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Has ROS Lived Up To *Your* Expectations?

99.9% of legs still suck compared to some of the rares. I want to FIND upgrades killing monsters not sit in town and craft endless junk (legs) or spend my time clicking, clicking, clicking using my blood shards trying to win the lottery. WTF, why is it so hard for them to figure that out?
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07/07/2014 11:12 AMPosted by Pereg
07/07/2014 08:39 AMPosted by Starbird
However there didn't seem to be all that many items to find at the end of the day and far too many were seemingly placeholders.

Did you see how the Shard of Hate got designed? That gave a little insight on all the things involved when the create a legendary item. Its quite a process, especially the art work. The D3 team isn't as big as WoW's team. They can't get out as many items.

I would have rather the dev team put more time, effort, and money on redesigning legs, making new legs, and reworking class builds then introducing seasons and greater rifts...You need to get the core game play fixed before you can start adding more to it...
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I was severly dissappointed by D3v, and didnt even pre order RoS.
A few friends told me how RoS improved nearly all areas that matter and I gave it another shot.

Since then I totally fell in love with RoS which is my favourite Diablo to date.
So my very low expectations got surpassed easily.

And it has still so much potential to improve even further.
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nope, nope, nope, nope and NOPE

I had set my expectation super low due to the disappointment of D3V... but evidently, I had not set low enough *sigh*
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Yes, it is much better than D3V all around. I still play every day.

No, Random still seems not random - same legendary drops time after time on some days, other days might be better - I do get some rare items (but never what I want) Seems like random has a cadence or a cycle to it, patterns are not random.

Legendary items still mostly stink - The class balance (due to lack of a better phrase) is off - some classes just can't keep up with others (I like Barb, Wiz Crusader and WD the most). The build diversity is just not there yet. Each class has one build (or two on some) to get into higher torment - I guess I was hoping for more - I don't want to jump around looking like a giant grasshopper!

Elemental damage seems skewed - Always fire because you can get more of it on your gear.

Some of it is me and my desired way to play. Some of it is lack of patience with getting set items. 5 classes and I don't have one complete set yet, I try to stay on one long enough to get the stuff - But man this game hates me as far as getting set items!!!

I remember in 2.0 PTR I got Wand of Woh after 2 minutes of play and thought this is cool if this is anything like ROS. Little did I know how rare that was going to be in the real game!! Why do some items have to be so rare?? It's not like we are paying monthly fee's to play...So who cares if it drops at 18% instead of 1.68%...
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Did RoS live up to my expectations? Maybe, but it sure didn't live up to the hype.

I think it would be hard to argue that RoS isn't an improvement over D3V. The new paragon system, gambling, bounties, rifts, act V and the crusader are all good additions to the game in theory, but none of it feels quite right. It's like buying a new vehicle after loving the test drive only to find out you don't really like the way it handles, the seats aren't quite comfortable, the gas mileage is lower than expected and the paint isn't quite the right colour.

1. The Paragon system. It's nice to be able to level above 100 and choose which stats to improve first. It's annoying that most of those are non-choices, like Area damage vs. RCR. The 50-point cap forces me to put points into stats I may not care about, like attack speed or LoH instead of putting more into something that is actually useful for my build. The cap is there to cover the fact that the stats are unbalanced and everyone puts points into the same stats above others because those stats are just better for everybody. Also, making move speed a Paragon stat has made gear with move speed on it useless.

2. Gambling. Being able to actually buy something from a vendor (even though it's not with gold) that is useful is cool. Being able to choose which type of item to gamble for is also cool, and it's even nicer now that the dumb restrictions on what items you can gamble for have been relaxed. The problem I have with gambling is rings and amulets are far too expensive considering your chances of getting the right one ie. a SoJ or tri/quadrifecta leg amulet, even one with no legendary affix, is incredibly low. 20 blood shards per amulet in particular is ludicrously expensive for the number of garbage amulets you'll need to wade through before finding one that is better than a yellow.

