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Heya, glad to be back to the game after the expansion - really liking the class and the lack of an AH. I recently dinged 70 and have been farming T2 rifts for the most part. I got really lucky on an RiF run and got a Jeram's with a pretty decent roll. Would you guys recommend dumping the AR for CC? Not really sure how important my defenses are compared to what could be a huge DPS increase.

In addition, for the poor gear that I'm in, is there a more efficient farming spec than what I'm currently carrying. I can keep Garg up about 60-75% of the time and he is probably my biggest source of damage. Other than him, I just spam bears when I've got the mana and SB:WoS when I don't. Dogs keep me healthy and keep most of the mobs off, and my first two skills are mainly to feed mana for the bears.

BTW, I've tried rerolling the dagger as many times as I've had forgotten souls to do so, and haven't gotten a socket in about 15-20 attempts :). Should I just stop spending gold and wait for a better weapon to drop anyway, or think I should keep chugging along?

1. Reroll helm AR to CC?
2. Spec for current gear?
3. Keep spending money trying to get a socket in my dagger, or just enjoy the 10% dmg and wait for a good one to spend my gold/mats on.

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L'il help please!

EDIT: just got a homunculus from Kadala. Not really sure how to incorporate it into my build, or if should at all. Major damage and toughness decrease, only upside is the free dog every 5 seconds which I assume caps out (but haven't tried it yet to verify).

EDIT 2: upgraded my dagger and finally got a socket.
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I'd definitely always get that CC and CD whenever possible. Vit is more important than AR now, by far. MF is junk, so don't bother (really, really bad - topaz in the helm is plain silly now). Bears build is doable (try pile on if you have the mana support!!!).

Pets are uber great through T6 with Star Metal (good luck, sonny jim), Zuni's set, Mask of Jeram, Tasker and Theo (do gloves at Kadala until you get it, or a mojo first - you can get the matching chicken with your blade through her).

Most sought after is the Jade Set (aka Nuke Doctor, Reaper build, yadda yadda).

Fire builds are viable with Cindercoat and stacking fire %, though you're at the mercy of dumb AI on Wrathful protector (but when he's hitting for 200 mil. crits, it's tolerable).

You've hit the jackpot when you get the Augild's set, and craft yourself the shoulders and bracers to get elite % dmg. I have one for both poison and phys, but it's unnecessary for the cold/Jade build.

Top rings are SoJ (Stone of Jordan for the 30% elite dmg - Kadala and RNG drops in game) and RRG (Royal Ring of Grandeur cuts needed set pieces by 1 - Do Act I caches, even on Normal mode...people tend to do these split bounties in groups like mad).
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ty nard. I tried pile-on and found bears to be a bit easier to manage. bigger area to hit, and far fewer whiffs since pile-on takes a little time to execute. I've probably thrown about 2000 shards kadala's way trying to match my blade but haven't gotten lucky yet. got a couple crappy homunculuses though.
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FYI, I went back and revisited pile-on which I found to be less effective than bears -- at least for my skill level. I just missed too many enemies and the slow cast made me more susceptible to standing in stuff. I tried bats/FS/WoZ and while it worked and was a pleasant change, my attack speed is too low to really make it competitive. I'd definitely like to get 4 pc zuni, tasker and theo, and an SMK but so far the only piece of the ultra pet build I own is the helm. On the flip side, good night farming last night netted me jade boots, and 2 RoRGs in my first 3 A1 runs. Thinking about stepping it up from T2 to T3.
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