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<Deity> The Keyboard Turners
150+ member clan + community Ranked #10 Paragon in NA and climbing... http://www.diabloprogress.com/us/rating.clan_stat_paragon2

Apply on OUR Forums!

*Join "DEITY" community channel*

    > Forum's
    (get to know your clanmates, understand builds, create strategies, competitive groups, and more)

    > Voice Chat
    (you can stop dying while typing to your team)

    > Community Channel
    (as a member, you have invitation privileges to bring your friends into the fun!)

    > 2.1 Seasons & Greater Rifting
    (climb to the top of the leader boards and look down at the rest, because we will be there!)

Why Join Deity?
Our clan has the highest # of quality members in comparison to every other clan. Proven fact.
We have this because we spend the needed time to recruit quality players, one by one.
If you feel you deserve to play with the best, apply to our clan.
If you want an easy in to an unfiltered and unqualified group of players... go join... anybody else.
You will not find ONE scrub on our roster.

We are an exclusive clan that is looking for...
  • 400+ Paragon Level
  • Must have zDPS EP Monk (Can be Crafted, DOES NOT have to be Best in Slot, Fist of Az not required)
  • Must have viable T6 DPS BiS Character
  • Players who know the mechanics of this game
  • Run T6 in 3-6 minutes in an effective group
  • Can take criticism and give non-offensive criticism
  • We are all really fun, cool people and competitive players - [u]so we want you to be too.
  • If you feel you fall just outside of the paragon and character requirements, please apply anyways and join our community. By applying, you are given access to our forums. Allowing you to gain access to information that will allow you to grow quickly to our standards of play.

    To ensure you are the right fit for our T6 clan & community, we screen each and every applicant in game and run trial rifts with our experienced members to measure your capability.

    Apply on OUR Forums --> http://deity.freeforums.net

    We look forward to building this clan and playing with new members!!
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    bump! 20+ members and growing--
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    Bump ; ) 50+ members and growing. Add or msg any of the battletags in game for a invitation - we hold screenings of T4+ rifts for each applicant to ensure you have fun with our members. See you in there!
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    Thank you for all of your interest!! Myself or an officer should be in contact with you soon!

    Update to all
    We are now restraining our last 40 spots for T6 ready players. Save the BEST for last!! = ]
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    You guys PVP? If not, why is this in the PVP thead?
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    i'm looking for a clan.

    dps stats:
    1mil sheet, 109% lightning, 55% elite

    also have a work-in-progress set for pull/ep/support

    let me know
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    Our members do enjoy PvP and PvE - a mix of a lot of different skilled players. That is why this is posted in PvP forums.

    I apologize, I have not looked at this for a few days! I have been overloaded with requested invitations.

    Those of you I have no responded too I will reach out soon. We have approximately 30 spots left for T6 ready players. Look forward to playing with you! = )
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    I would like to join your clan, however I cant search your clan and request an invite as I am already in an active clan at the moment and I dont want leave that clan without knowing i will be accepted into this one. I currently run T6 rifts on my EQ barb, please add me and evaluate my profile and let me know if I should apply or if you have already filled final slots.
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    Hi Meteora! An officer should be in contact with you soon!

    bump! looking for T6 Monks only now! TY!
    Only 10 spots left in clan
    Edited by fryloq#1435 on 5/16/2014 5:15 PM PDT
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    Bump! Looking for more T6 players!
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    Bump for Fathers Day!
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    Just made room for more Active T6 capable players! come check us out!

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    Looking for more Active Quality Members!

    Please apply on our Forums

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    This is a bump! We have recently changed our requirements to enter our clan. Our community is still open to the public to run with our clan members and participate on our forums. So if you feel you fall just shy of the 450 Paragon and EP Monk + T6 DPS Character requirements, please apply and join our community. This will grant you access to needed information to get you to the standards of play we look for.

    Thank you! And Happy Hunting!

    Apply on OUR Forums
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    We are looking for YOU!
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    still spots available for enthusiastic gaming!
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    If you're looking for a exciting, invigorating, and passionate clan atmosphere look no more!
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