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BLZBNTAGT000008A4 on Brand New iMac

I did a transfer of all my old files on my old Mid 2010 iMac to my new iMac 10.9 and Heroes of the Storm alpha worked fine, but when I went to try and play Diablo 3 it gave an error, twice, and then started trying to patch on the battle.net client.

When it would try to patch on the battle.net client, it would try and initialize, fail, and give me BLZBNTAGT000008A4

But what doesn't make sense is the fact that I googled all over different people's solutions (repairing the game which also failed, repairing disk permissions, re-downloading battle.net client) and nothing worked, so now I just got frustrated and deleted all of the games and game folders and am now in the process of re-downloading all the games (made all of my purchases digitally so).

The error basically says it can't patch because it can't reach out to grab the patch. That would generally mean internet problems. I'm on the forums posting about my internet problems that battle.net thinks I have (but I wouldn't be on here if I had the problems now would I) and plus the battle.net client is completely alright with downloading all of the Diablo 3 data, so wtf?

Is the client going to bug out every time a patch comes out for a game, resulting in me having to re-download the entire game every time a patch comes out?

Blue help por favor.
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I'm having the exact same problem. I transferred from my iMac to a new MBpro. most of my programs transferred along with their licenses and opened perfectly. a handful of other programs have had issues, having to re-enter licenses, etc... Some programs just don't seem to understand that it should treat the new hard drive as though it is the old hard drive I suppose. it thinks the file path is off or something. I would love to know if the complete deinstall and reinstall fixes the issue, which I'm sure it will... I'll probably go that same route.
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Since saturday (27 sept 2014) I have been receiving the same error tag. Did & checked all the stuff support advises to do, but nothing helped. Now I'm stuck and don't know what to do? I'm running Mac osx 10.8.5. The strange thing is I didn't update system software and all of a sudden I can't update diablo anymore.

Please someone reach out with a solution. Blue help preferably. Thanks for your effort and time in advance.
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Just on the off chance you have corrupt files, let's try manually repairing the game (the scan and repair option never seems to work). This involves also wiping your Battle.net cache, which can also cause this error, so this is basically an "all in one" cleaning solution for your D3 installation:

Delete the following files/folders:

/Users/Shared/Blizzard/Battle.net.temp (if present)
/Diablo 3/Diablo 3.mfil
/Diablo III/Data_D3/PC/MPQs/Cache

Once done deleting those files, make sure all permissions are set properly in Diablo 3's main folder by doing the following:

1) Get Info (in the Finder) on the Diablo 3 folder.

2) Click the padlock icon and enter your password to authenticate yourself.

3) For the Everyone group, set it to Read and Write.

4) Click the cogwheel icon and select Apply to enclosed items. Select OK to confirm your action.

5) Close the Get Info Window.

6) Repeat steps #1-5 on the /Users/Shared/Battle.net folder.

Now run the Battle.net Desktop Application and click on the Diablo III icon in the lefthand window frame. You will see the Diablo III/Reaper of Souls launch controls come up in the main window, along with a large button labeled Update. Click the Update button and let the BDA rebuild Diablo III’s cache. This may take 15-60 minutes depending upon the machine and drive type used. Let the BDA completely rebuild the cache before playing the game. Do not click the Play button until the progress bar is no longer displaying in the main window. Once the progress bar is gone and the large button says Play, you may play the game again. Clicking Play before the cache rebuilding process is complete can cause the files to become corrupted once again, so please be patient and let the process complete.
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