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Nat's Slayer (rarity)

According to the Diablo IncGamer website, the rarity of the Slayer is on par with the Tenclip. Most of the posts above already mentioned it, but a general idea about rarity for T1+ drops (non-cache) are:

Tier 1: Calamity, Kridershot, Chanon Bolter
Tier 2: Nat's Slayer, Tenclip
Tier 3: Rest

At least according to the website.
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SLAYER: (Slatanic Wehrmacht)

Tom Arraya (voc. / bass)
Jeffrey Hanneman (R.I.P. Lead / rythm Guitar)
Kerry King (Lead / rythm guitar)
Dave Lombardo (drums and percussion)


(one of my favs during my thrash metal days, 24 yrs. ago).

Natalya's Slayer, good name for an all-female industrial, gothic, darkwave, ebm, metal band.

By the way, tenclip is quite common, almost like danetta, atleast in my experience. found 4 tenclip, to my first slayer.
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I've gotten 6 Danetta's but no Nat's Slayer.

My brother on the other hand, got a slayer the day after he turned 70.
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05/07/2014 11:40 AMPosted by BrushLawyer
It's not even close to the rarity of Calamity and Kridershot.

For every 2 Danetta's you find, you'll find 1 Nat slayer
For every 10 Danetta's you find, you'll find 1 Calamity.

I honestly got over 20 Danetta's (I lost count, not including the 2 in my stash) before a Calamity dropped. That's not including all the other junk Balefire's and stuff.

Still no Slayer though.
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Roughly 8.20%, equal to K'mars.
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My list,

4 Danetta
1 Natalya Slayer
3 Calamity

I think Natalya Slayer is more rarer
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2 nats slayers
1 calamity
1 tenclip
2 of each danettas
4 balefires
4 dawns
some izzucob (sp?)
cant remember the rest
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No nats slayer yet... but I got my second calamity tonight....
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1 nat slayer (dommage at 2680)
1 KRIDERSHOT (found in a loose stonec during a rift) -equipped-
0 calamity
2 k-tenclip

plenty for all the others bows
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I found a Slayer first. Just hit 70 at that time. Just found a Nat's Helm last night. I would say slayer is pretty rare. No Calamity yet and only one piece of Marauders.
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I found my slayer on my second rift with this character. My boots on the next day.
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ive found 3 slayers / 2 calamitys and atleast 30+dans. but only one krider.
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Not one calamity or kridershot. But I have found nat's set probably 4-5 times over now. Found so many nat hand bow I give me away to ppl in my party. But for the life of me cannot get 1 calamity. Hoping here that I complain that I don't have one yet, one will drop for me when I get on finally! Can only hope..
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Till today I have yet to see a slayer . Rng is so bad to me
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05/07/2014 08:28 PMPosted by Cameo
I have 4 Slayer, 2 equipped and 2 in stash, and I love it because it is so much easier to reroll to high DPS. Managed to get many nice weapons such Krider, hellrack, danetta and etc but i just can't get a CALAMITY. Looks like everyone must have a last piece of jigsaw which will keep you playing the game.

IMO, speedy strafe T1 Rift is the best way to farm for legs.
4? Wow rng love you. With my paragon lvl I had yet to receive a slayer yet. Plenty of danetta but just no slayer.
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05/09/2014 07:20 AMPosted by Sadi
I have dropped 2 slayers, no calamity no krideshot.

i was lucky that my first Slayer had awsome stats.

2796 DPS

10% dmg
730+ dex
1289 black dmg

couldnt ask for more

yes you could. +Disc as secondary if it doesn't have it
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