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How exactly does he firebirds dot add up?

The goal is to hit 3000% wd so the dot won't fall off right?

I havnt been able to find out specifically how the game adds it up, if anyone knows I'd much appreciate the answer.

For example would it take 3000% from listed spell damage?
Does spell damage bonus change that? ie does +30% meteor or eb damage get you there faster? Or do crit hits play a part at all?

Is there any way to tell when you've hit the 3000% max other than just watching for numbers?

If there is already a thread for this please let me know!

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From Void's Firebird testing results compilation thread:

07/10/2014 10:52 AMPosted by Void
These are the results I have for now, after some back and forth discussions. Feel free to correct me as we have better knowledge. Thanks for feedback and suggestions!

New Stuff for 2014/7/11 :

Firebird max burn damage trigger is ... weird. That's just the best word I can think of. You can proc max damage (3000% burn per sec) in 1 sec if you follow 3 easy steps :
1. Hit some fire damage with a weap on ( 2000+dps please)
2. Take weap and OH off
3. Hit some fire damage.

And instantly, because your dot is HUGE compared to your current dps, you instantly trigger the 9000% fire dealt, and therefore trigger the 3000% burn. And.... remember yesterday I tested it snapshots? You get 3000% burn of the first fire dmg you dealt..so ..that's getting firebird max burn in just 1 second!

Ticks for 2400% weap dmg every 0.8 secs. - 75 ticks over 60 secs
Doesn't take any atk speed as a modifier
Your CC and CD is modified into a CC/CD modifier equal to 1+cc%*cd%
Takes Fire% as a modifier.
The tick damage is calculated as

CC/CD_modifier * Int_Modifier * Weapdmg * Tick_modifier * Firedmg_Modifier

in my case 1.7308 * 54.28 * 2.5 * 24 * 1.4 = 7891.6 rounded to my seen mumber 7892

Your damage applied is your tooltip damage, if that hit crits, then it's tooltip damage * (1+cd%)
For example - Heatwave does 427%, so it adds 427% over the 3 seconds. If you have 100 CD, and you crit, instead of adding 427% towards the dot, you will add 854%
For the full dot, you need to do 9000% weap dmg per tooltip,
Thanks to StarchCraft for correcting me on this. *

Snapshots any debuff to mobs that happened before the first hit. Snapshots your char dps on the first hit. What this means is - uh - very complicating. You can put full dps gear on and hit the first HW, and even if you swap out right after, your final dot on the FB set will count as if you had the DPS gear on the whole time. Any buffs/debuffs has to be applied before the first hit, which means an on hit Blazar proccing strongarms will not work, however if you have hit with Spellsteal (non-fire) and then used HW to proc the first hit, the strongarm debuff will be showing in the final tick. This also means the Conflag passive is useless on you, you have to have another wizard apply the debuff to the mob before you even hit for the dot to show an increase at all

Tested by ximae:

Posted by ximae
Ok Ive spent some time testing buffs/debuffs with my test jewelry/weapon and this is my conclusion:

These snapshot at first fire hit thus increase dot damage cap:

Force weapon
elemental exposure

These dont:

unweavering will
arcane dinamo
bone chill
hexing pants


Source: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13348515526
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And there's no way to tell if it's at maximum damage but watching the numbers. I've made a request that they add some visual indicator at this thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13508680878#1
Edited by Kurono#1772 on 7/19/2014 6:57 AM PDT
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Thank you!
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