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% damage to ability stat. Multiplicative?

Are abilities such as entangling shot % or cluster arrow % multiplicative or additive?

I am trying to weigh the value of quiver vs. duel 1h and decide if I am better off with life % on my belt or 15% entangling shot damage.

Thanks for the advice.
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My understanding is that skill bonuses are additive with themselves and multiplicative with everything else. So, if you have 15% cluster arrow damage on your boots and shoulder and 90% fire damage on the rest of your gear, you would end up with ((770% * 1.3) + (220% * 4 * 1.3)) * 1.9. Also, entangling shot provides a very small amount of your total damage on the demon hunter. It depends a little on how much resource cost reduction you have, and the relative ratio of entangling shots to cluster arrows that you use, but each cluster arrow potentially does 8-10 times mroe damage than an entangling shot, at least if all of the small bombs hit something. With that in mind, I think that + damage on entangling shot has dubious benefits at best, whereas life % will always be valuable.
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awesome thx imaginary,

that answers my biggest question. Whether to continue spending mats rolling on my belt for 15%life. I was leaning towards the life % but was hesitant due to the perfect rolled ES%. Needed that confirmation that what I suspected was correct regarding the ES% dmg.

Looks like the cluster% on boots and use of quiver are still pretty valuable for a LfB build though.
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Yeah you want to balance elite damage, elemental damage, and skill damage for the maximum effect since they are multiplicative to each other but stack additively.

For example, if you had +150% of "bonus" to spread around:

+150% Elemental
+0% Skill
+0% Elite
Total = 2.5x damage of that element, using that skill, on elites

+100% Elemental
+0% Skill
+50% Elite
Total = 3x damage

+50% Elemental
+50% Skill
+50% Elite
Total = 3.375x damage

In the situation where each piece of gear can give you the same % to either elite, elemental, or a skill, then balancing them equally is the best. However, skill bonuses only go up to 15%, and only on a few pieces of equipment. Similarly, elite damage bonuses are only found in significant quantities on some set bonuses and the Stone of Jordan. This makes the optimization best with more elemental, and less of the skill and elite damages due to the rarity on slots and sizes of bonuses.
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