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[T6] Thunder God Build (Zues, you watchin'?)

Link to my Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/kaineded

Updates: May 24, 2014

So, after a few weeks of playing with this build I've discovered some things that have helped me improve drastically from T5 to T6 Solid. I'm very happy to report that this build is now T6 capable and competitive to a degree.

Changes I have made:

- Wore full DPS gear, stacked Res over life% and Vit

- Stacked IAS as much as possible through gearing and Paragon

- Now Using full DPS passives with the exception of Vigilant ( Tested and approved)

-String of Ears or T-Gods/Witching Hour ( still Deciding)

I'll break it down now for those interested in this build, hopefully some find enjoyment in this build like I did, it really did make this game refreshing unlike the majority of top builds that are just shift click and profit.

Gearing: Is totally dependent on you, personally I decide to run without Akkahn's because for me it's felt as if raw stating has benefited this build more then wearing full Akkahn's.

Helmet: Andy's
Shoulder: Aughilds
Chest: Aughilds
Gloves: Ashera's ( Can be swapped for Akkahn's or other)
Pants: Ashera's ( Can be Swapped for Akkahn's or Other)
Belt: Witching Hour ( T-Gods is the next best thing)/ String of Ears
Neck: Fire Immunity Star ( Can be any 20% Light/str/CHD/CC neck if you aren't lucky enough)
Rings: Ring of Royal Grandeur + Stone of Jordan
Bracers: Reapers Wrap
Boots: Illusionary Boots [A2 Catche] ( perfect for placement otherwise Iceclimbers are really nice)
Weapon: Shafter's Hammer ( SUPER slow but the damage this thing puts out is unreal for the % Scaling on most abilities, this is where IAS comes in to play)
Shield: Defender of Westmarch OR Hellskull with 15% Hammer Damage and Crit ( You cannot deny those procs, upwards of 15m 20m on Elites)

Skills: These abilities seem to have melded in the best for me after my lengthy playtime with this build, with these recent buffs, it opened up a lot of choices for me so here it is.

Blessed Hammer - Thunder Struck: Most people don't realize this thing puts out some mean AOE as well as Single Target damage due to it's Arcs, if positioned correctly on your target, it will be hit by all existing Arcs, say each Arc deals 3m and you have 7 Arcs flying out, your target will be taking 21m a second + the initial hammer blow ( typically for me deals 11-14m).

Punish - Fury: Blocking is very important, now more then ever, aside from it reducing our damage taken, it also allows us to receive a guaranteed crit on the next attack while we retain the punish buff. This is a powerful builder and your going to want to have this buff up as much as possible so throwing this in during Hammer waves not only greatly increases DPS but adds survivability, not to mention it hits like a truck ( 18m on elites for me) thanks to the recent ele changes.

Provoke - Charged Up: Believe it or not, Charged up still does damage, I'm not exactly sure how it works now, but I know when I pop this and I have a full arc set out, things are dying much quicker. also it's a generator.

Law of Justice - Immovable Object or Decaying Strength: Either are good, and truth be told we need as much AR as we can get despite DR. As a Liberator, you will be in the Sh#&$&t as often as possible, you want to be in as deep as it gets, the longer you can be at the epicenter the more damage you will put out, and this little Law will allow you to do just that, pop it when you know things are about to go south.

Heaven's Fury - Thou Shalt Not Pass: The Recent Elemental Changes have made this ability hit like a truck for your element, for a short cd and no cost this thing is a great number padder ( Ticks 3-8m for me), your going to want to use this on cd for elite packs, on top of that the rune creates a safety line that enemies can't cross if your in a bad spot.

Shield Glare - Divine Verdict: Crowd Control, lots more Damage, Cream of the crop for elite killing.
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Passives: These are the Passives I have decided to run because I felt they've given me the best overall results. One however, is still being tested, I feel I'm close to finalization with this one, or more so I've taken a step in the right direction, but I'll let you the community decide.

Heavenly Strength: Think we all know what's up with this one.

Finery: Great Source of Damage -AND- Toughness.

Vigilant: With the recent buffs, this is now a must have for any build on higher torments, 20% Spell reduction is HUGE, not to mention it comes with 2000 life regen, not that amazing but every bit helps, this will be one of your bread and butters in survivability.

Blunt: Damage, hell yeah.

if any of you play around with those, let me know if you find something interesting, always open ears here.

