I have two ideas to help make the monk available for implementing synergy. It is taking a step back in the philosophy but we can discuss that in the notes of the thread.

1st step:
Mantra of Conviction:Dishearten has a 80% slow of all enemies and this will replace the dodge mantra. 80% slow works great on a mantra but could have a little more spotlight. It may receive groans at first but over time should be seen as an effect a party can use. Overall monk would need boosting for losing the combination of the two.

2nd step: Allies are cool but severely underpowered so I suggest the developers add a chance to proc an on hit effect while they are active. This is better than having them add a base weapon damage and more interesting then just increasing minimum weapon damage. On hit effects everyone enjoys to see. Why not have earth ally give you a chance to throw mud in an opponents face. Or fire ally allow conflagration.
Water ally and air ally will have to either share thunder or have some other idea added.
My idea isn't perfect there is just lots of room for improvement.
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