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Ring of Royal Grandeur drop rate is againt D3 design

I've opened 200 boxes, and haven't gotten it. Its stupid.
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05/05/2014 04:18 PMPosted by Andonis
drop rate is fine I have 6 of them, not sure how many caches I've opened though I'm guessing around 200..

Ive opened over 300 t2 caches since sunday and havent found the ring, or a torment only leg for that matter. Not only that, none of my teammates found it during our runs, so thats 1200 t2 caches without a ring. Thats freakin 6000 bounties!!!! The problem is the drop rate isnt scaling with difficulty so now im thinking of going back to normal runs.
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Ring is too powerful...that's the problem. It should be removed from the game. I have one, love it, but damn, nothing I can ever find will replace the 3 set bonuses I'd lose. It's a must have and as such, it should be removed.

Same issue with cindercoat...it's just way too powerful. Having fire damage is already a plus for it...but it has RR as well. Either remove fire damage or RR. Having both just makes it WAY too powerful...adding other versions of it to satisfy the other elemental stats is silly.
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200+ caches, not one dropped for me.

And I'm about to quite the hunt tbh.
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The author was not complaining specifically about the drop rate, he was complaining you have the same chance of getting a unique item on normal as you do on T6. He is right it is counter intuitive. I would even be happy if they just lowered the drop rate of the ring for normal to stop these pointless normal A1 runs.
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1686 rift stones before getting it today. i dont even know how many caches that was anymore. i started doing act 4 bounties while 3 other people did act 1, on normal. i think it was slightly faster to get caches.
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Took me 400+ caches to get 1 that I will not complain about because I got it. Had 2 other legendary rings drop out of my caches and that was beyond frustrating.
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It is pretty frustrating trying to farm this for hundreds of caches and not getting a single ring, while getting 7-8+ of every single other thing act 1 caches drop. I have 5p jh + quetz etc that I managed to get in far less time than Ive spent doing bounties just for this one damn ring. On the other hand I did get trifecta gloves of worship and a nicely rolled vaxos off doing a few a4 runs to maintain my sanity but when you've done hundreds of bounties in a couple days without getting anything (and it doesnt help when clanmates join for a bit and get one two caches later eiher) it's incredibly irritating and draining to keep farming.
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what do you guys think about this...

rrog is put on the "double reward cache" bounty list -> available in 2 daily switching acts (or 3 if you count act 4) -> no more act 1 only farming -> sort bounty rewards new or replace the empty spot
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So they increased it's drop rate Torment II-VI...but how do we know for how much. Is it better to farm torment II or Normal? ;/
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QQ more
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I'm really sorry guys. First day trying to get this ring, opened 10 Normal difficulty caches and found 2x Ring of Royal Grandeurs. Both int, one with crit dmg, other with area dmg.
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Posted by hawkeye
The Ring of Royal Grandeur is not a bounty cache exclusive item. I got mine just doing regular farming, not from a cache. In fact,I'm sad to say I have NEVER never gotten a Legendary Item from a a bounty cache,


No you didn't.
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Thread was old.

Nowadays drop rate increases from Torment 2 onwards.
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Well good for u. I have done 1500 runs of act1 and only got ONE. only ONE so yea good for u.
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500+ open caches and i have one ring, it wos perfect :) but i riped my WD :) so let the hunt begins !
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790 bounties from t1-t3, still no ring. got 3 amulet and a shoulder piece. why make the drop rate so low when the ring has a big chance of having poor stats? its getting really boring.
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They need to make this item and other bounty specific legendary able to drop within rifts.

I would gladly take 200-300 rfit keys and switch over to running really fast Norm rifts and stack a bunch of magic find gear since the loot table would give me a better chance at finding RoRG with all the torment legendary not able to drop. At least then people that cant find the ring can take their 100's of key fragments and switch over to grinding some easy rifts for a chance at finding the ring, get a bunch of blood shard out of it too. As it stands right now there is no point ever to do rifts under t1. RoRG dropping in rifts would change this.

There is just too many people that have gone 100's of caches with no ring and need some other activity besides bounty for a chance to find it. I don't think raising the drop chance would be a good idea, then it would just be too easy to find.

Also when creating an alt someone with a lot of paragon levels is going to be doing t1 to t3 rifts as soon as they hit level 70 and in no way are they going to need to run 100+ bounty on their alt. So give people like this an incentive to actually play on their new class. What people are doing now is even when they make a new class they just go right back to their main class run rifts or bounty and just swap back to the alt for gambling or opening caches. If the RoRG they were looking for could drop in rifts this would at least give some what of an incentive to actually use their new class in lower torment or even sub torment rifts before they are fully gear and can do t4+.
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To all the people talking about how the drop rate is fine, the drop rate isn't the issues you !@#$%. It's how boring it is to farm. If it was just another ring I could find farming rifts or gambling, then I'd have no complaints about a low drop rate. But I have no interest in pounding the same boring bounties over and over for hours to get literally no element of reward/satisfaction.
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