My twin brother and I had a great Idea for one of the many ways Blizzard could do "PVP" in Diablo 3.
Being huge blizzard-game fans, especially while growing up, we enjoyed playing any and all trigger maps on Starcraft or Warcraft. And this is where the inspiration comes from.

An old but common trigger map was Hero Line Wars (Or other variates); Here is the basics of the map.

The basics of Hero Line War:
Two to ten players divided in two teams, then pick one hero each to defend their teams circle of life from attacking creeps (the teams arenas are SEPARATED from each other, so opposing heroes cannot attack each other).

The players spend resources on summoning creeps to attack the enemy team, Summoning creeps also gives income, which allows the whole game to accelerate. Players may buy items to strengthen their heroes, to make defending easier. But by simple logic, the more is spent on buying items for safety, the less can be spent on hiring creeps to accelerate gold income and pressure the enemy with…

Players also have one spell-shrine, and each has a number of powerful spells that may be used to help defend against the creeps (but creeps killed by the shrines will not yield experience for the heroes)

Eventually one team will get overrun by the creeps… When a team has let too many creeps past them in to the circle of life, they loose the game. (50-300 “chances“ per team, decided by host at start along with a bunch of other settings such as difficulty and income intervals)

-Basics ended

Now to make this viable for D3!

  • No hero choice as you have your champion (Duh!)
  • No spell towers for obvious reasons...(Ideas?)
  • No actual gear, as you have your own gear (Though other rags to riches versions could be accepted)
  • Players could purchase Shrine buffs or More expensive Pylon buffs
  • Players bring their own potions(Or buy potions?)
  • Summoning creeps stays the same, but with tiered monsters instead. First weak and maybe Low "Difficulty" Stat monsters maybe normal - Torment 6 Which affects price.
  • White mobs can be summoned for cheap, then champion and elite mobs for significantly more and then maybe Boss mobs for High prices.
  • The price of the 'Mob' is dependent on the difficulty of the creature in question - For example: Fallen<Death Maiden (Duh!)
  • Special creatures like Treasure Goblins can be sent as well (High life, no dmg)
  • Of course income will come from this, and many of the play ideas would be the same, like the circle of life
  • ____________________________________________________________________

    What sets it apart form normal PVP!?

  • Experience is gained like normal (= to the creature difficulty and level!)
  • Loot/gold will drop like normal! (Time-out periods to sell, salvage, and stash loot will be placed)
  • Fight players with summoned monsters! Rather than true PVP!
  • I almost forgot - Winners could receive a common PVE reward (Cache) or maybe more?
  • My Personal Questions
  • Should Attributes on champ/elite mobs be chosen by players or random?
  • Should all games start from Normal difficulty or be chosen?
  • Re-spawn times in case of champion death?
  • Balancing will be constant maintenance like any PVP balance right?
  • Other Items for Nephalem to buy?
  • OVERALL I feel this would be a fun and interactive form of PVP and would fit perfect for the D3 universe! Bump to maybe get a blue post? :)
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