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Kripparian Reviews D3 ROS and its not good

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05/11/2014 06:47 AMPosted by JOHN
This company acts as though it specializes in the sale of used vacuum cleaners.

And yet, their sales break records and make millions of dollars. From ActiBlizzion's point of view, why should they change? They're making more money than their competition.

And don't come here with your "because if they don't change, nobody will buy their games again" because: LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I can't count how many "I'm never coming back" posts I've read from WoW players alone who not only come back, but have "Quit for good" like 5 times now.
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Kripp said he lost interest in D3, so I lost interest in Kripp.

He can make all the Hearthstone and POE vids he wants, I don't care.
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But he says nothing constructive, he even goes against what he said before the paragon levels, back then he said that the skill system was top of the line. Now he is shooting everything down, my guess is he thinks a lot of himself and maybe bliz didn't take notice to some of his latter advices, and that made him bit butt hurt, why else is everything now only negative. The review is useless because he does not say something like, well they could have done that instead. Maybe hes also butthurt that his 15 min of fame is fading fast, he looks a but worse than last I saw him also. But if you want to be a Krip warshipper go ahead and join him in his nose dive off a cliff.
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Well, i prefer him then seeing what ever from Athene!.. .. ..::P

(Sorry for my Horrid English).
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You are stupid Sullivan no he didn't. I watched his entire D3 stream life for weeks and never once did he buy gold.

Do you know just how sad and pathetic this is, and yet you call him "stupid"? ROFL
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lol without Kripp there would be no paragon levels? quit fooling yourself, so what..he mentioned ther should be some sort of point system before blizzard implemented it. That does not mean because of him there wouldn't be our paragon lvls.

Do you actually think blizzard would not of thought of in some way to expand on the current leveling system without his suggestion? They woulda added it regardless had he not mentioned it. The forums have suggestions on a daily basis from thousands of players that have way better suggestions than that guy has ever given.

Again, his views are his OPINIONS. To say they are spot on is very flawed. What's more flawed is people that are followers such as the OP. They base everything on other people's views because they can't invent their own so they use people such as this "well known" person as a role model. That is laughable.
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How long do you guys hang the rope when you nerds swing from this guy's nuts?
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He's right get over it fanboys
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The problem with this 'review' is that he spends 10 minutes talking and says practically nothing. It's extremely disappointing how little detail he offers to support his opinion.

You can sum up the video as follows:
- I had a lot of fun for a week
- Then I had less fun for about a week
- Then I was really bored
- The game should have come out with ladders...but it could end up being the next PVP 'promise'.
- I expected more

That's it.

Why would Kripp care about ladders when the game isn't fun for him?
Maybe if he explained himself better we'd know.

Why did he get bored?
We don't know. He says the game is fundementally flawed but we don't know where or how (according to Kripp). Is it the combat? The items? The classes? The enemy A.I?

I shouldn't have to insert my assumptions for HIS opinions to understand why the game is boring.

If he doesn't like the game that's fine.
It's his opinion and he's entitled to it.

As a video review, he completely fails to tell people why viewers should agree or disagree with him. If you simply believe in Kripps opinion because you trust his opinion then you're all set. Anyone with no direct personal attachment to this person will get nothing meaningful out of the video.
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05/11/2014 06:26 AMPosted by AvenRath2323
You are stupid Sullivan no he didn't. I watched his entire D3 stream life for weeks and never once did he buy gold.

LOL i love meeting people like you IRL. If you don't witness it it doesn't happen is a great way to live life brotatoe. Do you think his entire life was broadcast?
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05/11/2014 06:42 AMPosted by Odie
Anything with the name Kripparian plastered on it I immediately dismiss.

Words of wisdom right there :)

cue fanboi flaming (krip is godly yadda yadda yadda)
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just got my mothers day gift from Marvel Heroes thank you David B :D
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He isn't any different from the whining minority present in the forums.
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05/11/2014 07:53 AMPosted by Eternity
He isn't any different from the whining minority present in the forums.

Except the whining minority care about the game more and he's lost his passion for it.

Something he has to admit as well as his fans have to admit.

And he DOES contradict himself and make excuses based on this lost passion. He's been all ladder this and ladder that, game would be fixed with ladders and now that ladders are coming in 2.1 even with gear incentives so it's not just a 'crappy ladder' he's like meh, still won't fix game but I might check it out. Really bro? The thing you wanted since Day 1 and now you're just gonna poo-poo on it actually coming?

Yah again he lost his passion for it and that's okay. When something you love craps on you and downs your mood constantly, eventually you're going to break up with that thing no matter how much you loved it in the past.
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