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Stop these insane crafting costs!

Why are some of the crafting / Enchanting costs so incredibly high?

-Gloves/Helmet cost 90 crystals to craft
-Bracers cost 120 arcane dust!
-Enchanting a chest costs 50 crystals?! Legs costs 45?!
-Why do rings/amulets cost a high-value gem for EACH enchanting attempt?

I mean, why do some of these cost so damn much? Legendary chest only costs 12 dust and 7 crystals, but bracer costs 120 dust? Gloves cost 90 crystals? What is the logic behind this?!

Seriously, I should not have to farm yellow items for an hour just for 1 chance at enchanting a legendary chest, or farm like 4 hours to craft 1 pair of bracers. This is insane.
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i couldnt agree more... been spending the last couple of days trying to reroll 1 amulet to get crit dmg and 1 ring to get crit chance, but without any luck. I'm bored of doing the same quests over and over and over to farm some gold, to craft some gems, to enchant the items, to miss the reroll into the desired stat :/

i've used up all the marquise topaz i had without no success, i almost feel that enchanting rings or amulets is pointless. Crafting each flawless imperial gem costs about 1m, considering that i have already tried enchanting about 40-45 times, i have wasted about 40-45 million gold.

words can't describe my frustration.
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Yep, I currently have over 1000 Death's Breath and over 200 Forgotten Souls, but under 100 Veiled Crystal and Arcane Dust.

Seriously...I'm being bottlenecked by the common crafting materials? What?? Come on, Blizzard...fix these insane crafting costs. This is dumb.
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I am just glad I bought money before they took away the auction house. If I didn't play the game at all before the auction house, I would be screwed. I haven't enchanted anything yet because of the high cost. I just put gems into sockets and reuse them. All my gear I get from drops because I don't have any high level plans. The highest blacksmith plans I can make right now are level 61 plans and I am level 68. I got a few level 70 plans but it doesn't do me much good. Just in leveling jewelcrafting, blacksmithing, making gems and gear, and repair costs, I have spent almost 10 million in less than a week. I also salvage everything I find. The cost is high and the cost should be slightly lower than the average profit you will be making from gold drops.

I also think the crafting drops need to be adjusted slightly. Junk items do not need to be picked up, this should just be crafting material on the ground to be picked up. It will save room in our inventory space. I also think an even better way to make room would be to make the crafting material into a currency. That way it won't be in the inventory space and I won't have 40 stacks of crafting material in my bank while I wait for items that should be more common than a legendary or rare item to drop. Personally I would get rid of the junk crafting materials requirements for making higher level items. Maybe make the max amount of crafting material 100,000. I think making it into a game currency instead of a drop would be much better or have 1 big stack that caps out at 10,000 before starting a new stack.
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I personally don't know why, but I would have to agree with this. After about 10 enchanting attempts at a legendary source level 50... it gets up to 1.5 million gold.

That's just stupid, and all I wanted was to reduce the damn level of the item for my new wizard, but noooo.

I personally have way too much mats, but that's because I hardly craft, because the items you get are only any good around levels 9-40, after that, you're literally crapping better items left and right like an old man with fecal incontinence.

Honestly the crafting costs would be more justified, if the damn items were more powerful and felt like a worth-while investment. I've spent over 3 million so far in my playing of this game, 90% of all crafted items I salvage due to them not being better than an item 10 levels below it.
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I agree the costs are too high. As I stated in that one post where someone mentioned they should allow the black smith to socket again.. I said that the game cheats you hard. I think all the crafted items at level 70 should be what you want. When you go to the Blacksmith you pick the stats rather then try to roll them. Everything is a max roll guaranteed. It would be balanced in the fact that it is only level 70 items so you can't be done with the early game easily.

The other thing that would be great if this was added, is to encourage experimentation. With the way the re-roll and farm is I think it is part of the reason why people go "cookie cutter builds". They don't want to spend who knows how long farming, then realize the build does not work.

Until something like this can be done, I vote that you unlock all crafting materials, and crafted items (make them not account bound). This way people who have been farming for a decade can pass on the materials they don't need to new people to help them.

Anyone agree with me?
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90 Human Rogue
I'm always running out of arcane dusts and I pick up every blue. Would be nice to be able to break down the rare mats to arcane dust so they don't just pile up. I'm rather fine with the the rare mat costs for enchanting.

Really it would be nice to see costs come down or drop rates increased to allow people to build different gear sets. I'm almost done with a rare set for me monk for my farming build, but I'm not sure I would want to bother with hassle of gearing for another build given the annoyance of common mats not dropping.
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I didn't feel it until I started fresh in Hardcore. Gotta say, 90 Veiled Crystals for a pair of Crafted Gloves was not on my agenda.
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Stop the insane mystic costs. My Akkhan helm made it to 5mil a roll before I got FotH damage on it.
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I think the costs for materials is fine, but the cost in gems (aka GOLD) is ridiculous. It should be either or, because honestly to make gold in this game, you have to sacrifice breaking things down. So really you cantget a lot of crafting materials and a lot of gold, its really only one or the other.
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I started a thread about a week ago with this very concern. Unfortunately it wasn't met with as much enthusiasm as what is in this thread.

As a relatively new player myself, I have found it very frustrating at the amount of mats and gold needed to craft gear and then re-roll it. That is after I finally craft one that isn't complete garbage. I see no reason why the helm and hands cost so much when its all just random stats and isn't even guaranteed to have a core stat on it, which is bogus for any legendary. All legendary items should have a core stat and then randomized stats.

As for the Mystic: I get why we use gems to re-roll and I get why gems should cost more since they don't need any additional mats, but to have to spend over 2Mil gold and then mats on top of that to re-roll a ring or amulet is beyond me.

I know this game is built around grinding but for new players like myself i've found it incredibly hard to maintain my supply of mats not to mention gold. Hopefully this will be changed in the future. Even a little change would be appreciated greatly.
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The amounts of mats necessary to do anything (craft, enchant) has become insanely high since the legendary mats have been removed.

We also need a Gold cap on reroll prices as it can quickly become out of control.
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