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Why not 2 gems in a 2H?

Sorry if this has been covered... I haven't frequented the forums in a couple years.

I saw the (mistaken) wording on Ramaladni's and for a minute I was really hopeful that "maximum sockets" meant 2H weapons would be getting the option for 2 sockets in 2.1... but I guess that's not true.

So, why not? 2H weapons seem weaker to me because, while the damage range is a bigger value, offhands and shields make up for 1H weapons with bonus range (or toughness boost) and 10% crit (and something like 500 more primary stat) and dual wielders already get to have an extra emerald and roughly the same extra primary stats, plus attack speed instead of damage range.

Other than a very small # of builds (fairwell, now-overpriced TR. and DoTs I guess, though why they don't just scale DoTs with attack speed like they now scale with crit I have no idea.), I don't see how anyone *wants* to use a 2H weapon...

Except crusaders. I'm afraid that passive is holding everyone back. Is that really the reason we can't put 2 gems in 2H weapons? Is there another good reason I'm missing?
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Yes I think 2 sockets on 2H weapons is a must. Also I have a Kridershot that rolls by default socket. It had a very low dmg and i had to reroll the dmg. Now i cannot use Ramaladni's Gift so this epic weapon will become usless as all other weapons that roll with sockets (except if the don't roll PERFECT). Also using any 2H weapon you are behind 1 socket or up to 130 crit dmg or 280 weapon dmg or 20% to elites. Just make that possible that this Ramaladni's Gift allow 2H to have 2 sockets.
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Patch notes for the PTR says that Ramaladni's Gift adds "maximum number of sockets for the item type" so two sockets must be at least contemplated.
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This needs to happen. They need to balance the number of gems coded as "weapon" to 2 across the board.

Some ideas:

All two-handers can roll 2 sockets.

Crusader's have attached to the Fervor talent a new passive that allows the gem socketed in a shield to be coded as a "Weapon" gem, instead of other while using a one-hander. Alternatively, make the drawback of using the Heavenly Strength talent become "the gem in your shield no longer counts as a Weapon gem, but only an Other.

Either code shields as weapons by default, or add passives to talents that code them as weapons; prime example: Barbarian Sword and Board.
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