3. Bounties. In theory bounties give you a reason to revisit the acts and do quests and achievements and allow you to farm rift shards which make rifts available, and offer something else to do when you are burned out on rifts. Unfortunately bounties simply aren't rewarding. The exp/gold rewards for bounties are based on what type of bounty and are tuned for only the fastest runs of that type, like Zoltan Kulle for bosses sets the standard reward for all bosses, even those that take far more time to get to like Spider Queen or Butcher, or bosses that take far longer to kill like Diablo or Malthael. This causes frustration when you are repeatedly issued long bounties which have the exact same rewards as fast bounties. Bounties award almost no blood shards, so if you want to gamble you have to rift instead. Furthermore, only act 1 bounties are worth doing because the RRoG is the only cache reward worth a damn. Because RRoG is mandatory for every build in the game, you must run act 1 bounties until your eyes bleed. Bounties rapidly devolve into a boring chore you must complete before actually doing something fun.

4. Rifts. Random* dungeons with Random* monsters. Rifts are obviously intended to be the most rewarding part of the game with their high blood shard payout and increased drop rate. Personally I feel rifts could use another buff to the drop rate, but they work well enough as they are and since blood shards are now both useful and the number of shards you get scales with difficulty there is both more reason to do rifts and a reason to do them above T1. What bothers me about rifts is certain monsters always seem to spawn alongside certain other creatures, like corrupted angels + anarchs and certain monsters seem far too common, like abominations, ghosts, corrupted angels, anarchs and fallen overseers. You also tend to see the same few tilesets over and over, and coupled with the overuse of certain enemies rifts all kind of feel the same and blur together in a slurry of blandness.

5. Act V. A significant improvement over the original four acts in every way. The ridiculous comic-book boss taunts and overacted NPCs are significantly reduced. The city of Westmarch is interesting to explore and there are far more events sprinkled around the city than in previous zones. Pandemonium and even the obligatory marsh is more interesting than zones in previous acts. Unfortunately the story ends with ridiculous levels of sequel-bait and we don't even get a proper cinematic ending.

6. Classes, items, and balance. These issues are fundamentally linked. Many classes lack the build-changing legendaries or sets for more than a single T6 viable build. WD items are far more powerful than items for other classes with the possible exception of flails and crusader shields. 2H weapons are still useless. The 4/2 system and a fixed stat range that is the same across every item of a given rarity sterilizes items preventing any from feeling truly special unless they have a killer legendary power. Items with fixed defensive stats are overlooked as worthless because defensive stats cannot compare with damage stats. Even then only a select few damage stats are considered useful and if items do not roll those stats the item is useless. Enchanting is heavily weighted towards these dead-end stats, with the potential to never even roll the stat you want after hundreds of rerolls.
The Generator/Spender dynamic is a joke. None of the T6 viable builds bother with resource management. Secondary sources of energy are more powerful than the generator skills for the builds that actually use energy. The ones that don't simply avoid the issue entirely because their free skills are doing more damage than skills that actually cost resource. Most specs are fire-based because the fire runes available typically deal significantly more damage than other options, in many cases double or more, and there are both more and higher quality fire items available compared to other elements.
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07/07/2014 12:22 PMPosted by Tsukiumi
I like the game overall, but the fact that I cant trade a TF for a wand of woh or Soj drives me insane.

Removing trade was a tricky decision but one of those things that could not be avoided - Blizzard wants the black market and 3rd party transactions gone and while they have not done this properly yet...it was a good first step.
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07/07/2014 08:39 AMPosted by Starbird
3) 3D Fixes! A personal one, but it's silly that this has not been fixed. Quite a few people like Diablo 3 in 3D and longstanding bugs were made worse in ROS, not better.

Is there an example of these 3D bugs?
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Act V is 100% garbage from the annoying monsters that do unavoidable damage to how needlessly large and boring it is. The game basically boils down to Hey, I suck because I cant find X so I have to use kadala until I puke to hope to get the items(s) I need to actually be worth a damn.

