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Nodejs app that totals all stats from items

I wanted to find a web app or any app that could help me calculate what the character sheets neglect to tell us about. Things like stack damage that's lower than the top 5 stats, for example. I haven't really found a place to get this information and I was tired of waiting so I made my own:


Basically, this a a node console app that reports the total for every key under attributesRaw for all of your equipped items and gems, for every character in the given profile. It does not know, or care what the stats do or what they are - if they have the same key from item to item, it simply adds them together to get the total of each stat for a given character.

Here's an example of its output:


There are a few stats I was confused about... like Item_Legendary_Item_Base_Item or Item_LegendaryItem_Level_Override. It might not even make sense to total those keys from item to item but without even knowing what they are, can't say for sure. Nonetheless, there's absolutely no filtering on what is and isn't totaled. Perhaps I will add that at some point... or someone else could do a pull request, whatever.

Also, If someone wants to fork and expand this into an API in and of itself, be my guest. I'm happy enough getting this info from the console. It could also be used as a way to figure out how to make similar calculations for your own projects.

In conclusion, I just want to mention that the character sheets in game simply don't have all of the information that players want. There's simply no reason all of what I'm calculating shouldn't be in the character sheet "details" section. Please fix that, Blizzard.
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My assumption of the Item_Legendary_Item_Base_Item / Level_Override are used behind the scenes for scaling legendaries and ensuring their base stats are higher than rares of the same level. The numbers likely don't make sense since you're just getting a running total. Look at individual items and they should be more understandable.

I've been working on something similar but not as simplistic. I basically combined the character profile look + stat details from in game:


If you have Chrome (or developer equivalent), you can open a console and print out STATS for a list similar to yours, or ITEMS for a list of items.
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Try www.d3robot.com
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