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Can you tell if an item is dupped?

Hello, I'm new to the online aspect of D3, though I've been playing the game offline for a several months now and played A LOT of D2 on PC. Anyway, a friend of mine just got rid of his PS3. Before he did, he found out that I play PS3 D3 and said that I could have all of his gear if I wanted it. He dropped over 250 Legs and set pieces on me, most of them lvl 60+. None of it is hacked, to the best of my knowledge; all of the stats and sockets are reasonable according to the game guild. I do wonder if it's dupped though. Is there a way to tell? I ask because, now that I have a bunch of extra high-lvl gear, I'd be interested in trading it away for stuff I need/want, but from some of the posts I've seen here, there seems to be a huge stigma about trading people dupped gear. Any advice?
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If you wan't, post the stats and I can tell you if any of them are some of the more common items that are mass duped.

Otherwise you can always just google the stats and 9/10 you will find it on either this forum or a 3rd party forum site. Usually it's somebody trading it or just posting the stats.
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if he was into trading, then it was certainly duped
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I hate to bust everyone's bubble but not everyone dupes. Some people just farm a ton of stuff to trade. I myself do it. I farm until I farm my self into boredom.
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Usually if I do trades it isn't with randoms. Me and My brother along with my wife all trade among each other. I know most of the stuff "traded" is duped. Dupes don't happen when everyone in my family farms like a mad man with a butcher knife. I've seen my fair share of duped items and modded items. I prefer to stick with my farming and randomly visiting someones game and dropping a ton of Legs for them. It's not that I hate duping but duping is just a way of the game.

Most recently my wife and myself farmed a LEGIT Azurewrath. Which helped her dps more than it could've mine. I enjoyed seeing the weapon fall from farming. It paid off when it had 17% atk spd to it. If I could only convince others to not dupe and farm like my wife, myself and my brother do. Be careful what you trade though. Duped items are more occurring than non-dupes. Also be careful of "soft" modded items like a Strength rolled bonesaber with a socket. It's modded if it has a socket on anything but a dex roll.
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I've ended up with a couple of dupes, If i see another person using an item that is the same as mine own I just break it down for mats. Takes a lot of the fun out of the game for me.

Usually if it's duped it's one of the best possible pieces, in that case that person is probably wearing it as well. I blacklist people trying to trade me that garbage!
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Usually when I see it is duped. I really don't care, I wear it even though I see the same one.
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04/17/2014 09:19 AMPosted by Kildorn
I hate to bust everyone's bubble but not everyone dupes. Some people just farm a ton of stuff to trade. I myself do it. I farm until I farm my self into boredom.

I second this message
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Or anything frm Kittykinx - anything he has is all duped and modded. Avoid him at all costs.
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Yeah I have never traded anything and I have 95% of the best Wizard gear from farming even found an Azurewrath the stats were !@#$ but I have a ton of stuff so I disagree that if you have good gear you dupe. I put weeks and weeks of my time into my character. I'm sick of getting online for a quick match being asked to dupe or told I duped everything it's like everyone is so jaded and distrustful now or greedy (which is why we play Diablo but some of us are greedy and legit)
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