi, MaskedReaper.
This is great!! I'm hunting for it too!
Do you still remember where was it found?
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Wow JDCAmane you do just need the chest to complete the set.
I found the chest armour piece in Act 5 in one of the caves the Blood Marsh area.

It's the cave where you have to fight of the ghosts soldiers of Tristram Leoric's soldiers who escaped to the caves and died.
You even pick up a few journals from the soldiers that died.
The story goes that the soldiers of Tristram under Leorics army were trying to escape the marsh and went into the caves to survive but still ended up dying.

I got the chest of one of the ghost soldiers of Tristram.

Also it's one of the caves where there is a curse chest in it and after you kill all the bogans you get this purple unique monster who is this giant King Bogan.

It's not the Corvus ruins, but the Corvus ruins is a nice place to farm to stuff.
I found two legendary plans in them.
One was Griswold's perfection plan.

It's funny it's easier to get legendary items more than set items.
I seem to get more legendary bracers than anything else.
The main thing for me was getting the Vyr's chest since that is the main one you really need first.
Back since D3 1.0.7 or 1.0.8 and finding Zunimassa's chest really helped since I couldn't get past MP0 Inferno without it.
So in that saying Vyr's chest is gonna help me get past and through T1...because I was literally getting my a$$ kicked in Act 5.
I seemed to be doing ok now but "The Ram" mission was pure killer for me...I almost couldn't get past that mission as I kept dying over and over again and couldn't survive at all.

The only problem for me now is "healing" since that is one big main problem for me in RoS, you can have heaps of primary stat and Vit but don't have enough regen health to stay alive or heal quickly enough.
Diamond Skin can keep you alive from hits but Wiz has lost the passive to regen health which was nerfed when 2.0 was released.

Life on hit is ok but still not enough to full regen your health.
Life after kill is only ok when you kill something, but if your running away your not likely to kill much at all.
Health globe bonus is really good but you really have to hunt for those stats or enchant them yourself.
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Hi, MaskedReaper.
Thanks ALOT for your great recall advice!!! :D
I gonna to get it right soon!!
again TYVM
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well, regen is not really that important - it's way too slow compare to 5% life steal on every spectra blade hit. I cursed them when they took this away.... lol.
To me, teleport in time &/or ensuring health glodes are nearby is the primary important.
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I forgot about where did I find the pants and boots.

But I remember clearly I found the gloves on a dry land of ACT2: I was being bordered by a last minion of an elite monster which was already killed. It was bordering/disturbing me (as I was leaving that area) so much that I chased it to a corner. I used a final waveof force to kill it. Guest what? Wave of Force will cleanse everything within a radius. There was a pile of stone nearby... it dropped the Vyr's gloves after I jumped and killed that last minion!!!
how LUCKY, man!!!!!
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IMO, just hunt for a royal ring to complete the set :P it beats hunting specifically for one single leg which is not guaranteed to drop
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I'm also looking for this ring.... but... T-T
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Yeah Royal Ring of Grandeur certainly helps with sets but after doing bounties after bounties and all the Horadric caches give you nothing but rares, materials and rift keys.

I have to admit I have better luck just farming areas around the bounties themselves since I've found a Captain Crimsons set plan and other legendary crafting materials.

I still haven't found anymore of Vyr's set and still trying.
But funny I found the Firebirds source.
So I can either go Vyr's or Firebirds depending which drops first for the first set bonus of 500 Intel.

But so far the only set I have complete is Chantodo's set but I wish I knew more about the shield healing ability it has.
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i've managed to snag 2 rings out of 11 bounty caches the first time i hunt for it :P
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Did you do this in campaign mode or adventure?
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05/01/2014 08:05 AMPosted by Malpercio
Did you do this in campaign mode or adventure?

Which one the ring or the Vyr's set armour.

The Royal Ring of Grandeur is Adventure mode only and from caches.
The Vyr's set can be found in any mode, as I found the chest in Act 5 campaign mode and hadn't even tried Adventure mode yet.
I was still going through most of Act 5 the first time when I snagged the chest armour.

One thing I found out is that you can't get set items by using blood shards so you have to get them the hard way.
Trouble is now I want to find the rest of the set and usually the most hardest items for me to get are pants, gloves and boots.
I don't seems to have any problem picking up legendary weapons or bracers, rings and belts, but I seem to have trouble with pants, gloves and boots if they are legendary or set items...it just seems funny that way.
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Hey I've just been reading this thread cuz I am also on the hunt for Vyr, Firebird and Tal Rasha's sets but I just wanted to say I got Firebird's chest armor from Kadala just now
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Well good luck mbudaz in finding them.

