Diablo® III

Idea: BoA as a random secondary affix.

BoA as a secondary affix, with random chance to be on an item, or not, just like any other affix.
Secondary, so as not to compete with more important primaries.

As an affix, players would be presented with the option to reroll it if it appears on an item.
Tough call: Do you roll off the BoA? Or reroll a primary stat to make the item better?

Also, add ETHEREAL back into the game, also as a possible secondary affix.
For those unfamiliar with how ethereal worked in D2, it raised the overall stats of an item slightly.
Ethereal legendaries (uniques) were always slightly stronger than their normal versions.

Ethereal items used to break permanently when they ran out of durability, however I would propose instead a higher repair cost.
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Unfortunately no one would like that and that would make almost everyone item that comes with the affix useless and no one would use em and everyone would be back on here complaining about it.
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no point in bringing back ethereal unless they brought back runewords, which means they also have to raise the socket count. (im alright with all of the above btw) but apparently noone likes runewords anymore so i doubt its going to happen.
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Unfortunately no one would like that and that would make almost everyone item that comes with the affix useless.

Every item comes with BoA already.

Having it as an affix means not all items would come with it, and even if an item does, you'd have the choice to reroll it.

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The only way this could possibly work would be if the BoA affix also increased all the item's other stats by, say, 10%, and couldn't be enchanted back into. Otherwise it's a no-brainer to enchant out of BoA and trade the item like 90% of the time. Even then I wouldn't want this change, because it brings back unlimited trading just with a minor hoop to jump through, and unlimited trading inevitably means the innate magic find rate is going to drop back toward what it was in Vanilla.
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no thank you.
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