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Tall mans finger

Ive tried a few times to see if adding zombie dogs via passives would increase the single dog you get from tall mans finger and have found that the dog does not get more dmg from having more dogs from passives. Anyone else find this as true, is this intended, and if not could it be implemented?
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Tall Man's Finger is another complete crap legendary that Blizzard did not playtest with this horrendous creation enough to make it game-changing enough before releasing it into RoS. Salvage it please!
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Would be good if it didn't suck completely. Blizzard needs to remake this or remove it from the game.
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need a bit rework.

May be bonus damage to pets....
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Would be nice if the single zombie dog that spawned counted as the actual amount of dogs when using Sacrifice.

That would make this ring a killer combo with the next of kin rune, or a homunculus mojo.

edit: i guess a simple change to fix this would be to let sacrifice deal damage from a percentage of the dogs current/total health.
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Just got this today and it does increase the strength of the Gargantuan dog based off of your passives. With 5 dog build he has 5million hp and hits for 4million dmg. With 6 dog build (including 20% hp buff from zombie handler) he has over 6million hp and hits for around 5million. Hope this helps anyone googling this ring as I see nobody has posted on this thread in around 5 months
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Why have you necroed this post..? You are even missleading with your post

Tall man finger is one of the Best items now a day for pet doctors and the damage modifier is

[ TMF ] multiplier changes with the number of Dog passives used -
Thanks to Wachati for providing the simplified formula
[ TMF ] = 4n + 1, where n is the number of dogs.

TMF3 = (4x3) + 1 = 13
TMF4 = (4x4) + 1 = 17
TMF5 = (4x5) + 1 = 21
TMF6 = (4x6) + 1 = 25

Quoted from PaulNg Pet damage calculations

Edit: a properly geared doctor can easy get his dog to do over 200millions per bite
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