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Guide: Blizzhydra

* Blizzhydra is part 3 (1 = MMhydra, 2 = Galehydra) in my hydra testing. The original Galehydra thread contained both Galehydra and Blizzhydra, but since the nerf, Galehydra has been moved down to http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13273107979?page=1#14 and kept for posterity.

Blizzhydra is the 3rd series after MMhydra and Galehydra. All three were tested in PTR, but MM and Galehydra got officially nerfed when 2.1 went live. The good news is that Blizzhydra is doing well and is currently being used by most of the top wizards on the leaderboards. At its core, Blizzhydra is, well, blizzard + hydra. The combination worked well for me in high-level mob environments, and the reason why I did so well (top 3 in U.S. Wizard GR solo, 1 and 2 were using meteor instead of hydra) when GRs first started since not many people knew about the build except for those that read and used my work on forums. Here, I'll go more into detail about the build.

1. Build

*The 4th passive (evo) is the optional one. I've also seen people replace BH with PoNR bubble. If you're going the Force Armor route (high GRs where things 1-shot you with blur+prismatic+mit+life), then other skills can be swapped. Other variations I've seen is Blazing hydra + TnT. Some like to use fracture instead of calamity (and use BoP instead of trapped). The build is fairly versatile.

In this guide, I'll talk about the build and why it works. I also want to take this time to thank all the people who have helped shaped/tweaked this build as it matured and got better over time. The build's main strength is in GR solo runs and thus this guide is written in that orientation. If you're after T6 rifts, I suggest a variation of the meteor-molten impact build based around the work done by ximae and CKbrah. My variation would be http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#NQSPlf!Zdhb!YZYcYc using war bracers.

If this guide can help you push through a GR barrier, then my job is done. The first thing you need to know is that high level GR levels are easy to beat. Hopefully, by the time you get through this guide and play around with the build, you'll understand why people who don't even main wizards are pulling off at least GR39 and up.

2. Gear
Gear is important, but it's not that important. It's key that you understand this because I feel people use it as an excuse as to why they can't progress. Wizards can do GR40s with a sunkeeper, ss, maximus, etc. So upgrades are good, but just because you don't have the best gems or the best gear, it doesn't mean that that is what is holding you back. 100 int won't make a difference. A mediocre FB glove will get the job done just as good as great FB glove.

The gear you choose reflects your goals or what you're trying to accomplish. For GRs, BIS is largly based on mob difficulty and personal perference; however, BIS for one player might mean something different to another. Thus below, I'll go over the vanilla set so everyone has a baseline standard they can use and compare.

The ideal weapon for Blizzhydra is the Furnace. The skills you use for this build (Blizz, Mammoth hydra) do not rely on increased attack speed (ias), so if you have the ias affix, it's a wasted slot (with the exception of Blazing Hydra). The only thing ias offers is faster animation and faster spamming, which the build doesn't really do. Some like the 1H SK/Devastator/SS + FB OH because you can potentially get a lot of fire % dmg as well as the freedom to use a non-FB piece of gear for even more fire damage. But a quick RG/boss test will reveal that the Furnace will handily beat them all, mainly because it has elite % damage (which you will need in a RG fight) and less attacks per second, so your attacks are a lot stronger than a comparable high dps 1H/OH combo.

What should a perfect Furnace look like?

-1439 to 1788
-10% damage
-1125 int
-1125 vit

Damage, int, and OS are obviously good to get. As for the vit choice, 1k+ vit is very handly in GRs, much better than elite % dmg, area damage, etc.

How do I know which affix on the Furnace to reroll with RGift?

This is a case-by-case scenario, but it comes down to maximizing your damage first. Vit can take a back seat to dps. There's a popular dps equation online:

overall dps = [base dmg] * aps * dmg%

I'll just pick the most recent post about Furnace reroll as an example and we can plug in the numbers: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14926473086

option #2: "re-rolling damage on the second furnace"

The best min-max rolls for Furnace is 1439 to 1788. Let's see how much you are off by..

