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If someone could please take a look at mine - both the skills and the gear, and provide any advice. New to DHs (never really fell in love with them in the original D3), damage output with clusters/vengeance seems more than enough for T1, but survivability seems a massive issue at the moment. Nothing seems to be dropping to help this dilemma...
Seems like you need a better armour perhaps cindercoat? and slot all perfect gems inside.. thats my point of view. your amulet perhaps roll away the str for something else.
Sadlyh the ammy is a legacy roll, so can do nothing - but should say something about my drops that a legacy 60 is still the best I have. Have a legacy cindercoat as well which is awful, am waiting for something usable to drop - but it seems to be holding its own in T1...

Should I be willing to sacrifice some sheet dps for toughness? I always get worried about using items unless it gives me straight greens on the upgrade sheet, but I'm thinking that I might need to change my opinion... also is +healing important for a DH?
Imo your toughness should not have a problem to survive in t1.. to me it depends sometimes i dont look at all green and i equip the items.
@Kenshi, I see that you're using cluster arrow, I suggest you get Reaper's Wrap and use Blood Vengeance passive. You will no longer run out of hatred with those 2 things and it makes clearing through mobs MUCH MUCH faster!

Oh and try to get Crit chance and crit damage on rings!
@badhe Thanks for advice actually i am trying out attack speed builds.. my dh is not fully build finish yet.. thanks for the tips also :)
I'd wish I had a little bit more luck on set drops and the stats on the legendarys I get and the mystic rerolls. For example the first and only soj I got with my dh was Str/Crusader/cold for whatever reason.. and I got serveral wd torment only set pieces..
Ah well can't be mad I guess at least I got a Cindercoat and Magefist.
@lordcreepy Just keep rerolling that %fire damage on your magefist and reapers wraps, guessing you rolled sockets on the cindercoat so you cant reroll that 17% to a 20%. Other then that, looking good 8.5/10
Could someone take a look at my profile and advise me please, I have pretty good legendary and set 1h in my stash that has socket and rolls around 2300-2400 dos. I also have an Archfiend Arrow quiver in my chest that gives 20% attack speed and 9% hit chance but the reason I'm still using this gold item is because that 15% cluster arrow damage is so significant that my damage drops by 3-4 million if I replace it with the archfiend arrow quiver. (i am trying to roll my archfiend arrow 15% strafe for CA but i keep missing and its 1.8m a roll now, lol)

however after looking at the forums i realise that people are saying 1h and 1h is better than 2h + quiver?

also i'm doing OK at t3, i want to advance to t4 tho. any tips? feedbacks and advise is greatly appreciated.

thank u in advance
Interesting to see a lightning build

Sharpshooter over archery if the hatred regen isn't needed. Sharpshooter always gives +4% crit.

No serrated arrow for hungering arrow or seethe for vengeance? Got enough hatred?

Get reaper's wraps

Get the shrine glove's from the caches. Forget which bounty. Or craft/enchant gloves for lightning damage.

I would gamble rings to hope for a Stone of Jordan
@phonzy You should really get the 1h + 1h, the added crit damage is going to be a gain. Until then hope you roll a decent CA damage on your archfiend so you can start to use that. I'd also re-roll the armor on your shoulders for resource reduction. as for getting into T4, your toughness seems a bit low but duable as long as you are good at kiting. Might suggest dropping prep and grabbing smoke screen and dropping steady aim for night stalker.
@jleechan Just keep rolling for that fire damage on the reapers wraps and hope you get something good on the mempo and for that third socket in your cindercoat. 8.5/10

with using fire at will rune with multi shot, my hatred usage isn't really exhaustive. Running shatter on hungering arrow and dark heart on vengeance for the lighting damage conversion. With my attack speed atm I have no issues with hatred generation. I'm not particularly fond of Sharpe Shooter, rather have the flat 5% crit from archery 100% of the time.

Gloves, bracers and rings are my pit fall for rng with drops...

Sharp shooter is a permanent +4% crit though plus it stays at the max crit % for 1 sec.
Looking for fine-tuning advice. I'm VERY happy with how things are at the moment... I can easily do T2 rifts solo and T3 if I'm careful.

Just interested in seeing if I've overlooked anything. Thanks in advance for constructive advice!
@bignative i have an izzucob and tclip telmar in my stash, should i perhaps use those 2 and it will be better than current 2h and quiver? hehe inspected u.
Just rolled a fresh DH over from my wiz after the nerf. Could use some advice.
@boomcrackle I'd get more %fire damage on your gear if you are using cluster arrow as well as change your rune on Rain of Vengance to stampede to take benefit from the fire damage. I'd also change the diamond out of your helm for something else, your spec doesn't really benefit too greatly from cd reduction. Also, reroll the damage or the vitality on your ring for Crit Chance and on the Avarance band id roll crit damage in place of the all resist or the damage
Can someone give me advice of what to improve from my DH? Got 7m sheet toughness but still got one shot on difficulties on T2-3.
Im newish to the game so i can use some advice on improving my DH. i know i need to upgrade my gems but its very expensive lol. should i focus more on dps or get some more toughness.
Id go with more toughness...but thats my opinion, better shoulders and the one ring changing will help.
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