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Call of the Ancients - Mechanics

-Are you able to pop WoTB insanity, inflate your DPS than summon perm CoTA that forever have double the DPS than it usually does?

-Does the Asheara's Set effect "Attacks occasionally cause followers to come to your aid" work with CoTA? So your able to single target and bunch up mobs

-Does life on hit proc when the ancients attack?

-How much damage does their special abilities do? Since "Rise of the Ancients" only uses their basic attacks, it may not be worth it.

-Does the lighting rune "Altogether now" cause the sword "Fulminator" to proc when the Ancients attack?

-Does "Area damage" or "battlerage-bloodlust" effect the ancients?

Anyone know please let me know cheers!
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You want to cast WOTB just before CotA, but that's mostly for the attack speed buff. The damage buff should update dynamically.

Asheara's set summons your enchantress/scoundrel/templar about once a minute for 30 seconds. This will work in multiplayer games, and they use the abilities/items you assign to them.
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Cheers Zylog :)
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I can confirm Ancients will go back to normal DMG once WoTB has dropped off.
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CoTA Damage is dynamic

Unknown ability damage %, but together mine do about 50m dps.
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Does life on hit proc when the ancients attack?

thanks fellas
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04/20/2014 08:21 PMPosted by lamadoo
Does life on hit proc when the ancients attack?

thanks fellas

it does not proc ANY 'on hit' effects whatsoever. that include life on hit, thunderfury, odyn son, maximus, etc. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ON HIT (except 3 fury if you runed for it).
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^ cheersss
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Last question, by stacking lighting damage for the rune "All together now" , does it increase the ancients damage? vice versa with fire and physical.

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cota mechanics = useless

reroll wd
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^No thanks, why are you even comparing another different class? i rather enjoy the 30% reduction + 50% ancient reduction and endgame quake barb craps on WD

Bump for question

"stacking lighting damage for the rune "All together now" , does it increase the ancients damage? vice versa with fire and physical."
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so the damage buff wont last but the attack speed will? would this also mean that if you use taskar and theo before summoning, they will keep the extra attack speed buff untill die / recast?

I am also interested in the answer to this question. So far we know that the damage buff will not remain. However, does any benefit from Wrath stay permanently on the perma-COA, such as attack-speed?

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From my own testing:

Attack speed buffs are "snapshot on cast" which means you can cast them with say, a frenzy shrine + WOTB up and they will keep the attack speed you had at the time even when both buffs wear off.

Damage is dynamic, meaning that they do damage equal to 180% of your weapon damage at the time they hit.

Yes, they do gain benefits from +elemental skill damage.

No, they do not apply any sort of "on hit" abilities.

From what I've read:

Tasker and Theo passive only applies when its currently equipped.
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