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Just aquired 4 set (Marauders) Help needed?!

hi all,
As the title says I've managed to get...
Marauders, Helm, Chestplate and gloves (With Ring makes 4 set)
I know I really need something like pants etc.. so I can use either 3 wolves or Cindercoat..
However my question is about what stats should I go for?
I'm currently sat at 600k dmg, 9mil toughness with about 40% crit chance and 450% crit damage.
Now should I go for companion damage to make use of my pets?
should I go for some attack speed? does that affect pets?
Reducing Cooldowns so I can use the active companion skills sooner?
I've looked from this forum and all I can see is how brilliant the pets are but no-ones saying what skills/stats they have with them.
Please Help!
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No-one has any advice on this?
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Disclaimer: I'm speaking from the perspective of an experienced DH (500+ play hours) but I have absolutely done no mathematical / statistical calculation to prove my points.

1. you mentioned about getting other pieces (i.e.) so that you can use garwulf or cindercoat. IMO, use cindercoat. Garwulf's 1 of the 3 wolves are still bugged. Hence effectively, wearing garwulf only grants u an additional wolf (another 150% dmg). However, this is assuming that you're on fire-build. IMO, Garwulf > Cindercoat when they fix the derpy 3rd wolf.

2. Stat-wise, this is abit too broad as question. However, if you're moving toward pet build (mara 4 sets), you do notice that pets deal physical damage. (Raven - 100%, Bat - 60%, Spider - 140%, Boar - 50%, Ferret - 50%, Wolf - 150% ; total = 550% dmg from pets). Hence, moving from fire-build to physical build is viable because physical skill buffs all your pet damage + your damage as well. (Change CA+LFB to CA+Shooting Star)

I wouldn't consider companion damage +% - because they can only be rolled on - shoulder and chest which you would be sacrificing alot of toughness (impt for higher torment) for little bit of more dmg.

3. Attack speed scale for pet's higher dmg if im not wrong? They don't actually attack faster? Ned confimation on this.

4. Pet's skills - the only useful is wolf's dmg buff. Sometime bat's grab all gold/globe is useful if i need to replenish for hatred) But I wouldn't go to the extend of getting cd rd for it.

5. The so-called pet build is actually used in complementation with other skills. (Since the fix/nerf to the sharpshooter, pure pet build/sentry is no longer viable) Presently, it's just about trying to find a balance between pet and CA (or other skills).

Personally: I'm using pet build with fire-CA build. I do plan to move towards pet + physical-CA build but, at times RNG is RNG, so i'm just sticking to whatever I have. I can pretty much solo T5-6 (but it's not effective my kill speed is rather slow), Clearing T4 rift is the most effective for me in terms of gold/exp/leg drop.
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Thank you for this its helped make sense of a few things :)

I think I will move towards Physical skills... This will help myself and pets If we all go for the same damage type :)
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