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*facepalm* at people who don't understand wizards

You're a Wizard, Harry.
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I think... there are people like OP who genuinely believe they're doing more than they actually are. I also have a friend playing Wizard with subpar gear (glorified rare sword, sockets in jewelry, an odd mix of set pieces without a single full set bonus) and he was doing T5/6 public games, whereas I, having completed my sets but still needed to optimize certain slots, was doing T4/5 solo games.

Skewed perception of their usefulness might arise if they do mostly group games and are unaware that they're being carried. Solo players have better awareness of their progress. I play solo 90% of the time and am familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of my characters. I was doing solo T4 with my Jade WD because I didn't have Quetz back then. Decided to accept the invite to my clan mate's T6 game because I didn't want to appear anti-social. It was very, very obvious that I was contributing lesser than I should be.

OP, I would suggest doing solo games to judge your progress better. No offence, but with your gear, I would say you can only do T1 efficiently. Not just clearing and surviving, but most people value efficiency i.e. < 10 minutes for RG kill or even full clear. Test the limits of your character, and I wouldn't recommend going more than a level up from your hardest difficulty for group games (since you have 3 other players to tank some damage and mobs HP doesn't scale by a flat 100% per player, so one more level should be fine). Anything more, you're being carried.
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What everybody had said is...

You are Master level.

No offense.

A simple gear check is, what level can you do Malthael without having to gear up for reduced cold damage... (the amulet to be specific)
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If you can't solo a rift in 10 minutes, you don't belong at that difficulty in a public group.

Everyone who is a legit T6 has just as many "and then"s as you, and many more.

Your average T6 crusader has 2-3 passives boosting sheet damage over profile damage too. and then holy/fire damage on top of that. then skill bonus, then near perma judgment, then elite damage, then 35% damage boost from perma akarat's. Even with all that damage stacked, that's not what makes them T6. T6 crusaders are defined by build synergy. T6 shotgunners don't use a primary attack, it's all shotgun all the time because their 40 wrath heaven's fury is in reality only 8(ish) wrath. FotH builds work the same in practice, but the damage is generated more from firestarter than the skill itself.

my poorly optimized wizard had over 1.2mil in sheet DPS, but blah gems, no sets, minor elemental damage, no elite damage, and meh legendary affixes. (any of that sound familiar? it's your build with a lot more damage) Know where I played him? T1 and rarely T2 where I usually felt like an underperformer. your 350k profile is maybe MAYBE 500k sheet. if I felt bad playing in T2 with more than twice your damage then why do you feel you're fine in T6?

TL:DR version? This guy is such a good troll that I know he's trolling and still can't help but reply.
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This is one of the better trolls I've seen, I would have purchased an account like that just to write this thread.
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07/18/2014 02:08 AMPosted by skannerz22
so i don't see what everyones problem is when i am in torment 6

L2wiz and then you'll understand.
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07/18/2014 05:46 AMPosted by Drayven
I can't decide if this is fail, or a great troll thread.
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This is hilarious!!

Even my current SC wizard wouldn't work in T6, it just handles T3 solo comfortably at the moment.! lol

And I am doing nearly 1.7Mil elemental damage vs Elites right now, with crits of over 20Mil. And you think you have a T6 build... I don't think so...

This IS a really good troll thread guys! lol
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i can't even do t5 Comfortably against certain elites with my fire wiz that uses MM/EB with woh and u r telling us that u can do t6 with 350k dps..?

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if you joined my game in t6 i would also kick you... you have no elemental dmg and very low dps.
my wiz is highly geared (2.9M elemental elite dps) and i have a hard time in groups on t6... dont cry just farm more
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This guy can't be serious. Dorvu and Parthans with no stun? Rare items? Possibly complaining that he got kicked out of T6?
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And I thought Bronzies from LoL only stay in LoL.
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Jaetch summarized your problems. Your gear is barely T2 capable. Look at my Wiz. My gear is much better than yours and I cap currently at T4. For T6 you need fully optimized end game gear.
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OP, your gear is bad. Heck my gear is not great and I only do T1/T2 while having much better stats.
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No way the OP is serious, I'm a newbie player, and I would never demand I belong in T6 lol, I would politely ask to be carried, or offer up shards to open Rifts at the very least.
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I'm not the greatest but even so.

I do have to say.

Some people should not play Wiz.

I dont have the gear to play t6 yet myself. But if I did and I was and you showed up in my T6 party I would kick you too.
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hahaha... i think you should look at some of the higher up wizards (Melkor,Jaetch,Piehole,Void,Boozer) before you start saying you are good... Your gear has 0 CHD except for Weapon... you have a crap ton of IAS and you're a channeler w/ little to no AP management... If you can do a T1 Rift in less than 15 minutes i would be suprised...
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3 million crit is weak sauce. If you can't solo t6, you are not t6 viable. Your damage is nowhere near good enough to solo t6. Sorry to say. And if you're so squishy that you need someone to tank for you...
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At paragon lvl 22 you've been playing for what.......3 or 4 days TOTAL........unless you're on another server, this is your only toon so it can't be much longer then this. Enough said, I think with all the replies you get the point.
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OP, there is an option called "Elective Mode", that allows you to freely choose between skills. You are not required to have 1 Primary, 1 Secondary, 1 Defensive, 1 Force, 1 Conjuration and 1 Mastery skill always, in this exact order.
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