Diablo® III

There can be, only one?

Just read some notes from the recent Anniversary Dev Stream on DiabloFans that said..

"After the death of Malthael, the combined Prime Evil Diablo was released, rather than the individual Evils" http://www.diablofans.com/news/48075-more-info-from-the-anniversary-dev-stream-gambling

Tyrael also says, after Malthael is defeated that Diablo is released, not giving a sense of all of the evils, but Diablo as a singular enemy.

Are we really only going to face Diablo from now? Never again the other evils he combined with like Mephisto, Baal, etc ?

I'll be honest, I will be pretty disappointed if it's just Diablo from this point. Part of the fun in Diablo lore wise for me, is it wasn't just a singular leader of the Infernal Hells, but a large army lead by numerous badasses.

And with Heaven not really backing us, the odds seemed so overwhelming against Sanctuary and it's inhabitants, which made for a dark and interesting challenge like "How can we possibly win against all these awesome enemies?"

But now Heaven is more or less supporting Sanctuary, and only one enemy of Hell to defeat (Diablo as the singular, Prime Evil), which we already have defeated, is this still a challenge? Even without Heaven's support, the Nephalem is more than capable it seems to defeat Diablo again.

I for one would welcome the return of ALL the evils, traitors banished (Inarius, Lillith for example), and whatever else can be thrown at us. Otherwise, I don't see Diablo as a game franchise, lasting longer than another xpac, or even being that interesting in the next.

Sorry to sound pessimistic, I just love the lore, characters and want to feel like there is still a lot more to come story wise for us. Like Warcraft and Starcraft, there is SO~ much Blizzard can do with the lore in game and I hope they don't fall short of reaching out to deeper and more challenging adventures for us in Diablo.
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I called it. I find it funny that people actually thought all the evils were released when Tyrael clearly says "Diablo escaped!" without mentioning the others. Except, people desperately kept trying to argue that all of them have. There was no evidence or hinting that this is the case. It even mentions in text multiple times that "Diablo consumed his brothers." Consumption means they're gone.

Also no idea why the other evils being around suddenly makes them a bigger threat. Diablo was more powerful than all of the evils combined. If they were split they would be so puny and weak our character could kill them with his/her pinky toe.
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