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Has ROS Lived Up To *Your* Expectations?

07/07/2014 11:01 AMPosted by Goodbrew
RoS made diablo 3 an excellent, "in between" game. While waiting for another game to be released or go down in price, D3 is a great time filler. A week here, a week there - its great for that.
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ROS has lived up to my expectations "enough".

33% of the classes are fun and playable. So long as I'm on my WD then I'm happy. I'm playing a class with decent skills and good itemization.

They let me down with the other 66% of classes and let's not even discuss "making legendaries feel legendary". I'd call that a total miss. Still though, i appreciate being able to play a hack 'n slash where hacking and slashing is actually an important part of the game. It's a breath of fresh air from POE.
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ROS kept me interested for 1 week. For a diablo series, that is pretty pathetic. Won't be purchasing any more Blizzard products.
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07/07/2014 04:05 PMPosted by Legion
Did RoS live up to my expectations? Maybe, but it sure didn't live up to the hype.

I think it would be hard to argue that RoS isn't an improvement over D3V. The new paragon system, gambling, bounties, rifts, act V and the crusader are all good additions to the game in theory, but none of it feels quite right. It's like buying a new vehicle after loving the test drive only to find out you don't really like the way it handles, the seats aren't quite comfortable, the gas mileage is lower than expected and the paint isn't quite the right colour.

1. The Paragon system. It's nice to be able to level above 100 and choose which stats to improve first. It's annoying that most of those are non-choices, like Area damage vs. RCR. The 50-point cap forces me to put points into stats I may not care about, like attack speed or LoH instead of putting more into something that is actually useful for my build. The cap is there to cover the fact that the stats are unbalanced and everyone puts points into the same stats above others because those stats are just better for everybody. Also, making move speed a Paragon stat has made gear with move speed on it useless.

2. Gambling. Being able to actually buy something from a vendor (even though it's not with gold) that is useful is cool. Being able to choose which type of item to gamble for is also cool, and it's even nicer now that the dumb restrictions on what items you can gamble for have been relaxed. The problem I have with gambling is rings and amulets are far too expensive considering your chances of getting the right one ie. a SoJ or tri/quadrifecta leg amulet, even one with no legendary affix, is incredibly low. 20 blood shards per amulet in particular is ludicrously expensive for the number of garbage amulets you'll need to wade through before finding one that is better than a yellow.

3. Bounties. In theory bounties give you a reason to revisit the acts and do quests and achievements and allow you to farm rift shards which make rifts available, and offer something else to do when you are burned out on rifts. Unfortunately bounties simply aren't rewarding. The exp/gold rewards for bounties are based on what type of bounty and are tuned for only the fastest runs of that type, like Zoltan Kulle for bosses sets the standard reward for all bosses, even those that take far more time to get to like Spider Queen or Butcher, or bosses that take far longer to kill like Diablo or Malthael. This causes frustration when you are repeatedly issued long bounties which have the exact same rewards as fast bounties. Bounties award almost no blood shards, so if you want to gamble you have to rift instead. Furthermore, only act 1 bounties are worth doing because the RRoG is the only cache reward worth a damn. Because RRoG is mandatory for every build in the game, you must run act 1 bounties until your eyes bleed. Bounties rapidly devolve into a boring chore you must complete before actually doing something fun.

4. Rifts. Random* dungeons with Random* monsters. Rifts are obviously intended to be the most rewarding part of the game with their high blood shard payout and increased drop rate. Personally I feel rifts could use another buff to the drop rate, but they work well enough as they are and since blood shards are now both useful and the number of shards you get scales with difficulty there is both more reason to do rifts and a reason to do them above T1. What bothers me about rifts is certain monsters always seem to spawn alongside certain other creatures, like corrupted angels + anarchs and certain monsters seem far too common, like abominations, ghosts, corrupted angels, anarchs and fallen overseers. You also tend to see the same few tilesets over and over, and coupled with the overuse of certain enemies rifts all kind of feel the same and blur together in a slurry of blandness.

5. Act V. A significant improvement over the original four acts in every way. The ridiculous comic-book boss taunts and overacted NPCs are significantly reduced. The city of Westmarch is interesting to explore and there are far more events sprinkled around the city than in previous zones. Pandemonium and even the obligatory marsh is more interesting than zones in previous acts. Unfortunately the story ends with ridiculous levels of sequel-bait and we don't even get a proper cinematic ending.