With all the promise of all these new legendaries and affixes in loot 2.0 the game still comes down to cookie cutter builds. If you dont use marauders set your DH sucks. If you dont use raimant set your monk sucks. If you arent jade or pets your wd sucks. If you arent earthquake set your barb sucks. If you dont use mirrorball your wiz sucks. If you arent using akkhan your crusader sucks.

I know there will always be bis for classes but why the hell cant blizzard figure out that the way to balance is to actually test their own game and see what needs buffed. Dont tell me ptr this or that because shard of hate was in the ptr for loot 2.0 and apparently it was "bugged".

I would suggest that blizzard get some new blood on its development staff. Perhaps steal some people from one of these indie companies that actually care about a game being decent and not just $$$.
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I didn't have any real expectations but I'd have to say I like the Adventure/Bounty mode. The Crusader is pretty good, well I like them anyway. So overall I'd have to say I'm happy with it. The only thing I found annoying was the size of some of the outdoor maps, they were way too big for my liking. I'd prefer more, smaller areas rather than one giant one.
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I'd rate it a 4/10.

It's fun, a nice time sink, and the abolition of the AH was nice and loot 2.0 was great, but there are so many flaws with this game that are very hard to see past.

Lack of class balance and build diversity, worthless items, lack of endgame variety, and the devs not paying attention to these factors, and the needs of the community are what make this game really tough for me to keep playing.

Oh, and for 2.1 we get MORE rifts on top of our rifts to keep us busy? Now we have to reroll characters to play ladder so we can get legendary items that are rather uninspired? Seems like a copout to me.
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07/07/2014 08:39 AMPosted by Starbird
Simple question.

The simple answer is "no".

The complicated answer is this. I wanted one simple thing in RoS, which is basically the same thing I want in any ARPG, and that's many viable builds that rely on very different mechanics and synergies to work right. A Blade Fury Assassin will never gear or play the same as a Summoner Druid, who will never gear / play the same as a Zealadin. D2 got it right with how the subtle details really made the different builds unique and interesting.

D3 RoS doesn't offer that... not even close. Rather than playing off different immunities, different procs, different gearing archetypes, most builds seem to STILL go for the same endgame items and, "big surprise", many of the legendaries and builds used are the ones that just scale best with the system we all knew and loved from Vanilla D3, save ele damage.

So after my 6 week break I decide to check on the forums to see if the game is getting any better. Have the devs heard anything said about crit damage? 2h weapons? Gems? Anything at all that might actually involve doing work at the 2 year degree level to resolve? "Why yes Logos, funny you should ask that..."

Me 1: The devs added Greater Rifts!

Me 2: Cool! And?

Me 1: The HP of mobs inside scales exponentially.

Me 2: Oh god why?

Me 1: Oh and The Furnace was never actually addressed.

Me 2: How... what... so what is the point of making infinitely scaling HP mobs then?

Me 1: Well they planned on putting legendary gems in the game that also scale infinitely.

Me 2: Wait, so let me get this straight... there are going to be gems... with procs... that will scale so high to counteract the hp scaling on mobs, that the PROC on the gem will hit for 100x damage of the base skill it was cast from?

Me 1: Yeah, isn't it cool?

Me 2: Congratulations, you've just made this game Mafia Wars. Every skill on your bar might as well say "attack" because you're hitting for X billion damage, where the vast chunk of that damage is based on your Zynga account level... er legendary gem level. Neat. Yeah lolmath is fun.

Since I'm beginning to pull a Clint Eastwood, I'll reign in my multiple personality disorder for a second to ask one final question... Who the hell thought any of the above was a smart idea? I don't even... And to think that all I wanted was something simple, like reigning in all the damage multipliers a bit so skills are a bit easier to balance relative to each other... dare I say classes might be easier to balance relative to each other. Maybe the difference in builds would be around 15% efficiency vs 40% efficiency.

