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Ring of Royal Grandeur drop rate is againt D3 design

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i farm more than 300 act 1 cache bags for this ring and only 1 crap drop. i need 1 more for my wiz but it never drop again! that awful and I give up.
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Maybe the rng lord didn't have plans to give everybody this ring..

welcome to diablo,
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I've opened 310 caches, just finished my 310th a few moments ago. I open 20 at a time sometimes if lucky 1 garbage legendary drops, but most of the time nothing at all.

It's extremely retarded when the Royal ring is required to gear yourself well enough to go to higher difficulty, yet the only way to get it is repeatedly farming A1 horadric cache. I'm on the verge of quitting this stupid game. That's how frustrating it is.
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05/05/2014 04:09 PMPosted by SlowPlayer
However, just look at what people are doing in Adventure mode at *normal* level, it’s obvious that almost 99% of people are just farming Ring of Royal Grandeur. Nothing else

Wrong, rift fragments are farmed here to along with legendaries in general.
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why farm for it? I got mine from T1 cache, didn't even farm for it, was just doing bounty for rift keys.
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The life on hit (garbage) and attack speed (trash stat that makes sheet damage look nicer) mess this ring up. .

so your cookie cutter build told you those things?

my pets would like a word with you on attack speed
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1300 bounties, not one ring drop, WHYYYYY LOOT JEBUS WHYYY
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So in terms of time spent, anyone worked out whether doing split normal bounties or split T2 bounties made for quicker legos and therefore, hopefully by extension, better chance at the RoRG?
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just be a better player, then you'll get it.
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400 Caches and still nothing... Do you guys open 50 at one time or immediately after getting them?
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05/16/2014 02:24 PMPosted by Smexist
400 Caches and still nothing... Do you guys open 50 at one time or immediately after getting them?

Immediately after getting them obviously. Anything else is madness. What if you get it on the first cache but wait until you get 49 more? That's hours wasted.
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Is it boring? YES.
Is it fun? NO.
Is it frustrating? YES

LoL - but it got me my latest Trifecta RoRG! Got the other 4 that way also. If you want the ring, farm Act 1 bounties only in normal mode. Fast, efficient, lots of loot and best chance to get the ring. If it makes you feel better, farm it on T6, but dont complain "I dont have one yet."

Edit: I got my trifecta yesterday - 1st farming during the bonus.
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You saved me from just creating a thread about this. I just got a achievement for completing my 1,000 bounty yesterday. I just ran 11 more. STILL NO ring. Everybody who says stop complaining just doesn't realize how lucky they are and needs to shut it. This needs to be so much easier to get. I don't want to be farming act 1 anymore. I want to be doing rifts playing with friends who all have this ring. I want to enjoy this anniv buff and pay with them doing rifts but I have been wanting to get this stupid ring which I need desperately for my set bonus. Cmon man!
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05/05/2014 04:18 PMPosted by Andonis
drop rate is fine I have 6 of them, not sure how many caches I've opened though I'm guessing around 200..

Oh great, another "the game is fine because I have what I want" person. Their logic isn't flawed at all
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The low drop rate is freakin absurd. I HATE spamming act bounties ad nauseum. I want to do Rifts, farm for crafting mats, but what I don't want is to spam act 1 bounties all day long. I even tried doing them on torment 3, and guess what? STILL NO DAMN RING! God damnit, up the drop rate already!
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I wish I could have seen even one crappy one, Kute. As far as I am concerned the damn thing does not exist.
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You can target farm what is considered to be an end game item.

You want one of the most powerful items in the game to have a high drop rate on top of this?

Does not compute.
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Sorry, I don't think Diablo 3 is the type of game one should play for 100's of hours to complete an item set for one build on one character in the absence of trading. Furthermore farming this item is beyond boring, and frankly, infuriating. A 2% drop chance or whatever it is, is far too low, and you can't convince me otherwise.
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This thread is old school man, people farming normal for RoRG is kind of hilarious when you can easily farm T1 to get caches with a higher chance of dropping legs (including torment only). I farm T2 split style when I want caches and rift keys. Expect to open hundreds of caches before finding RoRG if you're farming on normal..
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