Diablo® III

There is light at the end

Was starting to get bored on my WD but then I got 3 BiS items within 3-4 days.

Still no Zuni piecesbesides boots or SOJ but I have gotten

Mask of Jeram (low roll but still, traded for it in WD group)

Trifecta Tasker and Theo (Love you Kadala)

Very good Star Metal Kukri (Trolled on first level of a rift with a leg ceremonial drop, it wasnt SMK, then mine dropped from a chest on level 2 of that rift)

Cant wait until I can get zuni/SOJ :)

you can check out the rolls in my profile

Keep farming guys and the items will come! Having a blast on my WD now
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What difficuilty did you just loot your SMK? I'm starting to get really frustrated because of lousy drops. I've really eager to find a weapon perfectly suited for wd. Been doing class specific rifts but unable to find such a good loot.
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yup keep the faith , I got trolled this morning .. 2nd time in 2 days green chest dropped .. good ole black thornes #2 .. yesterday it was helltooth ( 2nd one as well )

But then .. then OMG could it be!! yes Jade !

So I complete my 5 piece set .. unfortunately need boots so I can wear non jade helm but the damage from soul harvest is still a blast hehe. so farming Act 5 solo .

Btw I got all my gear solo . Almost full zuni just need zuni chest .

:edit going to give you a tip. Torment 1 rifts is where I got most of my gear . And most of it was from After the rift guardian so if you zone out after rift guardian dies .. well I wouldn't have most of the gear I have now If I did .
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Thanks for the tip. I just need specific weapon and some money because enchantress is trolling me right now being robbed consecutively hoping to get reroll on soj and rorg. What is the siginificance of doing it on higher torment? Just for challenge? My FS is pilling up because of lousy leg which none I can use and speaking of drops I usually find swords, staff and shield. wow talk about smart loot. I usually do clear map since I loot legs frequently after rift guardian. I got excited when the stage is on big cemetery or super prison.
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holy crap if it doesn't rain it pours ..

just got 3rd set chest item today .. Zuni chest . which completes my pet set since I got gloves from Kadala today as well .

Got the Zuni chest doing Torment 1 Act 1 Bounties in southern highlands off a Goat Shaman .. which is same place I got the Blackthorne drop this morning .. plays with the mind .. tin foil hat lol ? Kill Goat Shamans lol Get em !!!
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finished my jade set in like 4 days
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05/13/2014 12:41 AMPosted by ning
finished my jade set in like 4 days

yeah wish I had 2 unity rings to farm T6 with :(
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i'm also getting frustrated w/ my wd and start playing w/ my fire mage. w/ just 1 rift ive got my zuni set and tasker and theo from kadala.. just missing SMk to complete
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I've gotten my whole set complete in about 80 paragon levels, all from random torment levels, so for those who are asking "what torment level did you get your smk/zuni/etc" it doesn't matter what level, just keep pushing paragon levels, it will eventually come. I dropped a SMK for a good friend on t3. Just enjoy the game and put in work. Join in a party that can manage t3+. The biggest pain is RRoG in my opinion.
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05/13/2014 12:41 AMPosted by ning
finished my jade set in like 4 days

600 paragon points? wttttfffff... And I thought I played a lot.
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