I hope you guys enjoy this build and customize and improve on it, feel free to leave any comments or questions and I will gladly get to them when I get the chance.
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I'd love to see a video!
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05/01/2014 02:08 PMPosted by Mohawk
I'd love to see a video!

Just finished a T6 A1 bounty run ;x I gotta take off for a bit but I'll gladly re-open a new stream when I get back, I'll post up here when its up, thank you for your interest!
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I never thought a Hammerdin wouldn't be viable in higher Torments, it's moreso that it suffers from problems that other specs can alleviate/handle better, damaging not being one of them (comparatively).

Blessed Shield/FotH don't really have positional requirements and have quicker missile speeds, which help against enemies that scatter, leap, run, etc. Condemn does have a slight positional requirement, but it's damage is instant and upfront.
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Well I didn't die and for the most part the clear was quick (T6) hoping these test runs continue on that nice pace.

I am thinking about play with CDR with this build but it seems raw stats seem to compliment it so much more.
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No Blunt?
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05/01/2014 03:28 PMPosted by Dz131
No Blunt?

No, this build is very tank oriented for maximum damage, having targets stack to eat multi hits is much more damage than a basic 20% Hammer damage ( It's nice watching those 14m hammers) but I need to beef up on survivability, for now at least, till I can get a Eye of Elitch and some other nice trinkets to sustain me during heavy damage. It's still in "beta" so there there will be improvements made to the " Liberator" build.

05/01/2014 03:35 PMPosted by Id3alistic
In the end it seems you still have to rely on Akarat's Champ as well. I HATE using that ability because it looks so stupid. Which is partly why I use FotF shotgun build. You don't really need it. I need to find a Hexing Pants and String of Ears before I can do T6 safely.

Nice build though. I think a lot of builds will work so long as you have Akarat's Champ/Rally. It's just so OP and/or our other skills are just not as good.

If you were watching the short T6 stream I did for the A1 Catche, I only used it when I was either about to die, or if I pulled Multi packs 2+ Elite ( If I pop it they get destroyed) that and bosses. Yes it is indeed a SUPER awesome ability, but it's not required, once I can get like I stated above some better gear to help me tank i.e Shield of the Coven, Eye of elitch, ect. I will probably replace Akarat's Champion with Judgement or Shield Glare.
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Stream is live doing another test run of A1 Catche T6.

I will be testing Law of Valor, I want to see what provides the best damage reduction between:

Rune: Immovable Object ( Passed the test 7/10 on T6)

Rune: Decaying Strength ( Passed the test 9/10 on T6)


Hope you guys enjoy.

[ Disclaimer: I do not own any of these songs or their respective bands ]

So Decaying Strength is VERY powerful, the only issue I found with it is it's build up time; but when it's all stacked up you take next to no damage if you can maintain it during Champion.

I died two times that time ( Had some very unfriendly Elites...) , still kind of quick for the competition thankfully. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I hope to get some better gear so I can at least look like one of them pros soon heh.
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Bump still running tests now, I've finalized some must haves with the build and I'm no longer dying on T6 as well as fast clearing, I am still missing a nice neck and a lightning shield but for the most part the build is working amazing on T6.

I've made a update to a click skill, I'm debating between Shield Glare 20% damage for holding down targets or Punish - 15% IAS for the damage boost/healing/block benefit.

I'll be sure to update once I've found the better of the two, once again my build and gear setup can be found on my profile.

Shield Glare - Stops a huge portion of damage for a few seconds and increases their damage taken by a large amount on a short cd, it's nice during Akarats ( Spam city.)

Punish - Self Explanatory.

Confirmed T6 Capable AND efficient.
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Bump for great justice.
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Bumping because this build will be a very strong End game build once patch hits, was working well already but with these recent buffs I suspect it's going to be a very good end game build for lighting hammers!

:D I'm so happy!
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Updated With Gear and Talents now!

Will stream again possibly if enough request for some gameplay.
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stream or youtube please
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05/24/2014 12:28 PMPosted by ROK32951
stream or youtube please

I can put up some youtube videos this weekend ( Busy with work lately) when I get a chance so people can get a good look at it and try it out for themselves.

Won't be able to stream until I have some free time unfortunately.
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what are the rings? RRoG and SOJ Im guessing?
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05/24/2014 01:12 PMPosted by Petatoullie
what are the rings? RRoG and SOJ Im guessing?

Yeah, sorry lemme edit those in.
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100 Undead Rogue
Posts: 252
dont u get almost as much + armor from finery as fortress?

what your armor with both? im curious
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