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Are all humans nephalem?

I got the impression that our characters were unique, and that not every human was a nephalem.
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All humans are nephalem, however the status of their powers varies person-to-person. Most people cannot use them.
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All humans have the potential of becoming nephalem, either awakening the powers themselves through various means, or having a nephalem (like Uldyssian) awaken their abilities for them, thus making them Edyrem.

I smell Edyrem followers sometime in the future! :)
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All Humans are technically Nephalem, but do not have the powers of the ancients.

Since the Worldstone's destruction only a handful of Humans with exceptional strength/skill/will have begun to unwittingly regain the power of the original Nephalem. But over time more and more people, especially those born recently, will emerge with the powers of true Nephalem.
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All humans are Nephalem. But, their powers weaken with each generation (it "deludes" so to speak). Our characters are special because they were able to awaken powers that rival those of the ancient Nephalem. Hope that helps.
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Read Diablo III: Storm of Light. A lot of the storyline involves them better tapping in to their nephalem potential. Especially Mikulov who you see unleash his powers in Diablo III: The Order, and then in SoL he talks about how afterwards he reached a new level within himself. Pretty BA dude in those books.
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nephalem are the life form that was born by both angel and demon.
they are born more powerfull then his both parents.
when they are born weak, without powers, or does not have talent to grown strong, they receive another name, human.

there was others nephalem, almost "all gods" which weren't demon or angel, it was nephalem.

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Yeah, I was wondering a lot about that for the last few days. I really LOLED when I thought that fatty vendor which sells weapons in acts have hidden nephalem powers.
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Most of the confusion here stems from how repeatedly, in the game, nephalem are spoken of as different beings than humans even though they are in fact the same as far as their source is concerned. There are constant, blatant contradictions to their own lore when one moment they speak of their differences while later talking about how they are the same. The biggest and most annoying example (spoiler alert) I think is during the expansion when Malthael plans to use the Black Soul Stone to kill all mankind on Sanctuary because they all have demon ancestry (because all humans came from the mating of demons and angels meaning they are all nephalem), yet the game continues to make the two seem distinct from one another. While playing with the scoundrel at my side he said "sometimes i think i might have a little nephalem in me, just a little" and my character responded "no". Minutes later the Scoundrel talks about how he fears for his life because of Malthael's plan to KILL ALL NEPHALEM!! So yes, as many mentioned above I guess the only difference, though not mentioned very clearly in the game, is that nephalem are humans with superpowers and humans are nephalem with zero powers. They are one in the same minus the mutant X gene. I plan on reading the books to get more clarification since the game story and dialog do little to help.
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