Diablo® III

The druids, Bul- Kathos, and a lightbulb

The main focus of the discussion would be about martial arts retained from the mysteries of the ancients. Knowing that in D2:LoD the physical fighting skills got axed because there simply wasn't room, I want to create a few here.

Fiacla-Gèar retreats from Arreat to the forests to create colleges and the druid class(as we know it). Druids shape vines as mortar to hold towers in place and the druids are capable of communicating with wildlife. The main goal is to continuously learn from the land they protect.

The elemental powers in d2 were of fire, ice, and wind. For summoning skills the druids brought out forest dwelling animals (raven, wolves or a bear),a living vine(coolest idea), and this magical bush that gave buffs.

The ancients passed on knowledge to the druids of fighting face to face with anything that came at them. Having built colleges to retain all knowledge that is useful this class has the potential to be omniscient in battle and have mastered more than fighting as a man but as a spirit pummeling the immovable evil's physical form.

◆Million Years Balance- The druid extends earth's solidity to strike with a full force attack.

•Sage's Last Breath: cause aoe blind
•Twister Reach: freezes and increases cold attack aoe
•Raven's Static: increases movement speed by 15% aoe
•Molten Plasma: stuns aoe
•Earth's Bones of Coal: increased resources recovered

◆Severing Knuckle- causes bleeding and is shown as a circular strike

•causes stun
•increase radius
•vine polearm extension: slows
•Vine grab: pulls in and increases resources recovered
•vine spike: increases life% for healing abilities

◆Partizan of the Stem- strengthened through improved photosynthesis this vine has turned harder than the base of a tree

•Sun's rise: polearm turns 2 sided and hits front and behind 2 times by a kung fu like circular move
•Golden Partizan: increased hits from just 2sweeps( right, left, left, right) to 3 (right, left, left, right,, right, left)
•Retraced Strike: increased primary resource generation
•Sunset Glaive: resource not generated but increases range and knocks back

◆Algae Magic- Uses algae to kaioken with one hand. Cannot be knocked back.
•slight damage increase
•channel with increases life per second gain for each second channeled
•unstable algaeic force: fire type attack-increased knockback and adds attack speed
•algae bombardment: larger green fireball or throws a round flask
•unstable shooting bullet: druid sends magic to pierce enemies

◆Algae Bramble- A wave of vines attacks from the druid spilling a pool of algae below him.
•Fountain of Youth-gain life on hit and increase attack speed by 5%. Doesn't stack.
•Algae Courage- confuse enemies and cause them to attack other enemies.
•Acidic Begining- more damage. Enemies that die are disintegrated.
•Algae Summon- leaves a soul on targets. The souls slows the target by 80%
•Death Hold- stops the enemy in its tracks and does damage over time.

◆Prophesy from the Stars- using magic to circle an area around the druid, there is a chance to strike random enemies. (Lasers fall to strike)
•Offering- lasers striking are doubled and gives a chance to charm.
•Star pact- enemies hit dont take damage but deal 50% reduced damage.
•Evangelist- no longer deals damage but adds a buff
•Radioactive- poison damage and slows target
•star bound- druid becomes a spirit during this time but can be hit.

Shape shifting:
Reshaping the spine and sockets was no easy task for the ancients. Luckily these warriors perfected the magic and don't need to think twice about arthritis.

◆Regenerating Beast-green sloth like bear- this bear is infused with magic from the earth. Gains a 10% life increase. Gain in life regeneration per second.

•increases life regeneration for surrounding party members
•increases own damage and parties damage by half that amount
•summons a bear also druid also becomes one.
•lose bonuses but summons a bear that does aoe and has a chance to fear with a skill
•lose bonuses but summons a man/bear ready to cast your skills

◆Rabies Fox- turns the druid into a fox aspect lashing a giant poison tail behind him that leaves a trail of dead grass. Causes knockback if the enemy tries getting behind him which allows a quick escape.
•adds a chance to pull on hit
•tumbles leaving a trail of fleas that causes bleed effects
•tumbles leaving a taunting clone that explodes
•gains a damage increase and damage turns to arcane
•gains 5% elite damage. Party resistances increased by 10%. Loses the tail.

◆Pack Wolf-charge attack turns the druid into a werewolf aspect. Lashing a nimble tail the druid now gains buffs to movement speed and life regen. Movementspeed buff affects the party members in range.
•silent killer: charge can be recasted and causes knockback
•Fiacla wolf: drops life regen but grants further increased movement and a fast attack
•lone ranger: fire damage/increased life % and armor boost
•wolverine: gains poison damage and the charge attack causes bleed

◆level 61+ skill. Landsloth- would be similar to archon because it gains its own skills. Most would be aoe and pulls. Lasts 15 secs.
•Lively Vigor- gains a slight movespeed bonus and a charge attack.
•kindling- attacks add a burn effect
•tremendous bash- gain a gangway ability
•electocute and burn- lightning damage thorns. Enemies that die explode and do area damage.

