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how much hp or toughness for DH?

What are your thoughts? Please advise and share.
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Whatever you feel comfortable with, really. With my maximum DPS gear I feel comfortable soloing T5.

When it teams, though, even in T4 I feel like I need a bit more thoughness (unless we got a really good pull monk).

So my advice would be to keep a couple pieces in your inventory/stash that allow you to adapt to different Torments/teams.
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I think it will depend what difficulty you use and your play style. I have a bit higher toughness and life than most DHs I see but I'm super lazy and facetank everything. I don't use shadow power or smokescreen so I rely more on my gear to take the damage.

In game I have 600k life and 9.6 mil toughness. I also use Brooding. Having high life helps that stack for more life regen. About 30k per second when stacked. Helps with all the super lazy tanking that goes on. I used to use Perfectionist but dropped that because I was coming up on 12 mil toughness.

I think most DHs could do T3 pretty easy with 400k life and 6 mil toughness in game. Skill choice and play style are pretty big factors.

I'd actually like less toughness and more DPS but all my gear just seems to roll more defensively. I'm looking at you 6th Magefist....
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I clear T3 with less than 350k HP and only 4mil Toughness. The only times I die are when I meet an insane combo that cannot be killed within 20 seconds.

I have tried T4 and noticed the gap between T3 and T4 are much higher than T2 - T3.
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Check this Demon Hunter build with low toughness running T6

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thanks for the replies guys:)
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That toughness value is relatively worthless. Been floating around 7M value in game for a long time and steadily dropping life while getting less squishy by bumping up armor and AR. General rule of thumb for me is not die unless I get lag or a braincramp. That means surviving a couple of hits from the charging bulls or assault beast drops or lightning strikes.
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I have 2.5m (w/ dodge 4m) on profile :)

and t4 is about as high as it goes... mortar can 1-shot, so try not to get hit.
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