On a busy night the game is unplayable. We paid around 40-50$ for a product that has various issues for Mac players only, we all know the issues. I was banned from preordering the game online, so i bought the game at walmart for 50$
I downloaded the Reaper of Souls content in early March thinking it was a patch, apparently it was the expansion pack, which i haven't yet bought but was allowed to download and i did.
Ever since then I've encountered freezing, loss of connection, booted back to the blizzard app during loading screens. 10-30 second town portals. 10-30 seconds behind party every time when entering a new level. It's incredibly discouraging and frustrating considering its such a fun game :(
Help us please we deserve a smooth experience for gods sake there is only 4 people in 1 game!
I live in Edmonton, Alberta
I.S.P - Shaw hi-speed
Any other information you need please ask sorry for making a new topic on this. Game ran smooth before the ROS download in early March
Why did we download the expansion pack almost a month before we can play it? I didn't know that until i bought the ROS box, popped it in and theres nothing to download! Just activate and play. What if we didn't buy ROS? Would we have the ROS content just sitting there not being used until you realize you have to buy ROS to access it? Very confusing, can you fix you're servers please its been almost 2 months