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ASIA servers down... again

Not sure how many aussies made the mistake of rolling asian servers because asia is that much closer to aus and are now completely !@#$ED with lag kickoffs and no referral to the AUS servers blizz linked to the america servers. but it seems whenever i finally get time to actually play with my friends we get half way into a rift and then are hit with game ruining lag that neither blizz, our ISP or anyone contactable can be held accountable for...

i didnt pay for this %^-*
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I also started playing on the Asian server. And switch between it and the American from time to time to see which was the best.

ever since the release of the Australian servers the lag to the Asian servers has increased dramatically.

I only have a paragon 50 on the Asian server and I find it virtually unplayable now.

I would say the issue is in relation to how you are connecting to the Asian servers, so more than likely you are having to be routed through a lot more connections since the introduction of the Australian server.

My only suggestion would be to try and find a way that you can connect to them more directly. I think there is some software that you can get that make sure computer think it is in a different physical location. So if you did that to Singapore, that might improve the situation. But I am no expert in this.

if you could bear the pain of starting from scratch I think the easiest thing would be to start again on the Australian servers. One thing I notice from playing on the Asian servers was that you could hardly ever get into games where a few people could speak English. Which personally did not suit me as I like to stir people up, while playing the game.

Regards lame-duck
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I did this too and finally switched to the Aus/US server which meant I had to start my character again from scratch.

I do still play on both servers but only solo on the Asia server. Couldn't bear to give up my much better toon and gear there but I don't know any English speaker to run with on Asia server.

If you decide to restart on the Aus/US server, I suggest you do it as soon as possible so you don't end up in my predicament with all the good gear on the other server.

People here are very helpful and it's definitely more fun to be able to party with others.
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my issue is that it has become too late to turn back, with myself and my girlfriend having 180/230 paragon characters on the asia server in the time it was playable and then the connection degrading to unplayable. i have spent considerable time trying to find a game we can play together as she gets motion sickness from most games and trying to explain to her that she will have to start from scratch with me, just because blizz didnt link the aus server to the one we are on and refuses to transfer characters. we play games to enjoy them, and d3 is beginning to frustrate more than excite.
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It is unlikely that Blizzard can do anything to make it better because the latency of the game is related to you ISP and how they route traffic to different countries. I have also never heard of Blizzard allowing a cross realm account copy, except where a realm was closing and that was not D3.

In terms of trying to make the connection better, you could really only try to connect using a VPN or Proxy to try to reduce the number of connection hops. Less hops means better latency. In practice I have only heard of a few cases where that actually helped much, and that was for the US.

With seasons coming up, it could be a good time to start a fresh with a lot of other people. At the end of the season characters / paragon points / gear etc will be transferred to your regular US realm account.

If you plan on spending much more time in D3 I think that going to the US realm is the only decision. The latency is just so good. Seasons might make it a bit more palatable, also v2.1 seems to be increasing XP gains a lot. Either way a strong Clan will make the whole process a lot easier.
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