Diablo® III

Rate that Demon Hunter - Part 3


YEp, i can run t4 solo with the pets. I tried blood ravens bow. If im not mistaken the Raven that it summon is really just an aesthetic and does not do any actual damage.

@ironLee wow fire skills deal 100 more damage. Very nice

looks like a solid pet physical build, I imagine you are looking for your bread and butter piece still, Tasker and Theo is probably a REQ. if your using Garwulf. Overall looks like a build that can handle T4 with no issues, possibly even T5.

thats some insane gear bro, im so jelly on your calamity and natalya hand xbow
loved your belt too
so... I feel under-geared after looking at the few characters above me.


Cindercoat, SOJ, & Magefist can be upgraded when you find new ones.
Cindercoat - More fire damage + More Cost Reduction
Magefist - better trifecta (or whatever you are going for)
SOJ - Crit chance - damage - whatever

Sin Seekers could have damage against elites - just a thought as you are geared towards that

Thats all I got- >^.^<
@jabberwock. don't be discouraged! it's all purely RNG

Your DH is 8/10, perhaps you could have a better amulet that stacks cc and cd as well. that legendary ammy dont do you good enough
@jayson nice gear, I believe you might get better results in a dex rolled ammy (500 dex compared to the %fire dmg, though not sure entirely)

great gear!
Rate me -.-

9.8/10... #73rd ranked Elemental DPS on diabloprogress @_@

Any reason you're not using matching set pieces for your pants and shoulders? Do you plan on enchanting Chakram on quiver to something else?


My current DH is Argiope (the female one); rate her, not Holligan.
Hellcat or Harrigton?

I got a very nice one of each one.
Nice leoric neck need more toughness though 7/10

Upgrade those gems in your Cindercoat, replace those yellows with set items.

@ Aruca

very well dps. reapers wraps and calamity would be a insane upgrade for you ;)
@Qin 10/10 all cuz of hardcore player >.<
@Symix: Very good gear overall. I love ur nat boot and ur royal ring. 9.5/10
@Kaelias: Great equips! I'm still looking for Prides Fall, Magefist, and calamity myself. It's just pretty hard to get one. 9/10
@SymixSIM 9.9/10 Everything feels so perfect and the synergy is flawless. I think you should replace your shoulder/bracers for aughilds and you'd have a pretty much perfect DH. Im really jelly of your SoJ.

@Razgriz 6.5/10 Definetly alot of place for improvement. Replacing your yellows with legendaries, getting a higher CHD on your amulet for starters. You're on the right track though.
EDIT: Also your Nat Slayer is really weak! i see you haven't re-rolled anything on it yet, it has the potential to get 2800 dps if you reroll the damage on it because you already have the 10%damage.
Edited by Kyrae#1394 on 4/23/2014 6:41 AM PDT
@Kyrae: Thanks for the suggestions! I actually just got my Nat Slayer 2 days ago and haven't gotten around in re-rolling it yet. I also still feel weak that's why I only keep on playing T1 while hunting for better equips. I really appreciate your inputs and will try to follow your suggestions.
@Raz getting there champ, rerolled nat slayer to black damage and try to rerolled more sockets in cinder coat. Sorry cant see full stats as I am using an iPad. 5/10

You've got a good gear, you have increased damage to specific skills from your affixes but you aren't using those skills! You should :) Impale, Chakram, Elemental, Entangling Shot etc.
@ brobot please check out pandora, that's my sub DH. Thanks
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