For min: 1439 - 1181 = 258
For max: 1788 - 1490 = 298
258 + 298 / 2 = 278 avg dps
Your base dmg is 3160 (see how I got it in option #3). So...

(3160 + 278) * 1.0 * 1.07 = 3678.66

option #3: "rolling 7%->10% on the second furnace"

First figure out what's your base dmg. We work backwards.

base dmg * 1.0 * 1.07 = 3381.2
Your base dmg = 3160

So, plug in the numbers.. 3160 * 1.0 * 1.10 = 3476

Option #2 would win.

What is the second best weapon?

The problem with the Furnace is that it's a very rare item. It also has to roll decently well. So if you can't get the Furnace, the second best item is the Sun Keeper (1H) along with FB OH (high fire %, cc, int, vit). It also has a good amount of elite damage and is fairly slow (good).

Finally, the Furnace is very helpful, but it's not a make-or-break item. If getting to a higher GR level is your goal, then mob/map luck will be a much bigger factor than if you have a Furnace or not. People have been reaching GR40+ with SKs and even a Maximus.

Firebird Helm. You will want int (750), vit (750), 6 cc, and OS. The gem is usually a diamond to gain CDR because you are going to find yourself casting Black Hole often in higher GRs. Others might want to put an Amethyst gem for more life.

BIS varies for this setup based on preference. The general stats you need are:

Fire % dmg (20)
cd (100)
cd (10)
OS (1)

You can substitute Fire % dmg for int (750) if needed since amulets often come with the int primary roll.

The following are some good suggestions:
-Eye of Etlich: A surprising high number of attacks are ranged (e.g. magic) and this offer great protection.
-Hellfire amulet: A bit hard to get and hard to roll well, but a good one with a nice passive can be helpful.
-Immunity amulets: Countess Julia's Cameo (arcane), Xephirian Amulet (lightning), etc are all good amulets that can help you greatly in GRs.
-The Flavor of Time: For damage, this could potentially be BIS since it allows you to get one more affix (750 int)

Firebird shoulders. Int, vit, and an optional roll that could be %life, CDR, RC (reduced cost), AR/armor.

Firebird chest. Int, vit, 3 OS, the last primary can be %life, armor (the amount on chest is typically better than 100 AR), and AR. For secondary, I perfer 7% melee dmg reduction and 7% ranged dmg reduction

Firebird gloves. Int, vit, cd, cc. Gloves are a good source of int/vit (750) so we want to maximize that as much as possible. Again, ias here is a wasted slot.

Strongarm Bracers. Fire % dmg, int, vit, cc, up to 30% damage on knockback. Bracers also have a secondary that has a chance to roll 7% melee or ranged dmg reduction, which I highly recommend.

Ring #1
Fire SOJ. Fire % dmg, cd, cc, OS, up to 30% elite dmg.

Ring #2

Unity. cd, cc, OS, 15% eltie dmg.

There are two options, String of Ears (defense) or Witching Hour (offense). WH does have ias, but the 50% cd offers extra dps. SoE provides a very high amount of melee dmg reduction. My preference is always SoE unless you really that extra dps (very high GRs). The reason is that defense and staying alive are crucial in GRs.

Firebird pants. Int, vit, armor, 2 OS. Pants have a chance to get high armor and in this case, it generally, the max amount given here will beat out AR.

Firebird boots. Int, vit, AR, armor. Note that if you have AR as an affix, you cannot get elemental AR in secondary and vice versa.

What about skill % damage such as hydra, blizzard?

So some gears like shoulder, boots, and chest come with skill % damage (15% hydra, blizzard). These are actually good in T6, but not in high level GRs. The reason is because most of your attacks are based on infinite DoT. Getting skill % damage speeds up the time getting to DoT, but doesn't increase the DoT tick damage. You can test this for yourself in a boss fight. 15% extra hydra might sound like a significant boost in dps, but your kill times will be similar to those without.

How much damage should my DoT be doing?