If any of this remotely goes live, I couldn't even begin to advise them on how to begin digging themselves out of this hole, not like they listened to me before or anything. I mean what the hell good is having "top minds" like myself on the forums (too late for that meme? Yeah I thought so...) if you're just going to screw up the math worse...

I mean one positive thing that was going to come out of the patch was less health from globes, and a buff to HPS on items and a 'once over" on healing skills. Sweet, that might have actually made the build I wanted to play semi viable for anything. But oh wait... damage on mobs for Greater Rifts scales infinitely too. Perma invincibility and chain CC or get lost will be the new mantra. So there goes THAT. What should I be looking forward to from this patch again?

Eh... sorry for being such a downer. Also sorry for just vanishing in game the way I did. I tried to log on for like a week and tell you I needed a break, but you got super busy and I just couldn't catch you while you were on. Then I tried to log on and just felt guilty for disappearing the way I did, so just... couldn't bring myself to do it.
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07/07/2014 08:42 AMPosted by Noremak
Having no expectations is the best expectations!

RoS produced what it intended, I am satisfied and looking forward to the next expansion.

This post pretty much sums it up for me.
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They said "End-game for all". It became "Rift & Bounties or bust".

They didn't really add end-game for all. They simply caged us into what they think is a good "balanced" end-game.
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07/07/2014 09:29 PMPosted by Logos
Eh... sorry for being such a downer. Also sorry for just vanishing in game the way I did. I tried to log on for like a week and tell you I needed a break, but you got super busy and I just couldn't catch you while you were on. Then I tried to log on and just felt guilty for disappearing the way I did, so just... couldn't bring myself to do it.

No worries mate, quite a lot of the Clan are on hiatus right now. We will have to see what 2.1 brings, hopefully my work schedule is a little less insane after the kids get back to school.

07/07/2014 08:54 PMPosted by Sceedb2
07/07/2014 08:39 AMPosted by Starbird
3) 3D Fixes! A personal one, but it's silly that this has not been fixed. Quite a few people like Diablo 3 in 3D and longstanding bugs were made worse in ROS, not better.

Is there an example of these 3D bugs?

Shadow floating, gear and stuff being rendered at the wrong depth, flickering etc.
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I am having fun with RoS, all nine yards of it. Also when gaming websites are saying that RoS is how D3 should've launched two years ago that alone is saying something for RoS.
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RoS was a huge improvement over D3 Vanilla. I can only hope that 2.1 is as well.
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Simple question.

5) A return to Diablo's darkness. I really do miss the grittiness, the occult symbols and the general uncanniness of the original games and while I do like the darker and grimmer feel of ROS, the game still feels too much like a slightly bloodier Sacred or Titan Quest than a real sequel to D2.

After the first week of RoS i was bored and I could see the direction of the game. They improved the drop rates and the past 3 weeks has brought me back. I enjoy Hardcore right now since paragon points/system became account wide.

There were some good improvments made to the game compared to pre-RoS.

The "darkness" of this fantasy game is sorta PG-lvl to me... For me, I was looking for gore, evil and parental advisory rated 18+ disturbing, creepy, mysterious darkness lvl. That was more like what diablo 1 felt like. Or more recently, chaos sanctuary in Act 4 of diablo 2. (bizarre endings where you jam a soulstone in your own head driven by madness). I suppose Blizz is afraid to lose sales to a younger generation but truly when I started playing diablo1 I was maybe around 11 years old or 13. I found it exciting how scary it was so I think the opposite effect would occur if they took the game in this direction.

The game is what it is.

I would've liked to see the overall design of the game and patch with FULL DEPTH. Like a real 2 year plan roll out of this game. Not just patch to patch band-aid solutions but full long-term fully fleshed out plans to make a real in depth, deep deep combat, skill, loot system. Every patch just feels like band-aids which cater to what's trending. And this i find disappointing. I play the game for what it is now.. and the real draw for me isn't so much the game.. just the combat which still is awesome..and the friends I've made in this game.
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It was good, but extremely overpriced. It's like $10 worth of content for $40.
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