6. Classes, items, and balance. These issues are fundamentally linked. Many classes lack the build-changing legendaries or sets for more than a single T6 viable build. WD items are far more powerful than items for other classes with the possible exception of flails and crusader shields. 2H weapons are still useless. The 4/2 system and a fixed stat range that is the same across every item of a given rarity sterilizes items preventing any from feeling truly special unless they have a killer legendary power. Items with fixed defensive stats are overlooked as worthless because defensive stats cannot compare with damage stats. Even then only a select few damage stats are considered useful and if items do not roll those stats the item is useless. Enchanting is heavily weighted towards these dead-end stats, with the potential to never even roll the stat you want after hundreds of rerolls.
The Generator/Spender dynamic is a joke. None of the T6 viable builds bother with resource management. Secondary sources of energy are more powerful than the generator skills for the builds that actually use energy. The ones that don't simply avoid the issue entirely because their free skills are doing more damage than skills that actually cost resource. Most specs are fire-based because the fire runes available typically deal significantly more damage than other options, in many cases double or more, and there are both more and higher quality fire items available compared to other elements.

This is a good summary
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1) More legendary items, and better.
2) Class Balance.
3) 3D Fixes!
4) Big, social clans.
5) A return to Diablo's darkness.

Mostly, but not entirely and I believe that for the longer term they've created new problems for themselves by adding Adventure Mode and relegating Campaign mode to irrelevancy.

1. This was a disappointment. The new patch doesn't look much better but we'll see.

2. Balance means different things to different people. I still experiment with builds at lower T levels. Classes in balance with each other for grouping? Homogenization is something of a danger. And of course gear is the most determining factor here. No doubt there are better and worse classes though. It would be nice to see them a little closer to one another.

3. No comment.

4. Clans need to be bigger. Blizzard needs to get better about the social game. On the other side of that is a simple fact that people don't want to extend themselves to get in touch with this community. I can't say I blame them. I'm in a great community so no complaints there.

5. It's fine by me. The new lighting schema in Rifts was a bonus for me.

Other things:

I like Act 5 a lot.

I like Crusaders now that they've been tuned better. It's the first melee class I've truly enjoyed in any game. Period.

I'm happy enough to have Adventure mode but it came at a high price: making the campaign game irrelevant. I made a thread about that a day or so ago but no responses at all so probably just something I'm unhappy about. I'm very unhappy about it though. The campaign game isn't worth running and now that bounties and rifts are getting old that's a problem.

Bounties are a version of WoW dailies. OK for what they are but too important to ignore. I like them in small doses but building an expansion around these and rifts was probably a mistake.

Pretty much the same for Rifts. I enjoy them well enough but rarely do more than a few of them a week which may be why I still enjoy them.

So, improvement. I don't think 2.1 is going to be as groundbreaking as they wish but I've often been wrong about this and perhaps the T6 crowd will get into the more competitive aspect of leader boards and greater rifts. If they don't then there's still no end game for them specifically.

Lastly: BOA for all of the controversy surrounding it and the pushing of trading into people who play in groups is mostly a plus. No friend spam. I like the feeling of getting my own items. I hated the auction houses and D2 is an excellent example of what trading can lead to if unchecked. If Blizzard isn't going to bother to play whack-a-mole with botters (and I don't necessarily blame them) making the economy a personal economy wasn't the worst thing they could have done. I have trading. I rarely run solo so I'm OK with that. I don't miss the spam or the complaints about scamming. If that lets Blizzard increase drop rates and allows them to get on with making the game then it's more plus than minus. Perhaps someday they could make the lesser legendary items--sometimes known as glorified rares--with no special affixes tradeable in a wider sense. I'm for keeping class-specific things and items like Thunderfury and Mirrorball as BOA.
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its not done yet i will reserve judgement few more months
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ROS exceeded my expectations.

But at present it's not a long-lived game.

There remains vast room for improvement and more content and I believe that's a good thing.

I just hope Blizzard stays with it.

While a God may have made the Earth and the universe in less than a week and then rested for a day.

Or natural forces may have created it in an instant and needed billions of years for it to develop.

The devs are only human.

Rome was not built in a day.
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Yes it has.

It still lacks some of my expectations namely:

1. The ability to chat more freely. It feels so limited inside Diablo 3. They need to add more usefulness maybe like Steam overlay - has multiple window chats, has emoticons, has the ability to link inventory items.

2. Inventory spaces. Enough said. 4 slots shared among chars is a joke.

3. The ability to preview Stash and char inventory without entering the session. It used to be displayed on AH in Vanilla.

