Diablo® III

Electric EB!

New PTR patch gives us a new lightning EB rune, with half the cooldown!

It seems like that should make it as good or better than the fire runes with firebird set, and still allow us to wear Aughild's and Crimson's. It didn't seem that great when I tried it though. I missed using MM conflagration and I actually ran into AP issues. I wonder if it would be worth it with all the good lightning items though. My gut feeling from playing with it is that it's just not as good as Firebird chain reaction, despite how good it looks on paper. Anyone have a different experience? Anyone makin' it work?
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Tried Flash EB with Myken+VC Electrocute, also Flash EB with lightning AT, result wasn't quite as good as Chain Reaction with Firebird with MM/Conflag or fire Disintegrate for me. My setup was probably unoptimized though.
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I really don't want to play more explosive blast, it's a very physically difficult unless you automate the EB spam.
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07/18/2014 10:21 AMPosted by Midnight
I really don't want to play more explosive blast, it's a very physically difficult unless you automate the EB spam.

Do you have a gaming mouse or keyboard? If so this takes all of two seconds to set up and it not against the rules from what I understand.
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If only Wyrdward and the passive stun were more reliable, this new rune could make it easier to use EB in melee range with reduced mitigation stats since most mob would be stunned.
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Flash EB is unreal.

With random lightning supporting items, T6 was a run through. Grifts, not tested yet, but probably would have troubles since melee spec.

50% reduced CD gives huge flexibility. Choices like CDR on items can be changed to other stats like survivability or more sheet DPS.

Crimson's doing double duty now with the 10% RCR as well doing its job at keeping the extra spams from draining your pool too fast.

The upfront burst should be enough to down all but the hardest elites in T6 without issue.

I farted around with the following and worked really well.

lightning blizzard
Bone chill

sheet was around 800k, doing almost 40m blasts against elites (no harringtons)

No need to stand and spam, just run around the mobs !
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07/18/2014 12:01 PMPosted by Boozor
lightning blizzard
Bone chill

I've been thinking about this a lot today. Gonna try this lightning build tonight:

    AT (thank you legacy apoc)
    Supermassive (potentially Lighting Blizzard with vortex monk)
    Prismatic or Storm Armor

    Illusionist or Other

I need to see how Paralysis (or Paralysis + Wyrdward) works in this build with and without Storm Armor. I'm assuming the stun CC along with BoneChill will be enough. I'm LOVING the idea of running Parthan Defenders in here, esp alongside vortex stun monk.
Edited by Vox#1186 on 7/18/2014 12:55 PM PDT
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Skill and passives:

EB- Flash
Frost nova- Bone chill (+33% dmg)
Energy armor (prismatic)
Mirror image -Duplicates
Black hole - Spellsteal
Blizzard- Lightning Storm (mirror image stack the 20% dmg)

Elemental exposure

Crit chance : 51,5 %
Crit dmg : 465%
CDR: 50,5%
Lighting dmg: 51%
Elite dmg: 28%
Int: 9500
Life: 370k
toughness: 10,8 with prismatic armor


Tal source (4 set boni)
Tal chest
Tal amulet
firebird shoe (2 set boni)
firebird glove
hexing pants
aughils shoulder (3 set boni)
aughils helm
Ancient Parthan Defenders
Thundergod's Vigor

I use the tal set for the arcane power reg.

I like the changes! This allow us to use a very strong combo of Paralysis, Thundergod's Vigor and Ancient Parthan Defenders (for every stun: 9% reduce dmg) which is compulsory playing melee in higher grifts. Its a good step forward. There is still the problem with EB that gives no LOH!!!!! If they get out of stun and hit you..... RIP.
BUT there is a huge diffrence in dmg between the Woh/lighting and Woh/firebird build.
I tried this on t6 and the dmg feels like the current Woh/fire build on live servers.
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