I found another Vyr's chest in the exact same area I found my current one...Funny hey.
The caves in the Blood March area always seem to be a good place for me to get the Vyr's chest.
The second Vyr' chest rolled better than my current one.
It rolled 499 Intel (Whoohoo!), CHC 2.0, Vitally can't remember the number and also Blackhole increase dmg 13% and so it's got no sockets.
But I can't decided which stat I should re-roll for sockets.
So basically I haven't used it yet and saving up FS.

I STILL can't get Vyr's pants or boots which is crazy.
Found Firebirds chest, gloves and 2 sources and 2 helms so far.
I salvaged one of the firebird sources due to my first find having way better stats that my second.
My first firebirds source rolled 20% increase to fire skills which is top roll for element but the source has no CHC which doesn't make it any stronger than my current Chantodo's source that I'm using now.

Tal Rasha's is quite frustrating as I've NEVER EVER SEEN a Tal Rasha Helm or chest and I'm been playing this game for 2 YEARS.
Found like 3 Tal Rasha's amulets and so far only 1 is average, as all the ones I've found are below average and not even worth keeping.
Found 2 Tal Rasha's belts and one of them is top roll and very good.
My Tal Rasha's source is ok but need to rolled higher CHC.

But overall I wish I knew the best area's to hunt for Vyr's pants and boots...I know it's RNG but seeing a lot of people wearing Vyr's pants and boots gets me frustrated that they have found it and I can't.
Which also the same with Tal Rasha's chest as that is almost impossible for me to get since it's been 2 years of never seen one.
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07/07/2014 12:47 AMPosted by MaskedReaper
But overall I wish I knew the best area's to hunt for Vyr's pants and boots

There is no best area, they can drop anywhere. Your best bet may well be to gamble for them. That kind of gives you a double shot: you might get them in your rift, you might get them from Kadala.
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07/07/2014 06:02 PMPosted by gooball
07/07/2014 12:47 AMPosted by MaskedReaper
But overall I wish I knew the best area's to hunt for Vyr's pants and boots

There is no best area, they can drop anywhere. Your best bet may well be to gamble for them. That kind of gives you a double shot: you might get them in your rift, you might get them from Kadala.

Just got Vyr's pants from Kadala...whew!

It's funny I've been trying to do as many rifts as fast as I can so I can get enough blood shards.
But the funny thing is this:
1. I tried Kadala and buying nothing but pants and first ended up with either depth diggers and then eventually ended up with Blachthorne's pants (for the first time).
2. So second day tried again doing rifts and bounties and ended up get Blackthorne's pants AGAIN and also Andariel's Visage from The Butcher...a legendary and a set item drop together from The Butcher...WOW.
The Andariel's Visage is the one I'm wearing now if you want to look at it and it came with 19% dmg to Arcane element to which I needed.
3. So after doing a few bounties and getting no Vyr's pants I decided to do some rifts to get some blood shards.
The rifts themselves gave me no Vyr's pants or Boots.
4.With the blood shards I saved up I decided to buy pants of Kadala and after 8 tries she gives me Vyr's pants...WOW.
I tried to see if I could get Vyr's boots aswell but ended up getting Irontoe Mudsputters instead...so maybe luck next time.

But now I have a RoRG and getting the 4th set all Archon rune bonus is very cool.
It's just funny Kadala can easy give you the item you want, but the item you want never seems to drops normally after so many hours of game play.
Like I said before Blackthorne's pants had never dropped for me UNTIL after I already bought one off Kadala....which is quite funny.
The Vyr's pants is quite a low roll but I might be able to gamble another off Kadala again with better roll next time or I just might be lucky to get one to drop for me normally.

Pants and Boots seem to be the most frustrating items for me in this game.
I can seem to get a lot of 2 hander weapons and a few rings and the occasional amulet's, bracers and helms.
But it seems Gloves, shoulders and anything legs is hard to get.
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Tal's chest is best cuz it has 5 primaries.
if you have RORG you can combine the 2 sets and its a popular combination, check out my wiz if you like
There are no best place to farm a piece, just rift until u (or they) drop
Wiz is max effeciency at T4 and start to fall off at T5
have fun
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