Elemental Strikes:
◆Transfiguring Blizzard- Raising and dropping currents causes the druid to occasionally summon ice magic onto the enemy.

Ice torrent: ground freezes under the target in an area of 10 yards for 3 secs
Typhoon chill: knockback and freeze chance

◆Bul-Kathos' earthstriker- magic of the ground calls furious forces to the druids's bidding
Volcanic soot rises from the depths of the underground and melts the enemy

•Molten friction: explosion of soot leaving burning enemies
•Giant Rift: increased aoe
•Labyrinth seige: fissures last for a 15 second duration. Adds a channel of 2 seconds
•Lightning and earth: a fired bolt strikes targets in front of the druid which is hot enough to create magma at the feet of those hit.

◆Lightning Zealot-summons a lightning elemental(lightning buddah if possible animators :P)

•Rage: charged bolt after gaining kills. Or fires while enemy thunderstorm skill is going off.
•Envoy: gains thunderfury like attack. Casts nova.
•Sentient: can cast thunder and earth rune
•Umbral: works like a buff. Occassionally spawns behind the closest enemy and pulls them into the dark cloud of thunder it emerges from.

◆Thunder Receiver- becoming a vessel of lightning has only good benefits. Increased pickup radius 10. Increased black damage by 1-X for each strike. For a Level 70 X would be 850 damage.

•Lightning Lifetime: the buff circles an area around the druid striking enemies in a pulse.
•Thunder Extraction: each hit adds to the buff but decays over 3 secs
•Lightning in the Veins: no longer affects other skills but grants the first two bonuses.


Strength of the lost Fiacla-Gèar: reduces damage from mainstat by 15% but you gain 10 armor for each point. (Assuming the class would be receiving AR for having an intelligence mainstat)

Astrological Renaissance Man: increased AR of party. Grants user vitality based on the number of party members.

Horoscope Attunement: gains arcane damage when in a shape other than a man.

Spiritual pack: when at least one spirit is out the druid gains double the bonus

Badger's Courage- increases life regeneration per second and allows movement through enemies

Moss Camouflage- Increase in damage against elites 10%, pickup radius(10), and life after kill by a minimum.

Druid Wilder Aspect- every strike increases the duration of transformation by 1 second and causes a block rate increase 15%

Flux of Geomancy-increases poison element damage by 35% but is reduced the lower the enemy's health gets.

Ancient's Promise of Fulfillment-chanting daily meditations has transfered to the daily rituals of battle. The druid increases life on hit by 250-300 for each kill gained. Stacks 15 times. Stacks reset if a hit is achieved before 8 seconds is up.

Will be back to add more tomorrow. Or not.
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1. TDB
2. TBD
3. TBD
4. TBD
5. TBD

1. TDB
2. TBD
3. TBD
4. TBD
5. TBD

1. TDB
2. TBD
3. TBD
4. TBD

1. TDB
2. TBD
3. TBD
4. TBD
5. TBD

1. Creeper
Runes: TBD


1. Werewolf(Bipedal Wolf Huminoid Form)
Attacks deal 365% Weapon Damage as Physical
Increases Attack Speed 15%
Duration: 30 Seconds
Runes: TBD

2. Werebear(Bipedal Bear Huminoid Form)
Attacks deal 415% Weapon Damage as Physical
Increase Critical Hit Chance by 15%
Duration 30 Seconds
Runes: TBD

3. Weregoat(Khazra Form)
Attacks Deal 340% Weapon Damage as Physical
Increases All Elemental Damage by 15%
Duration: 30 Seconds
Runes: TBD

1. Spirit of the Wild: Increases Movement Speed by 15%
2. Feral Rage: Primary Skills add 6 additional Resource
3. TBD
4. TBD
5. TBD
6. TDB
7. TBD
8. TBD
9. TBD
10. TBD
11. TDB
12. TBD
13. TBD
14. Shapeshifter: Transformations last 30 additional Seconds
15. TBD
16. TBD
17. TBD
18. TBD
*TBD=To Be Determined

Will edit when ideas come to me
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A bump.
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Got a new idea for a druid skill. Unfortunately my last post in this thread seeing that it is ageing rapidly on the internet.

Bushweed brambles

Creates an area of flesh eating minions. They never leave a 80 yard diameter circle and the different runes cause the minions to look differently.
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Necro thread
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