Let's break this down into initial DoT and infinite DoT. The latter is what we want, meaning once we procced the infinite burn, what kind of damage are we doing without any other applied damage. This number should be consistent. The initial DoT can ramp up higher and players can apply more damage on top of the DoT, but we are not including those. We just want the base infinite damage. As a general rule of thumb, that infinite DoT on a decently well geared wizard should be above 100k.

What's the best way to get these gears?

Lots and lots of 4-man T6 rifts. Use kadala. Run with other wizards that already have the items you are looking for and are willing to give them to you.

For a different take, Pallis has also written a popular guide on FB gearing for T6/GR. You can see his view here:

part 1: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14730033593
part 2: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14926913090

3. Follower gear
Your follower gear turns out to be important. I use BoT (leg trapped gem), so I need my Templar to provide a lot of cc. Thus a favorable stat here is ias. CDR helps too.

Leg relic that prevents your follower form dying. Second most important stat is 16% block (to help proc cc on shield). Favorable affixes: strength, cd

1H Thunderfury or Azurewrath
Both provide cc. If Azuerwrath, go with Oculus Ring for double ias. If Thunderfury, go with Wyrdward for stun time. If you have an OS, add a ruby rather than an emerald for more damage, tho follower damage is very limited. Also consider getting Cold damage on your Thunderfury since it procs BoT (leg gem).

Freeze of Deflection. Provides cc based on block. Reroll for extra block chance if you can. 1.5 sec block.

The Ess of Johan. Primarily used to vortex in mobs (very helpful).

ring #1
Unity for your double unity protection.

ring #2
Wyrdward or Oculus ring for reasons discussed in 1H.

4. Legendary Gems
The four gems I recommend are:

1. Bane of the Trapped (BoT)
2. Gem of Efficacious Toxin (toxin)
3. Zei's Stone of Vengeance (zei)
4. Bane of the Powerful (BoP)

I personally like BoT, toxin, and zei. The BoP damage boost is ok, but it will stop after some time when you're fighting the RG, which could take several minutes. BoT gets procced a lot by your follower and by itself at Rank 25, so you're constanty getting the buff. Zei's play well with the technique of our build. Toxin helps with dps.

5. A word on luck and mob/maps
This is something you really can't control, but can possibly have a significant impact on your rankings. You can do more GRs over and over again until you get an favorable rift/RG, but every top wizard should be able to repeat a lower max GR with ease. I did GR39 a total of three times and passed all three. You don't want an "easy" map. You want a dense and elite filled map. Elites are your friends. They help you move that progress bar up. Some of my fastest times were from annoying A5 mobs in nasty maze maps, but it helped because density and elite population was high. The only things I don't like are mobs that hide like ground worms and Orlash RG. While I do believe that there are better maps/mobs, a good wizard (what I want you to be) should be able to pass high level maps fairly consistently. Maybe not 100%, but fairly high.

6. Gameplay
I'm not sure if other people do this or have their own techniques, but I've had success with this one. So the first thing I want you to do is look at the leaderboards at the GR40s.


You'll see (if they haven't advanced to 41 already) that people are doing GR39-40s in 10/11/12 minutes. You need to wrap your head around this fact. Don't think, oh they got lucky and used a conduit. A lot of people are actually making those times legitimately. Those times include the RG boss and at GR40, they take a few minutes to kill. There's no easy way around that for wiz. So that means they are clearing GR40 content (pre boss) in like 7 minutes. That's what our goal is.

Let's start with the "Double Stun" technique.

illustration: you ... A ... mob pack ... B

Like most aoe dmg techniques, gather a mob size that you can deal with. I usually start with Blazar and concentrate the group. Cast hydra in front of the mob [A], blizz on mob pack, and when the mobs "regains" itself, I calamity jump across the mob to [B], cast hydra in the back of mob [B], and then I move on. At that point my cooldown for blazar has finished (around 10 sec). If it's an elite pack, I remind myself to listen for the ding "elite died" sound, turn around, and pick up the purple balls. Then repeat.