4. Shared items among Followers. There's no need for us to regear our Followers on every chars we have.

5. More storyline + proper CGIs. 40 USD for one act one new char. WTF? Not even a CGI ending?

Lastly, while I can see myself buying the next Diablo 3 expansion, overal D3 series aren't up to my standard. Unless they can change the game / improve it dramatically, probably I won't give Blizz another dime.

I've gotten my money's worth over 100 USD I spent for D3 + RoS, however.
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It was fun although I would have bigger expectations from a gauntlet legends game than a Diablo game at this point.
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Blizzard promised us legendaries we wouldn't just ID and salvage right away. Remember this guys?
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I bought D3 later on in its release cycle. Most of the big bugs were worked out. I'm an older gamer, bought D1 and D2 and all expansions when they first came out.

Never played WoW, knew people who did, looked too cartoony, and long drawn out boss fights was not a playstyle I enjoy.

I really expected D3 to be more of a character development game. With a high level character and well planned upgrades, able to play in higher difficulties.

Initial play was fun, well worth the money. But then you hit the wall. Paragon was interesting, at least play time was rewarded with a Paragon number but not so much with stats that would actually make your character "strong".

I really felt RoS was going to move more towards strong characters, yes it was a case of wishful thinking, but anytime someone hears the word "change" they immediately invision the game "changed" to what they want. Change is a powerful word, sometimes rewarding but often times not.

RoS was worth the money but the wall was back very quickly.

The game was more about hunting for exploits to chip away the wall than a logical progression of play the game and get stronger. Get stronger kill faster, be tougher, fight more. Rinse and repeat.

RoS was more play more, play more, play more, chase the rabbit through RNG burrows, gain Paragon levels for very small gains. Hope became the new word.

Log on and hope something would happen, some gear would drop that would make you powerful, kill faster, take more damage.

Sometimes it did in small doses. Finding ThunderFury was awesome, playing was fun again. Hoping for that next big item, but the characters remained nearly powerless without certain gear.

Hope gets replaced by Frustration. Tried RiF, very rewarding, but sitting waiting for invites was not fun. Just "hoping" for an invite and then frustrated that they were few and far between.

Went back to just playing and hoping and frustration.

Then stopped playing once a got all characters to level 70.

Hear about new patch and upcoming "change"

Hope it will be a game I enjoy more.

Will likely be frustrated that it isn't.

Gonna jump on for the ride anyway.

All aboard the "Change/Hope/Frustration" train. Where it goes, no one knows.

tldr: RoS worth the money but could have been so much more
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07/07/2014 08:39 AMPosted by Starbird
2) Class Balance. Yeah, balance is always going to be a tricky word in a game like this, and while I'd prefer a world where each class has multiple endgame viable builds with relative parity to each other - this is a tricky one.

This isn't tricky at all. Remove CHD and CHC
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No. I'm mostly disappointed by the blatantly lazy item design, after promising us tons of game changing and exciting legendaries. For a game that's supposed to be loot-centric, you'd expect them to dedicate more resources to delivering some badass loot. They may as well have left the little PH symbol on most of these "legendaries" (more accurately glorified rares), because they're clearly still a work in progress that got out of the oven way too soon.

Oh and the mystic. That !@#$% can go die in a fire. Just what we needed, another layer of frustratingly excessive RNG. Woot!

Adventure mode would be better if it was more of an open experience without the designers trying to force everyone into very specific activities (rift rift rift rift rift rift bounty rift rift rift rift rift rift rift) and had actually those targeted drops that were promised. I used to enjoy porting around random high-density areas just to kill some stuff. Right now I just feel like that's pointless, since only rifts have a decent legendary drop rate. They should just apply that drop rate globally. As it stands now, 80%+ of the total content is absolutely unappealing, starting by story mode which is absolutely irrelevant. 1 guaranteed legendary per reset, you say? Meh.....

Act 5 and the crusader are pretty cool, though, except maybe for the completely anticlimactic Gears of War angel Urzael (big WTF moment right there, lol). Overall, the artistic aspect of the expansion is pretty solid. Too bad it doesn't make up for the critical core design flaws that render the game boring after about half an hour of play time.
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I think I got my money's worth. Decently geared up all 6 classes by myself instead of through AH in about 250h since release. Got to play different progression and end-game builds.
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07/07/2014 08:39 AMPosted by Starbird
Simple question.

I was quite excited about ROS. Beta was fun, I loved the new Act and most of the changes made have been positive for the game overall.

That said, I was personally hoping for:

1) More legendary items, and better. Early beta was promising, with some really cool stuff like Demon Machine, Swami etc. having extremely cool effects and becoming very powerful with certain skills. However there didn't seem to be all that many items to find at the end of the day and far too many were seemingly placeholders.

