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Feature request: Back-port D1, D2 to the D3 engine

As a long time fan of the Diablo franchise, I've played Diablo 2 right up to the release of D3. The one thing that makes going back difficult is the graphics. I would love to see a port of the Diablo 2 Gameplay, items, and mechanics to the Diablo 3 engine. I'm not expecting a complete graphical overhaul, but if the core content can be ported over, including the whole story and online play modes, to the D3 engine, and possibly sold as an expansion to the D3 game (or better yet, given away free to anyone who owns D2 and D3 already... hint hint), it would breath new life into the early franchise, and expose a world of in depth story and challenging adventures, and even several "new" modes of play for the current generation of D3 players, and allow us long standing vetrans to relive classic moments, such as the first time the original butcher cut us to shreds, or the first time we barely managed to slay baal.
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Doing so would make these totally different games than they were. The engines/software is just different and incompatible in so many ways. I wish they would bring back the old character classes from Diablo 1 and 2 though. Who says the heroes of Sanctuary all died and not only that but none of them had apprentices (except the Necromancer, which they don't allow us to play as for some reason....)...? It just makes no sense. It isn't as if they couldn't give the classes new skills or abilities. They did so for the Barbarian (although they removed his dual-wielding and made his WW lame.. but hey, at least they brought the class back for those who liked it).
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07/07/2014 09:11 PMPosted by Diablerie
then again, foresight has never been their strong suit.
Someone said that foresight would be implemented somewhere after 2.1...
I think, that foresight, is ignored by thickheadedness, that it will never be implemented. XD
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Terrible idea. The aesthetics in Diablo 1 and 2 destroys Diablos 3 in every measurable way. Dark gothic very detailed graphics have been replaced with cartoony wow/final fantasy type aesthetics. Diablo 3 graphics are complete crap. Diablo 1 and 2 had realistic graphics for the time, not cartoony nonsense.
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Will you let this dead hores rst and stop kicking it.

For starters it would be online only, no offline
It would utilize Boa
There would be no hellforge or socket quest to exploit
There would be no named games
there would be no multiple accounts.
Fhr,Fcr,Fbr ect would all be gone
There would be a 4 character limit in game.
No multiple accounts.
Most likely no Skill Tree
There would be rng to prevent bots from farming like they could in D2.

In other words it would be D3 with D2 mobs and maps , no maphack, no dupes, no trading , no 3rd party sites. It could take you a year before you even got a Enigma and than the quality of the white would probably be lacking.
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Sir, I am going to have to ask you to lay off the dead (w)hores, they did what they could with what they had.
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There are 2 main ideas going around. The first would be to "improve" D1 and/or D2 graphics and other stuffs. The second idea would be to make a new version of D1 and D2 (this means to leave the current games as they are) and put them as expansions of D3.

I like both ideas but i think that the 2nd would be a little better since people is alredy playing D3 and it would create a bigger world with more playable characters (in story mode each set of characters would be only able to play their story but in exploration all could be together), more stuffs to do, more items, and have the full story in one game.

D1 is a lot shorter but could be hard to do. They need to change parts of the story, maybe make Aidan to be an npc that comes with his 3 friends (the player characters) to town and try to help. Apart from that, most of the areas alredy are in D3: the Cathedral is alredy there, the Catacombs could be like the Halls of Agony (D3), the Caves and Hell would be harder to do but there are some stuffs that alredy are in game, over all for the caves. I think the game should focus a lot in this 2 last areas to make it longer.

D2 would be harder but there are a lot of stuffs alredy there, after all, the acts 1, 2 , 3 and 5 (the pandemonium part) of D3 have a lot in comon with the acts 1, 2, 4 and 5 of D2.

Sorry for the bad english :)
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I downloaded D2 again just the other day. Made me a full-bore Blizzard Sorc to molest the hell out of Mephisto for some goodies. Working out pretty well so far, 2x Shako hype! Gotta love Magic Find....oh wait, what is MF again?
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I would sell both kidneys for d2:HD without Realm downs. I would risk death of having no kidneys just to see that happen and likely die happy.
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07/09/2014 10:29 AMPosted by oOSlushyOo
07/09/2014 10:18 AMPosted by boozzer
...hey retard, OP said D2 HD, not D3.

Hey retard, you realize he is talking about what would happen to D2 if the current dev team got their hands in it.
hey retard! sorry, just wanted to call you a retard :)
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07/07/2014 09:14 PMPosted by DeynaSilaqui
Yeah I don't think Blizzard realizes how much of a cash cow a supported D2: HD edition would be compared to this current feces pie.

FFX 2001 for PS2, same generation as D2, is recently re-released as FFX:HD

If SquareSoft have FFX:HD, why not D2:HD?
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this would be great

apparently they are remastering warcraft 1 and 2...not sure if true though
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What I want is the same level and story progression, the same equipment, the measures for experience, drops, stats, skills, etc. I want to acquire the same items in the same ways, but basically with the enhanced ability of the new engine to render properly at any resolution (d1, d2), and the ability to play those games over the internet with people in the same house (d1). I'm not even worried so much about being able to bring the D1, D2 characters forward into the D3 universe. I think that would be an excellent addition to make, but I would be more than pleased without it.
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Oh, and of course newer high resolution graphics and lighting would be good as well, but also not strictly necessary.
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Not really good policy to back port games as you're not really creating anything, except better graphics. Disney had a knack for that.

Diablo 2 was a good game, can't deny that. The biggest difference was the skill tree but few want that. I don't think it would be that much better than the current game other than nostalgia run amok. A lot of the stuff is the same. People would be complaining about too rare of drops, never finding a jah rune,everyone using the same 3 builds for each class to stay competitive, and of course the exact same gear.

Not much different once you remove the novelty.
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D2 is a different playerbase than D3. D2 people want an endless character customization and improvement to duel their duel centric endgame. D3 people want to reach endgame within 1 to 2 weeks of purchase, do a few rifts, and then log off to play call of duty.
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