So what's going on here and why are we doing it this way? The first thing you want is map control. You don't want to be in a place where the mobs are just surrounding you where you get hit by 10 ranged mobs or where you just get lit up from everywhere. You're breaking it down into manageable clumps. And that clump has to be on be on infinite burn from your FB set. So something you might have noticed is that blazar/apoc or blazar/hydra doesn't always proc the burn, depending on a lot of things. In lower GRs, you might think it does, but it's probably just blizzard's strong DoT. We want to be sure that pack bakes in hydra. So they bake in blazar and bake again from the calamity jump (double stun). The front and back hydra should cover most of the mobs in that pack.

It's this alternating infinite cc at a good pace that is what is driving your progress.

The calamity stun should also give you some space to engage the next pack and by then, Blazar will be back up from cooldown. If not, you can start herding that next pack. Unfortunately, in a real game, it's not that clear cut. You could get a really dense rift and the mobs are just everywhere. Here, instead of moving linearly, your path becomes circular. So you're moving from pack to pack until you can manage those groups. Don't keep on jumping forward. It could work, but you may end up being overwhelmed, leading to death.

That technique will help, but it's not going to push you to really higher GRs. What will push you through is pace. You need to be aggressive and move forward. The last step in that technique is: move on. You cannot stick around and wait for things to die, unless it's an elite pack/champ that's close to dying. Sometimes I would herd 3 elite packs at once. I can because I know they are burning infinitely . Remember that 7 minute pre-boss goal? The only way you can get that is by cast-n-forget. So 1) make sure they procced the infinite burn and 2) move on. You don't want to just beat the time, you want to smash it. Some do not like this playstyle, but unfortunately, this is the reality of high level GR runs for wiz at the moment. By cast-n-move, you are greatly increasing your overall efficiency. To help with this, I stack a good amount of CDR so Blazar is up and ready.

What level can I expect to reach consistently?

The level breakdown for Blizzhydra curves around 38. So almost any wizard should be able to clear 38 without a problem. If you can't finish 38, then the problem isn't that you're a bad wizard, it just means you don't know how to use the build. Every level after that starts to push the build back, so if 38 is almost 100% pass, then 39 gets lower, 40 gets lower, etc. A video of a high ranked wizard (43?) doing GR40 was posted awhile back. But he barely made it and he had a lightning immunity amulet fighting lightning mobs and lightning GRs. So in essence, his playstyle is no different than the top 100 wizards in the US. They just play high GRs more often, so they have a better chance at the lottery, much like what the top barbs are doing.
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Diablo 3: Pets Fighting

Patch Notes:
- besides current pets, Barb gets Teddy the Bear; female Wiz delivers her first Doggies!; Crusader gets iconic Pigglet; andSoOn

Even barb has pets. New age I guess.
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This is THE go to build currently in the PTR. One of the best survivability specs for Wiz and still good DPS.
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This was the build I was planning on running out of 2.1. Since if I remember correct the MI Gale Forces also give a 15% fire dmg increase so it has the best Hydra damage potential. I plan on running Mirror Image Duplicates + Black Hole Event Horizon + Frost Nova Bone Chill for amazing CC and dps boost. I have a Lit dmg SS right now so I will get all 4 EE elements and still give the 80% party dps boost I do now. With Cindercoat and a few RCR pieces (My SS also has 10 RCR) I think a perma Gale Force with SS Hydra will be awesome and maybe better then MM conflag, only testing will tell.
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Or you can just use all of them..hydra twister mm...

The images twisters stack making the fire damage boost HUGE and it lets you run around dodgin death in lvl30+ rifts where you simply cant stand still and fire for long.

nr1 spec so far for solo greater rifts this though with its variants...definitely needs taskers.

I tried this without them and unfortunately dc'd in a lvl28 gr (playin HC so i had to upload my wiz again) but i got the feelin that i wouldnt have made it much further...