Unfortunately, most of those 'placeholders' went live, and many of the crazier legendaries were nerfed to the ground or had affixes flat out removed.

While ROS was a big step up from D3V in this regard, the paucity of legendary items means that once again we have a few cookie cutter builds at the top tier revolving around the handful of Uber items in existence. Hopefully we see a lot more added in 2.1.

2) Class Balance. Yeah, balance is always going to be a tricky word in a game like this, and while I'd prefer a world where each class has multiple endgame viable builds with relative parity to each other - this is a tricky one.

However quite a few aspects of certain and a ton of underused skills need some love (and gear to encourage you to use them).

3) 3D Fixes! A personal one, but it's silly that this has not been fixed. Quite a few people like Diablo 3 in 3D and longstanding bugs were made worse in ROS, not better. There is a third party mod available that fixes all of them, but which is 'use at your own risk' sadly.

4) Big, social clans. While communities sort of fill the gap, I was looking forward to larger, more active clans. As it stands, playing off-peak in a clan with people from different timezones it's often quite lonely online.

5) A return to Diablo's darkness. I really do miss the grittiness, the occult symbols and the general uncanniness of the original games and while I do like the darker and grimmer feel of ROS, the game still feels too much like a slightly bloodier Sacred or Titan Quest than a real sequel to D2.

Overall though, ROS has been a big success to me and managed to take a lot of the bad taste that D3 left out of my mouth. I wouldn't call it perfect by any means, but 2.1 is looking very promising, and with some more legendaries on the way hopefully we will be in a good position soon.

Very well put +
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All I expected from ROS was Adventure Mode and Act V. Considering how we expected real PVP and many other things from D3V, I didn't expect everything to be in ROS as advertised.

I hope real PVP is the MAIN feature advertised for the next expansion!
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I've invested more time into D3 post RoS than I ever did during Vanilla. I can't wait for 2.1 to come out so i can make a hardcore ladder toon and play around there. Rifts make the game less tedious.
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07/12/2014 07:39 PMPosted by Blashyrkh
I'm mostly disappointed by the blatantly lazy item design, after promising us tons of game changing and exciting legendaries.

Some are good.
But I agree, it's been a bit underwhelming.

07/12/2014 07:39 PMPosted by Blashyrkh
Oh and the mystic. That !@#$% can go die in a fire. Just what we needed, another layer of frustratingly excessive RNG. Woot!

Yea.. It's the only soulsink, but carfting which I rarely do, to get us harvesting for a cause.
I'm into merchants selling items on the map. Additional soulsink/DB maybe?

07/12/2014 07:39 PMPosted by Blashyrkh
Adventure mode would be better if it was more of an open experience without the designers trying to force everyone into very specific activities (rift rift rift rift rift rift bounty rift rift rift rift rift rift rift) and had actually those targeted drops that were promised.

One of the things I imagine these merchants could help somewhat with.
I like roaming more than always going back to town.
I usually sell my loot if I find a merchant.. Anyway, you can't really play like that cause you need the cache if you're doing bountys.. And you need to go to specific places all the time. I'd like it if the "bountying" were less of a thing and you could go around doing whatever and get a bounty completed here and there.

How about if a short rift could open as you explore the map? Greater also.
By doing very well on a champion, there could be a chance it opens. And/or better chance on bosses.
Going to that rift over and over in town, I dunno.. It feels very much like a squirrel wheel.
It's fun for awhile, but it gets stale. What about the quests on the map? Why can't they be cool? Looking around a bit of random on the map for quests, merchants, rifts, bountys and maybe even a random miniboss here and there seem more naturally fun than just doing the same thing over and over.
Exploring a bit.
And harder, more dense areas on adventure than campaign, if the devs got something in particular in mind for campaign. It's best when all areas are well populated. Doesn't have to be the very same, but more at spots.

What if mobs respawned?
So you could go on, switch maps etc.. After awhile the place you were at reset.

Anyway, I agree with many of your points Blashyrkh
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Act 5 was fun but...

Loot finding in this game works as if trading was still a thing. With or without trading, we need a constant feeling of progression. The trick is finding how to raise the ceiling high enough so that it would take a while without making becoming futile so early.

In vanilla, you could grind and sell junk on the auction house to increase your wallet size which can in turn polish an equipment slot further. We always at least felt like we were moving. In RoS, even though there's another act and adventure mode, the feeling of progression is taken away too early. The game isn't difficult, it just feels like you're wasting your time.

Overall, very disappointed.
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