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Question about post-campaign

So I'm pretty new to D3, having only bought the game over the weekend. I've played through the campaign and am now wondering what's next. Do I do things with groups? Do I keep doing these bounties by myself? Any tips on how to best enjoy the game after campaign would be awesome. :)
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It depends on how social you feel. Bounties and rifts on your own are okay, but grouping up with friends seems a better choice (I say seems because I don't have any friends who play D3.)
Again, it really comes down to how you like to play at the end.
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I chose to do the whole campaign on every difficulty, one by one. I'm not one for loot runs, so the the continual rise in difficulty keeps me entertained.

Like rethgual, I don't have any friends on D3, so I do everything solo.

You might want to go hardcore when you start feeling tired of the grind. Being afraid of dying gives the game new life.
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Thanks for the replies guys. On the social side of things, I love playing games with mates but I don't have any who play Diablo anymore, so I guess I'm gonna have to ride solo unless some friends appear out of nowhere ha.
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07/15/2014 08:03 AMPosted by rethgual
It depends on how social you feel. Bounties and rifts on your own are okay, but grouping up with friends seems a better choice (I say seems because I don't have any friends who play D3.)
Again, it really comes down to how you like to play at the end.

Communities and Clans are a great way to marshal the troops as well. In the lower right-hand corner of the character screen, you’ll notice a social pane that, when selected, allows you to create a Clan or Community, or browse existing Clans and Communities. (You can also just hit “Shift + O” to bring up the window.) Clicking “Find” in this window will open up a list of Clans and Communities, and clicking on an individual Clan or Community within that window will bring up a description panel on the left which offers more information about that group and what they’re all about. If you haven’t done so already, I’d definitely suggest checking through there to see if there’s a group which appeals to you!

Here’s some more info:



In regards to what you want to focus on, it really comes down to what you’re feeling at that particular moment. When I’m soloing on my Hardcore character, I’m clearing out the various packs around the various waypoints while having the difficulty set to a mode that is challenging for me. This allows me to test my character without putting him to much in harm’s way. If a buddy joins, we run some bounties and get some Rift keys. After doing that for a while, the rest of our time is spent running through Rifts.

Whatever you choose to do, the important point is to have fun! I would also like to point out that I have Google hangouts set up so that I can live chat with my buddies. If you’re not familiar with that, you can read more about it here: https://www.google.com/+/learnmore/hangouts/
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you're asking what you motivation is? or what is there to do? i'm not quite sure, but

motivation should be whatever drives you in the game. for me it has been to have a t6 capable char. for some people it's the best gear, or being fast at rifting, or to ger a high paragon.. whatever you want to accoplish is why you should play. if you feel beating the game was all you wanted you're done. start a new character.

what is there to do?
- bounties - you will need to do bounties. each act has 5 bounties. each bounty (except the first in each act) gives you a riftstone fragment. at the moment it requires 5 to open a rift. each cache has 2additional fragments so if you complete all 5 in an act you will get 6 frags.
- rifts - at a cost of 5 fragments as said above - the best place to hunt for legendaries and sets. has the highest drop rate in the game.
- increased difficulties - also increases drop rates, and there is class specific sets that are torment only.
- class specific sets - if you plan on playing t6 expect to hunt down some set gear. these are very powerful in most cases, and many use the ring of royal grandeur
- cache specific loot - there are items that can only be found in certain acts cache bags. such as ring of royal grandeur in act 1. there are others, but that is the most sought after and only one off the top of my head i know of.
*- upcoming seasons - if you like the reset of everything and the hunt, seasons are coming with patch 2.1. also seasonal legendaries as well which will only be available the duration of the season, and then after moved to non-season stash/loot tables.

there's plenty to do, question is - do you want to do it? kr are you happy where you are?
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