Diablo® III

Allow trading in Seasons

The main problem with trading is that for a long lasting economy to work, you must have 1 of 2 things,otherwise you will see rapid inflation. Either there must be a low amount of new currency introduced each day(see low droprates in D3V) or some sort of decay of currency(imagine if all items were destroyed 6 months after they were found). With seasons, every few months the economy will be reset(Which was the purpose of D2 ladders), so all of the currency in the economy is removed periodically. This will counter inflation, thus making trading viable.
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Economy in seasons = wrecked general
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no beecause all you trade in season will go to standar so the 3rd party bots will famr the hell out of seasons just to sell the items and create a black market as there is no BOA in standar.. whant XYZ UBER items? ok.. pay 4kusd and it will go to your storage in xx weeks once season is over.. NO TY.. if that happen they better bring AH again
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@msedek I meant that only items in season are not BOA so your idea that bots will farm seasons to trade the items in standard, unless I read it wrong, would not happen

@Bombus I have been wrecked lol

edit: im stupid
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07/12/2014 07:24 PMPosted by WickedGaming
otherwise you will see rapid inflation.

Inflation doesn't matter in an economy like D3's.
The hyper inflation of the auction house didn't keep players from upgrading. It was not finding items of the same tier they needed to upgrade to that kept them from upgrading.

You needed to find powerful items to buy powerful items. If you needed to buy 100 million gold ring, you needed to find something to sell for 100 million gold. Say inflaction kicks in, and while you are trying to find that item, prices doubled! So then the item you want to sell (provided it was still the upper tier of items) would also double in price.

The economy was never meant to support, "find a bunch of crappy items and sell them to buy something awesome." It was like a convoluted trade system.
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with or without trading, I will never find nor able to afford SMK or WoW
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07/12/2014 08:59 PMPosted by Tagle
with or without trading, I will never find nor able to afford SMK or WoW

Pretty much.
Rare and awesome legendaries will always be hard to get our hands on whether we have trading or not.
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