Diablo® III

Your thoughts on my current setup/gear?

Ima just say it now, i'm a complete noob at Diablo 3 right now and I guess I can say I NEED your guys help, what's your thoughts on this setup?
Some advice you can give me?

Here's my character right now.

Any feedback positive and negative are accepted really anything will help me. :P
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Trying to see why you have Culling of the Weak with no way to slow..

In general the 'standard' leveling build has Nightstalker, Blood Vengeance, and Archery or Tactical Advantage, this is to deal with any resource issues you may run into.

Swap your Prep to Punishment Rune.
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Thanks for the advice and I recently switched from entangling to evasive and forgot to change it.
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In addition to Mac’s advice, I’d encourage you take a look at the following pages which are chock full of great info about various builds. Hope this also helps!

Good luck, may your Demon Hunter’s deeds of valor be remembered!
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Thanks for the advice!
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Ah yes, punishment, long may it's deeds be remembered before it was consigned to the list of useless runes in 2.1.0.
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Your at lev 59...
20k dam.....
Have you beaten Diablo yet...I think T-levs open up from that point on, or at lev 60.Craft Lev 60 items.Play under T-1 till you get to lev 69.....
Heres a trick, lets say your at lev 68 and your at the Angel of Death.Save the game at check point (Malthael) and get out of the game and come back into it....
Farm the Cemetery till your about 2 bars away from Lev 70.
take Portal back to Angel of death ... Kill angel of death and get lev 70 and lev 70 Items.

Remember!!!! T-1 lev 69 @ 100K dam is do-able. Lev 70 good luck, and you'll have to drop lev from T-1 to Expert.

As for your build....your not at lev 70..
Ask that question when you reach 70, and farming T-1 and up...
Good luck!
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