Diablo® III

Only Lvl 47 - should I buy ROS yet?


I've only just recently started playing again and my main character is only up to level 47. Just wondering if it's worth buying ROS yet or is it best to wait until I'm a higher level?

Really appreciate any help, as I'm not really sure what to do.

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Buying RoS or not is really a question of whether you are enjoying the game or not. You can use the RoS features at any level once you have completed the campaign. At lvl47 I assume that you have been through all 4 acts or very close. Completing Act V will unlock adventure mode.

If you have any inclination to by RoS I would recommend not spending much time at lvl60 farming gear. All of that time will be wasted because lvl70 is so much better and will replace you lvl60 gear very quickly.

If you have the money and are having fun, buy it.
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07/06/2014 04:40 AMPosted by Oakover
Buying RoS or not is really a question of whether you are enjoying the game or not

Couldn't agree more. I'd add that you'll want to get RoS if your friends that you play online with also have it.

I have a mate who prefers to play the campaign with all his toons. He ended up getting RoS and he and I went through Acts 3, 4 and 5 together (me with a lvl60 toon) which was a real blast. We managed to also get him an old hellfire ring but the plans ate up his 2mil gold). But since he had RoS, we got him into a few T5/6 rifts and his gold balance shot up to 3mil after one night. He's back to singleplayer for most part but he's got more to play with at least.

So yeah, as Oak says, if you have the money and enjoy the game, get RoS!
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