So once patch hits tasker and theo will be high priority.

edit: hopefully we get some more changes before patch. this is based on current ptr.
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yah, im a bit surprised nobody wrote anything about that build. Right after the PTR started there was a guide about it in a fan forum im browsing often. Also suggested FN Bone Chill there^^

And the thing about conflag is that you can't overwrite the weak stacks of the mirror images. so no BH, no FN spam w conflag. Missing out on all those Event Horizon BHs imho disqualifies conflag/hydra, at least in terms of survivability.

vid (warning - its in german) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgeZ0PzQc60
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Hail hydra
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This is what I'm using on live and I can easily farm T6 in 10-15 min per rifts.

Duplicates and illusionist paired with Event horizon as well as Bone chill make is so you get constant CC without the need to stack CDR. I'd say the 33% dmg boost from Frost nova and 28% from Strongarm bracers are up 90% of the time.

Add Hexing pants and APOC firebirds source for Gale Force spamming and constant LoH. It's even better on PTR considering the boost to LoH, the dps boost to Mammooth (massive) as well as to Gale force (1000% to 1500%).

I'm trying it out now with an Eye of Elitch and a String of ears, I like the eHP boost. I usually run with full set Tal Rashas.
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heres another interesting link: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo3Wizards/comments/29lcof/gale_force_hydra_is_dominating_the_ladder_why_is/
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Woud love to try this kiza, but unfortunately

WTB : Serpent Sparker

... no one has responded to my ads.

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So the 15% dmg buff can be applied by every clone on the same target (stacked) ? Is that what makes this build so powerful ?

EDIT: source http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/29r73t/energy_twistergale_force_fire_debuff_and_mirror/
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Ummm, just tried this and wow. This is what a wiz should feel like. I got up to greater rift 29 but I'll hold off going further for now. I don't even have hexing pants or TnT so I could imagine what it's like with those.
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At its core, Galehydra is a fire build utilizing mammoth hydra, mirror images, and gale to output a lot of dps with a pet-like gameplay style. You only need a serpent sparkler wand for this build to work decently, but fire/hydra gear is always good. Depending on how severe the dmg nerf to hydra could be, the other alternative (especially for Blizzhydra) is to use a 2H Furnace. There's a lot of flexibility in this build, depending on how tanky or dpsy you want to be. It can be used in live, PTR, solo, or group, but the build shines in solo 2.1 GRs. Gear for both the standard version and the 6-piece FB set version are described below.

The build:
1. FN version: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#ViYNkO!Zdhe!Zcc.Zc
2. ST version: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#VigNkO!Zdhe!ZcY.Zc
3. MW version: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#ViSNkO!Zdhe!ZcZ.Zc

Blizzhydra (FB set, blizz, hydra)
Blizzhydra is a new addition to the hydra series.

EDITED: see above

Similar builds (maybe even better):
frost nova/calamity (xuanyuan/void): http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#ViYNkQ!Zdhe!ZccbZc
slow time (stuck-in-the-matrix): http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#VigNkO!Zdhe!Zc.cZc

Void and I were comparing notes and he does a variation of this build with freeze and teleport, but the idea is similar.

Hydras are your main damage dealers. I first find a nice sized mob, then drop 2 hydras, and BH/nado and MI. Once MI starts, I run around the mob until they reach around 20-25% life and then I move to the next pack. The build does its most damage when you're running around the mob. At that point, you have stacking gales and 2 hydras. With my hex pants, my fire sheet dps goes up to 3.8m. Unlike MM, you're not standing still and you're not sticking around for mobs to die, improving efficiency.

Which is better, TnT or magefist gloves?
In general, TnT would offer more edps than magefist. I would say an average TnT is the around the same as a very good magefist.

Is stacking gales a bug and will it be nerfed?
Hard to say if it was intentional or not. Remember when people were claiming that double unity was unintentional? This mechanic has been around since RoS was released. The effect is also limited since the twister path is RNG and mimics don't last that long. It wouldn't make sense to allow other classes that do a lot more damage than this build to go unscathed and nerf this one. But who knows, time will tell.

How should I gear for this?
I can only tell you what I use.
helm = aug w/ OS for life%
shoulder = aug w/ hydra
chest = cindercoat, hydra
amulet = dps amulet, fire
gloves = TnT or magefist
bracers = aug
rings = SOJ, unity
belt = WH (bunch of options here)
pants = hex
boots = firebird, illusionary, ice climbers
weapon = serpent sparkler
OH = firebird, hydra

What gears do you use for group play?
I replace my unity with an RORG and aug bracers for strongarms.

