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Starcraft 2 Questions.

Hello sorry for posting this here but I can't post on SC2 forum due to me not having the license... probably.

Anyhow, I have some questions.

1. How does Starcraft 2 multiplayer work? I mean, in Diablo 3, we select US Servers then everything is done thru server. If I select Asia my ping obviously lower (I'm from SEA) than if I select USA and thus better performance. In SC2 is the same?

2. I have quite weak laptop - it's i7 3517u + 635m + 6 GB RAM, barely enough to play Diablo 3. I want to test my laptop for SC2 multiplayer but obviously can't before purchasing. How would I fare on 2v2 or 3v3 battles? Is SC2 demanding? How does it compare against Diablo 3?

3. Is it possible to play SC2 Campaign offline? As in without internet connection. Or SC2 employs always on DRM like D3?

Thanks in advance.
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Well keep in mind SC2 is quite a bit more CPU heavy as Diablo 3 is GPU heavy.

You could definately play it on low to maybe some medium settings with your laptop. Unfortunately I can't remember if you can play the campaign offline, it is super fun though. Highly recomend getting both of the SC2 games. I know you can play against computers offline.
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You can play campaign offline.
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You need internet connection to play like any other Blizzard games (listed on Battle.net app)

Your computer won't be enough for SC for sure :) you might be able to start it but probably unplayable but you can test it by using battle.net app too see if your computer is optimized or playable.

If you gonna play on laptop, I suggest you buy those really expensive big gamer laptop or high end MacBook Pro
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Thanks for the answers.

Too bad I relocate often, so PC is not possible option.

I guess I'll try tough. Even when I can't play it - the license is quite cheap anyway, not a big loss.
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