Does mammoth hydra snapshot hexing pants damage buff?
At one point it may have, but as of the first release of PTR, it does not snapshot. So cast and run.

If they fix the issues with FB and hydra in the next version of PTR, what would you suggest?
Galehydra would be strong with the FB set. Basically, equipt a 6-piece FB set (no need hex pants) and perform the same game mechanic as this post describes. The burn effect should be quick. So basically, MI/Gale/hydra set it and forget it. You may also want to replace FN with teleport and put an emphasis on agility and evasion.

helm = FB
shoulder = FB, hydra
chest = cindercoat, hydra
amulet = optional
gloves = FB
bracers = optional
rings = SOJ, unity
belt = optional
pants = FB
boots = FB
weapon serpent sparkler

-If you want to remove a FB piece (e.g. you want to use illusionary boots), you can replace the SOJ for a RORG
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My TnT beat handsdown my fecta magefists, you should try it. And I feel the build without Bone chill lacks CC and DPS. The 33% boost is almost always applied.

On T6, elite packs are often destroyed in less than 5 seconds. Certain !@#$ty affixes of course take more time.

Also, I feel Strongarm bracers to be almost mandatory, considering the amount of Blackhole thrown around by you and your duplicates. Even though they don't stack, the debuff is still constantly applied.
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t6 is too easy for this discussion.

I wonder what you sacrifice for bone chill in higher lvls? strongarms are another bulllshiit point of wiev.

im very sry.
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07/03/2014 08:00 PMPosted by Rouge
t6 is too easy for this discussion.

I wonder what you sacrifice for bone chill in higher lvls? strongarms are another bulllshiit point of wiev.

im very sry.

Your point is? Would you mind bringing something to the discussion instead of just bluntly stating that ''strongarms are BS'' and T6 is too easy? Last I checked, I had access to Torment 6 content only on the live servers, not Greater rifts. So might as well talk about a build that does really well on that difficulty.

And to answer your question, I ''sacrifice'' Force weapon, which is a 20% dmg increase. Like I said, duplicates will ALWAYS cast at least 2 novas followed by BH (or the other way around). Thats a 33% dmg inrease and 28% dmg increase that doesn't depend on CDR but on the reset of Mirror images. So yes, I can see novas being removed to take a constant 20% dmg increase from MW instead. And I guess Strongarms can also be replaced with Aug 3 piece set. This frees up the need (for some people) to run with a RoRG and use an other ring, like BK or unity.
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Something i just discovered yesterday. I was playing a gale hydra setup and another guy who also plays a similar build joined my wiz party. Apparently not only my mimics gale stack, but his gale and mimics stacks to mine as well. When i run the setup alone, i get ticks for 60m, but when he joined the party, i started seeing ticks over 90m. I wonder how much it would stack with a 4 wiz party wih the same setup. Also take note this is on live server so the damage will be way higher in 2.1.

I'm also wondering now if this was intentional or just a bug. I won't be surprised if this was nerfed and they claim it to be a bug.
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07/03/2014 02:12 PMPosted by Hyperion
Ummm, just tried this and wow. This is what a wiz should feel like. I got up to greater rift 29 but I'll hold off going further for now. I don't even have hexing pants or TnT so I could imagine what it's like with those.

Sorry about the delay in response...

Hexing pants is a great addition to this build and I think it changes the entire gameplay a bit. I included a description of how I use it in the original post.

But the more I thought about it, the more I wasn't sure if my own gameplay mechanic was right. I'll post a video of how I play this build later tonight.
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Is there any indication of when Hexing pants buff is active? I don't have the pants so I can't test (in live or PTR).


"Your resource generation and damage is increased by 25% while moving and decreased by 20–25% while standing still."

Is there a delay or anything or as soon as you cast a spell that requires an animation, the buff stops?
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